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Two Steps Forward, 200 Steps Backwards

"I am a big believer in worrying about the things you can control, and I think in this situation, we as people have to worry about things we can control," he said. "We can't control what's going to happen. But that don't mean that we have to stop [pursuing social causes] just because somebody is in the position now that we might not agree with, we might not like, we might not want in that position. The work has to start right now, and it's going to be even harder, but we can't stop working." 
- Carmelo Anthony

It's weird when you are quoting an athlete after the country basically turned into the upside down from Stranger Things with President Elect Trump ut Melo in someway since the summer has been someone I'm proud to support, not just on the basketball court but I stand with him on social issues. The next four years are going to ugly but we as a country will have get through it. We need to support the causes and issues that we feel are important, and as a straight white male living in New York City,  I realize how lucky I am but at the same time, I choose to support and stand with women, minorities, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, the environment. So support the ACLU, support Planned Parenthood, support the Boys and Girls Club of America, Campaign Zero, NextGen Climate Action, support the causes that will support those who need it. Things are probably going to get a lot worse before they get better but we got to stand together and help each other so things can get better when this nation is truly ready to heal.
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