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Good Night Sweet Prince: Orange Apple Banana Edition

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It's been 6530 posts since May 2008, and I've always said (I've never said this) that if I can't give you guys the content that you deserve, I'd stop doing it. So even though I've never said it, I've felt it a lot lately. But don't worry guys, if something crazy happens like if Kristaps win the MVP in two years or if a dog becomes President, I'll be back with a hot take.

Kristaps Also High Fived the Fans After a Big Blocked Shot


Kristaps Apple Banana forever.

Kevin Durant Doesn't Give a Damn About Drake Night


Dickhead KD is so great.

I See You Kirk Hammett, Playing the Hell Out of a Melodica


 16 year old Ryan is stoked.

Kristaps Out Here Dropping 35


It was a pleasure to be at MSG to witness KP's career high, which probably won't last for long.

Good Dog, Volume 198,149


I think I'm gonna have to try this with your pal, Larry.

Carmelo Anthony, Good or Great?


He's great, sorry internet buds.

Mississippi Mud Pie at Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream


Someone buy me this pie. 

KP Out Here With the Dirk One Legger


Unicorn emoji German flag emoji prayer hands emoji.

OAB Salutes New York City Teenagers


Never prouder of the youth of my city.

I'm Really Hope Cher Watched Twin Peaks But I Have Doubts


I hope 10 year old Cher wasn't watching during the initial run and I just don't see 16/17 year old Cher Horowitz going in on those Twin Peaks VHS, sorry guys. 

KP With That Up and Under


I don't even care they lost, look what he did!

"2016 Has Been an Uncommonly Shitty Year"


I can say that as of June, Molly who with Merrick Garland to take a spot on the Supreme Court was doing great. But while it's mostly preaching to the choir, if you want to see John Oliver go in on Trump, go at it, friends.

Well, I Would Like a Giant Dale Cooper Billboard


This isn't happening but it could.

President Obama, Forever


Just cherish these days, friends. When we have a President who can make jokes about JR's shirt and we all can laugh. We're not going to have a lot of them in the future.

Good Dog, Volume 914,814,817


And in the darkest of times, you know what makes us feel better - basketball, good deeds,and dogs. And the Knicks combined all three last night giving wounded serviceman, Sergeant Luciano Yulfo the gift of Murphy, a service dog.

Two Steps Forward, 200 Steps Backwards

"I am a big believer in worrying about the things you can control, and I think in this situation, we as people have to worry about things we can control," he said. "We can't control what's going to happen. But that don't mean that we have to stop [pursuing social causes] just because somebody is in the position now that we might not agree with, we might not like, we might not want in that position. The work has to start right now, and it's going to be even harder, but we can't stop working." 
- Carmelo Anthony

It's weird when you are quoting an athlete after the country basically turned into the upside down from Stranger Things with President Elect Trump ut Melo in someway since the summer has been someone I'm proud to support, not just on the basketball court but I stand with him on social issues. The next four years are going to ugly but we as a country will have get through it. We need to support the causes and issues that we feel are important, and as a straight white male living in New York City,  I realize how lucky I am but at the same time, I choose to support and stand with women, minorities, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, the environment. So support the ACLU, support Planned Parenthood, support the Boys and Girls Club of America, Campaign Zero, NextGen Climate Action, support the causes that will support those who need it. Things are probably going to get a lot worse before they get better but we got to stand together and help each other so things can get better when this nation is truly ready to heal.

Bobby "the Brain" Durst


Robert Durst out here managing Ravishing Rick Rude, Mr Perfect, and Andre the Giant.

Pretty Much What Sam Bee Said


This election has never been about "the lesser of two evils" to me, it's always been the right choice, Hilary is as qualified as any other person to run for the office before, and I'll be placing my vote for her later today.

If You Want To Give Donald Trump a Stone Cold Stunner, Gimme a Hell Yeah!



And really, this has always been a top 5 issue with Trump running for President, I just can't vote for anyone who's ever been on Wrestlemania to run the country unless it's the Rock.

Hey If the Redskins Name is What Swings the Election?


My dudes out there, don't do what this stupid ad says. Get out of the mancave and vote for Hillary, fam.

Hillary Clinton and the Future President of the United States


Hail to the Swish.

GIF Monday: How's the Coffee at the Great Northern, Coop?


Damn fine, damn fine. 

GIF Monday: Good Dog, Volume 852,285


Very good hockey dog.

Sheed and KG, NBA Pundits

Photo published for Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace test out cuss button on TNT

This was a pleasant surprise, TNT.

Russell Westbrook, the Official Photographer


I don't care if the Warriors beat the Thunder last night, Russ, always and forever, THE REAL MVP.

JR Smith, Shirtless at the World Series


And this concludes OAB's World Series and Baseball coverage for the year, and by the year, I mean for the day after the World Series. 

Parks and Rec Predicted the Future


Next up, Leslie Knoppe, President. Maybe?



Need you now.

GIF Thursday: Bill Murray Won the World Series


Good job, you guys! We did it!

Milkbar's Thanksgiving Croissant IS BACK

Photo published for All Hail the Thanksgiving Croissant, an Edible Embodiment of Fall in New York City

The future Mrs. Apple Banana is psyched, I'm sure.

Smart Person, Louis CK Supports Hillary Clinton


Grown up? Sucker? Or asshole? Make the right choice, fam.

Hey the Peach Emoji is Gone But We Get His/Her David Bowie Emojis


Sorry butts but I think this is a move in the right direction for society as a whole.

The Knicks Still Are Using Headbands as Bandages


But truth be told, Noah looks pretty chill with this look.

Learn Colors and Counting With Twin Peaks

Special Agent Dale Cooper in the Twin Peaks colorful counting board book

Well, don't forget that Twin Peaks is a show about a father molesting his daughter but still.

Now That I Think Of It, Maybe Trump Can't Read



Walt Frazier, Still the King


All hail the King of the Garden.