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OAB on Break: Cape Cod Edition

Photo of Cape Cod Burgers And Fries

See you suckers on the flip side, ya hear.

Get Off Chuck's Lawn and His Backboard


Vintage Barkley, vintage Costacos Bros.

Big Mac and Bill


Hail to the Chief and to the quarter pounder with cheese. 

Good Night Sweet Prince Amar'e Stoudemire


OAB will always ride with STAT, GNSP. 

Hold On? French Onion Soup Grilled Cheese?



Hong Kong High Rises and High Tops

#hsinthefield #hongkong 📷: @reddangelo

A photo posted by HIGHSNOBIETY (@highsnobiety) on


I just want to shoot a couple of free throws on this bad boy, is that too much to ask?

JAMS: Father John Misty - Real Love Baby

We jammed it before, and we're jamming it again. Josh Tillman, the god.

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been with Phil Jax and Stick Stickity


So that's what happened when Joakim met Phil in Montana, makes total sense.

JAMS: LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean (Live at Panorama)


Man, when the drop hits, it's so good.

"If You Believe Something to Be True, It's Has to Be True"



Edie's Sweet Shop, Forrest Hills, Queens

Eddie's Sweet Shop - Forest Hills, NY, United States. Royal banana split

Give me this and I'll be the happiest boy in the world.

Never Thought I'd Say This But Sufjan Stevens' Set at Panorama Was Lit


Boy, we can do much more together (Better get it right, get it right, get it right, get it right).

GIF Friday: Chariots of Fire But with a Chihuahua and Dachshunds


I couldn't have gif-ed it better myself.

You Guys Hurt Feelings Still Holds Up Really Well


Saw the Conchords the other night, and this is still a banger, friends.

We Are Living in the Simpsons Halloween Special


Serious, I voted for Kodos. But hey, we'll get President Lisa Simpson before you know it.

I, No, We as a Nation Need Jon Stewart to Talk Some Sense


Jon Stewart said what needed to be said. Also shouts to the pizza with a knife and fork thing, don't think we forget that Trump.

Good Dog, Volume 838,381


Best commute distraction or best commute distraction. 

JAMS: Nice as Fuck - Door/Gun (on Colbert)


You tell 'em, Jenny.

Really, Let's Get a Van and Go Camping


Yes, we will keep talking about camping on OAB but not in fact go camping.

Ben Barson Name Dropping Lucifer, It's Lit


Not the lord of darkness, Beelzebub, not even Satan, LUCIFER?!?

The Knicks, They'll Be There For You


But what about Courtney Lee?

And Here's OAB Hot Take on the Taylor/Kanye/Kim Stuff


Unless Melo's face is about being in this photo is not just being with Taylor but also Amar'e, which is just as possible.

Let the Power Hungry Games of 2016 Begin


I don't know anything about the hunger games but I don't think Donald Trump is the Katniss Everdeen or Teagan Arrowspear of our time.

Ryan Apple Banana, Summer Sixteen


You know how I do.

"Bad Stuff Does Happen in the Bathroom" - Bob Belcher/the National


Really gonna need all these indie rock covers of Bob's Burgers songs in one place, internet.

Dough Boys Krang


Important podcast art.

Boban and Stan


I am tickled by this, tickled!

JAMS: Beach Slang - Punks in a Disco Bar


Off OAB most anticipated, A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings.

GIF Wednesday: Dog v. Minion


Minions always win. 

We're All This Baby Elephant


Summer Sixteen, fam.

Just Cause Robin Lopez is off the Knicks, Doesn't Mean OAB Will Stop Covering NBA Mascots


We will still fight the good fight on Orange Apple Banana, starting with Hooper and Boban,

Jens Lekman, Ghostwriting

CAC Black Box and Jens Lekman: Ghostwriting from Contemporary Arts Center on Vimeo.

Want, no, need a new Jens record in my life but this will tide me over for a minute or two.

Good Dog, Volume 9,193


Someone's a wet puppy.

Aubrey Plaza's Champion the Talking Dog Voice Forever


We really need to involve this talking dog with everything we do going forward.

JAMS: Chvrches- Bury It

Always imaged Lauren Mayberry to have more of a Jubilee generate pyrotechnic energy plasmoids from her hands type powers, but what do I know.

Brock Lesnar To Hopefully End Racism


If anyone can do it, it's Brock. From sea to shining sea, guys.

GIF Monday: Boo This Man for "Too Slowing" a Dog


Johnny Mundo/Morrison/Nitro, the world's top heel right now.

No Duh What's Happening in This Country Sucks But Carmelo Anthony is Speaking the Truth


I'm proud to say that this is the guy who represents my sports team. I'm behind Melo 100 percent here.

Joakim Noah? Phil Jackson? 3 Days in Montana? Theu Did Drugs, All the Drugs, Right?


And with this, Joakim Noah, officially an OAB fav.

Hey Look, New Knicks


Shout out to Courtney Lee for dressing like the teacher's pet, I'm gonna like you.

Sure, Yes, Here's a Cat in Hawaiian Shirt


Summer Sixteen in full effect, guys. 

JAMS: Nice as Fuck - Cookie Lips

Off their self titled record, Nice as Fuck.

JAMS: Francis & the Lights - Friends (Featuring Bon Iver and Kanye West)

Still super weird that Kanye and Justin Vernon are frequent collaborators but this is a banger, folks.

Twin Peaks, Wish You Were Here


"Dear Andy..."

I Don't Know Where Jimmy and Gretchen Got Those Weapons and I Don't Care, This is Wonderful


Good to have these jerks back.

You're Not a Happy Meal, Corgi


Or are you?

GIF Thursday: Bran Makes a Friend


Score this with like "Dirty Dream Two" and you're set for a twee gif watching experience. 

Santana on Margot Robbie


Not pictured a sweet guitar solo. 

Hella Noms, Lots of Drank, Oh It's (Not) Lit


Still not sure if I'm a millennial but I'm down for some free food. Get at me, Microsoft.

"Ugh Yes, Just Go James Hurley"


And never come back.

Good Dog, Volumne 811,281


High fives to all my Shiba Inus out there.

Summer of Sundaes


We're gonna eat 'em all.

"Quack Quack" - Walt "Clyde" Frazier


I haven't watched a minute of Knicks summer league but now I am bummed that I missed out him quacking at swans.

Kevin Durant Doesn't Sell Out, He Buys In

Give me all the NBA/WWE heel turn memes.

Will Joakim Noah Wear a Shirt for the Knicks?


These are the important questions, not whether or not it's too much money for too many years for a position that KP will probably play in two years. No, the question is whether Noah and his great hair follow JR Smith's trend.

Important Marshmallow Roasting Guides For Your Fourth of July Weekend


Don't burn yourselves or you mallow, dumbies. 

"Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Same Thing" - These Bozos


And I use the term bozos in the highest disdain.