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OAB Turns 8

2 bundt cakes and a giant bag of candy coated chocolates made this colorful 8 cake for my son's birthday!:

Hey! The blog was started 8 years ago today in 2008, and is getting ready to enter in 3rd grade in the fall. Before you know it, it'll be riding a bike (or like it's owner will never learn how).

Good Dog, Volume 18,912


And he's a cancer survivor? Good dog!

So We Can Agree that Silicon Valley's Jared Is the Best Character on TV, Right Now


All hail the king.

Walt Frazier, Traveler


As in he travels the world, not in the man is being called for steps in a game.

OAB on Break: OAB Headquarters Moving


Be back like Tuesday. Do some c-balls on Memorial Day for me, my guys. 

You Want a Deep Dish Pizza Anatomy Lesson?


Even though OAB is NY through and through, we'll fuck with deep dish . 

GIF Tuesday: Good Dog Volume 813 - Bully Dog


I've found my gif spirit animal.

It is Happening Again



GIF Monday: Still Shipping the Hell Out of Tormund and Brienne


GOT got like super sad last night, and we don't want to talk about those Hodor tears. Instead, just listen to Bound 2 and let this gif repeat forever. 

Time Bobby, the Forth


Definitely something I can get behind.

* See also, Time Bobby Four(vel).

Stack All the Grilled Cheeses


I said all of them.

"Studentsssssss" - Professor Leigh Ellis


Professor E Dawg giving out Fs if you don't finish that very solid play with a very solid solid lay in.

Don't Think Twice About Don't Think Twice


OAB most anticipated. 

Pull Up for Three on the Free Way


Now can you go glass here? 

Hang This Next To the '72-73 Banner, the Knicks Didn't Hire Kurt Rambis


Thank you based god Phil Jax. 

Yes, I'd Watch Bob's Burgers Live: The Movie


And yes, I'm shipping Eugene Mirman and Mermaid Eugene Mirman.

Jazzy Jeff Hornacek, Knicks Head Coach


Austin Powers "are you feelin' horny, baby" jokes in New York are up 100 percent today. Yeah baby, I approve of this hire, baby. Welcome to the team, Coach Horny.

JAMS: Father John Misty: Real Love Baby

Josh Tillman, da God is back at it again.

Hey Do You Want To Hear Jon Stewart Talk With Former Obama Advisor David Axelrod for like a Hour?


Hell yeah.

Knicks Beat Writer, Frank Isola is Out Here Beefing With McLovin'?


When your team is most likely going take the interim tag off Kurt Rambis, this is the kind of thing you take joy in.

GIF Monday: Guys, We've Found the Outfit of the Year in Grimes' California Video


News Grimes video is fire. 

INOJ's/Ghost City DJ's At Night I Think of You (My Boo) but by Dogs


This is also probably the best thing I've seen in my life.

Stack Them Donuts High


Higher and higher and higher. 

This Jacksonville Jaguars Fan Steals the Show

Well, I know who I want to be the "voice of the NFL."

Sure, I'd Eat a Breakfast Sandwich Named After the Blue Album


The world has turned and left me here wanting this breakfast sandwich.

Irish. V 60. Aero Pres Siphon. Pour Over.


These aren't just words, this is coffee.

Just Taking My Peacock for a Walk


Be a good neighbor, please leash and clean up after your bird.

OAB Most Anticipated: Nice As Fuck


Hey if Jenny Lewis has a new band. we're psyched af.

GIF Thursday:I Knew I Knew Donald Trump's Campaign Promises From Somewhere

Donald Trump's Campaign Is Basically All From '30 Rock' — And It's Eerily Accurate

Donald Trump's Campaign Is Basically All From '30 Rock' — And It's Eerily Accurate

Donaghy/Jordan 2016.

The Classic JR Smith Skip After Hitting a Ridiculous Three


I think Earl has the Hawks number. All their numbers.

Sure, I'd Like To See Thomas Lennon and Chris Gethard Talk About Morrissey for 45 Minutes


So I fall within the venn diagram of the comedy nerd/Morrissey/Smiths fan that will watch this for forty five minutes.

Hashtag Wallace Wedneday


Sheed only played 21 games for the Knicks including this gem where he played a minute twenty five and got ejected after getting his second tech for yelling ball don't lie. 

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber's Star Wars Themed Freestyle From CBB's 2015 Holiday Show


Turn it up or down for PFT.

Your Drunk JCrew Girlfriend Knows It's Star Wars Day


M4BWU, BB8s.

JAMS: Downtown Boys - Dancing in the Dark

Okay, this is pretty fun.

The Log Lady Also has a Potted Fern


Margaret's or Coop's though? Cooper's hair is pretty much perfect.

Nachos con Chorizo, El Atoradero, Brooklyn, New York


That guacamole on top, oh boy. 

Poor Coach Popovich


Spurs got jobbed last night with that no call but you know Pop will get 'em next time.

Good Dog, Volume 814,492

A video posted by @tobypuff on


Sometimes you don't have to take a dog for a walk.

The State as Pro Wrestlers, This is Orange Apple Banana


Okay, JLT and Ben Garrant as the Steiner Bros, David Wain as the Tazmaniac, MIB and Tom Lennon as Barry and Levon as Ric Flair types, Kevin Allison as the Berzerker, Michael Patrick Jann and Ken Marno as a the Road Warriors, Todd Holoubek as a skinny Hillbilly Jim, and I don't know what the hell Mike Show and Kerry Kinney are but let them come off the top rope in tandem.

JAMS: I'm From Barcelona, Bongo Bar, Jönköping, Sweden


You know OAB loves I'm From Barcelona, so you know we'd love them playing their debut record, 2006's Let Me Introduce My Friends front to back.

Stack Em Mile High


This Mile-High Chocolate Pie, god damn.

The Crying Jordan Comes Even For the Purple Shirt Guy Hornets Fan


I'd imagine the Sound of Silence is playing in DWade's head as he stares as the crying Jordan, knowing it's coming sooner or later.