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GIF Monday: Podrick Bringing the Payne


See what I did there? THRONES BACK.

We're All in Agreedment that the George Michael Bluth Character is Coming to Twin Peaks



And He Hits Him With the Big Bopper Belding Bomb


Mr Belding clap clap clap clap clap Mr Belding clap clap clap

Robin Lopez's Fight Becomes Our War


If there's one NBA center I want to be in a foxhole with in a war against mascots, you know it's our man, RoLo.

Good Dog, Volume 81,481


Woof lightly and carry a big stick. 

Good Night Sweet Prince, Prince

If you didn't like Prince, you're an idiot. Go listen to I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man or I Would Die 4 U or How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore, or Darling Nikki like now.

GIF Thusday: GIF, Walk With Me


We're not gonna talk about Judy in this gif. 

Tom Thibodeau, Minnesota Timberwolves Head Coach


Get money, you beautiful sob.

Lining up the Queuebacca


Possibly to get into Quebecca. 

We Are All This Kiss Cam Pizza Girl


Double fisting pizzas on the kiss cam, gimme a hell yeah.

What To Do When You Crash Your Convertible Into a Lollypop


Legitimate problems.

CBB Tour 2016


No duh but we're excited.

You Talking Apizza?


Sorry about the autoplay but here's 20 minutes from Vice on New Haven Pizza. Quality watch.

Hey the Robin Lopez and the Knicks Beat the Fictional Central City Miners


Didn't see that one on the schedule but good job, guys. 

Presidential New York-ness Ranked by Pizza Slices

Photo published for Clinton vs. Sanders vs. Trump: Who Is the True New Yorker?

As unfortunate as three slices is for Trump, he is a New Yorker. Well, except for the time he at a slice in Times Square with a knife and a fork.

GIF Friday: Leigh Doubtfire

nba mrs. doubtfire the starters nbatv

Yes, I would watch a remake of Ms. Doubtfire with Leigh Ellis in the titular role.

"Hey Ryan Apple Banana" - This Elk


Hey Elk!

Twin Peaks, Seasons Three and Four or One and Two Part Two, a Wrap?

Twin Peaks - David Lynch - Peter Deming ASC

Apparently the next two seasons of Twins Peaks are done shooting? Let's rock.

Stay Home (in the New York Post Font)


Solid advice, Banner.

3D Pizza Tattoos?


Welp, I now know what needs to be done. 

New Workout Plan - Doing Yoga with a Sloth


We got to make it happen, you guys. 

Good Night Sweet Prince Kobe Bryant


Kobe going out as only he can, god speed Black Mamba.

JAMS: Kanye West - Famous (Big Bud/Little Bud Video)

All videos off TLOP should be Aziz and Eric Wareheim goofing off in Italy, eating delicious food and mouthing Swiss Beatz ad libs.

Good Night Sweet Prince 2015-2016 New York Knicks


The good - Kristaps, Melo's overall game, RoLo's solid defense and surprisingly okay offense, Kristaps, RoLo's dealings with mascots, Derek William alley oops, Kristaps, Kevin Seraphin's social media, FIFA tournaments, Fuku spicy chicken sandwiches at MSG, plane/train photos, Jerian Grant finally getting some spin (albiet a bit too late), comparisons to unicorns, and Kristaps.

The bad - 0-10 without Melo, Derek Fisher and his affairs of the heart, Jose Calderon/Sasha Vujacic Kurt Rambis interim head coach and twitter user, Sasha Vujacic taker of minutes, not caring, Arron Afflalo late game shot taker, the word - triangle, guards who can't guard, and Kurt Rambis possibly not interim head coach.

GIF Wednesday: Good Dog, Volume 941,201

Stealing that baby's ice cream? Good dog.

Dogs, a Painting


Finest of art. 

Bunnies? Kittens? Dunking Babies? Are You Not Smiling? Ellie Kemper Is!


The greatest thing in the world is giving Gethard and his misfits a budget so they can produce content like this on a regular basis.

Jean Ralphio Awakens


Yes, I'd watch a cut of the Force Awakens replacing BB-8's dialouge with old Jean Ralphio's Parks lines.

Yeah, this Wisdom Teeth Zombie Apocolypse Video is Everywhere


But it's too perfect not to reblog.

Sizzle Sizzle


Bacon's better when it's cooked outside.

Rogue One Trailer, It's Lit


Let's gooooooooooooooooooooo.

GIF Wednesday: Down Goes Little Bird Man


Best big elbow since Macho Man Savage.

Would You Watch Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang Eat Lunch with Mario Batali for Vice?


Hell yes, I would.

Toyota Land Cruiser Views


Pretty spectacular. 

JAMS: Carly Rae Jepson - Boy Problems

Ladies, this is a fire anthem for those with the boy problems or even those without them.

Vote Lewis


Perfect compromise between all possible candidates, President Jenny Lewis.

Scarr's Pizza, Orchard Street


Old school pizza shops with these sign boards for life. 

In One Crying Jordan, They're Frozen in Time

Need this after every conclusion of every sports season.

Smother These in Some Sausage Gravy While You're At It

Breakfast Tots

Breakfasttttttttt tots. 

Presidential Candidate Don Juan


Campaign commercials with Drake's Best I Ever Had, let's go. 

JAMS: Kanye West - I Miss the Old Kanye (NBA on NBC Remix)


Chicken Shack, I Need You Back In My Life


It's been too long.

How Web Comics Leave Parties


I'm a DOLE guy, myself.