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Let Them Eat Cereal (Cake)



See what I did there?

This Leap Day, Give Her Nuggets


For the most special person in your life on this very special day. 

GIF Friday: Good Dog, Volume 19484


Why can't we all be dogs and get bathes like this?

JAMS: Carly Rae Jepsen - Everywhere You Look

Shout out to CRJ, for making this cover of the banger of all TV themes into a banger.

Lance Will Make 'Em Dance (Awkwardly)


Remember when Lance was like legit good and not like a Nick Young/Javale Wizards era like joke.

JAMS: The Falcon - War Of Colossu

Off the upcoming Gather Up the Chaps, and I'm into it.

Good Dog, Volume 9148


We'll never not reblog a dog eating some Shake Shack. 

Twin Peaks Flash Sheet Power Rankings


1) Double R Coffee/Pie, 2) The Log, 3) Fish in the Perculator, 4) Agent Cooper, 5) Dr. Jacoby's cocunut, 5) Donut, 4) Coop's tape recorder, 7) Audrey Horne, 8) the gum that's coming back in style, 9) Owl, 10) One Eyed Jack Chop, 11) Domino, 12) Chess Queen because fuck that Wyndham Earl shit. 

Our Hearts Will Di-on (Waiters)


By far my favorite non KP basketball internet thing of the season. Also I see you, JR cookin some soup. Miss you bb.

Hold On, Coke and Coffee?

Espresso Cola: Give Your Soda the Coffee Treatment It Deserves photo

Come on New York, we need this espresso/cola combo. 

Good Dog Volume 1291


Seriously, what a good dog.

Snack City


Four and three and two and one. And Abbi, you're damn wrong about Mile End's poutine.

Peaks Pies


Damn fine. 

We Still Love You Annabelle


Here's the People's Champ from Tuesday Night. 

Shack - Chicken and Single


This is an ideal lunch. 

He Just Wants His Treats!


We may have been at the Westminster Dog Show last night and we definitely part of the chorus of chuckles when this big ol' Leonberger was all about getting some snacks.

Just Going to Blind Reblog This Clip of Abbi and Ilana on Colbert


Yes, I'll go to the "Happy Bagel Place."

JAMS: St Vincent - Emotions

Annie Clark covering the Rolling Stones, off the upcoming official soundtrack of a Bigger Splash.

Kristaps Giving You Some Valentine's Day Algebra


Girllllllllllll, this year you're getting a KP Valentine's Day card.

Tell Your Valentine That They Are the Michael Jordan's of Valentines


Girlllllllllll, this Valentine's you're getting crying MJ memed theme Valentine Day card.

Aziz and Eric Wareheim are Big Bud, Lil Bud


Hashtag would watch.

We Should Listen to Belle & Sebastian


Words to live by on a white board in a high school in New Hampshire. 

Them Silicon Valley Dudes are BACK


More Dinesh and Gilfoyle please.

The Starters Eating Poutine? Can't Get That Much More Canadian


The Starters and poutine, two of my three favorite things that have come out of Canada.

So That Arcade Fire Parade For David Bowie Was As Great As It Sounded


That's the kind of send off that David Bowie deserved. Good job Arcade Fire, Good job NOLA.

This Valentine's Day, Say It with Buffalo Wings

All images by Brayden Olson.

Girllllllll, this year you're getting a heart shaped box of wings.

Man Getting Hit in the Groin with a Basketball


Russell got doinked.

New Favorite Friends, Rex Ryan and Benny Schwaz


Rex Ryan talking snacks with Jon Ralphio is my new everything.

Broad City Back


Welcome back to my New York.

Kristaps, Oh Kristaps Just Made Jared Dudley Look Really Foolish


Knicks still Knicksing but as long as there's KP, we'll be okay. 

Bernie Sanders Out Here Hitting Jumpers and Winning Primaries


Well, it's really just a lay up but let's say jumpers. It sounds better.

JAMS: Bon Iver - Haven, Mass

Not "new new" but "new to us" b-side from post For Emma/pre Bon Iver  Bon Iver.

Hey It's Something Called National Pizza Day

Made this #pizza last night for lunch today. Small 10" #barpizza — green pepper and chopped pepperoni #🍕 

So eat some god damn pizza.

So the Knicks' New Coach, Kurt Rambis is a Deadhead?


Seems about right.

JAMS: Jenny Lewis - Handle With Care (with Jimmy Buffett)

Well, that's one person I never thought would do the Roy Orbison part in a Jenny Lewis cover of Handle with Care.

Good Night Sweet Prince Derek Fisher

Embedded image permalink

When the "highlight" of your stay as New York Knicks head coach is that you wore a lot of nice suits and a love triangle with a former teammate and his ex wife, these things happen.

Hey, Do You Want to Watch a Dogist Documentary?


Hell yeah, you do. No duh but OAB is big fans of the dog on the street instagram, the Dogist. So we're definitely watchign this dogumentary.

Peyton Manning, Super Bowl Winning Pin Up


Ride off into that sunset, Pey Pey.

Lindsay Bluth Gaga?


Tobias - "Funke."

Good Dog, Volume 1494


Sheep dogs and snow, this is a real deal good dog post.

JAMS: Jenny Lewis - I Never

The More Adventurous standout from the Rabbit Fur Coat 10 year anniversary tour.

Hill and Bill, NBA Jammed

Embedded image permalink

I know we have the updated NBA JAM that game out a couple years ago but we really just need the arcade console updated every year.

"We Live Inside a Dream" - Phillip Jeffries


Bowie Walk With Me.

Cheese Fries! Cheese Fries! Cheese Fries!


Let's effin go.