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Jon from Delocated, Forward Thinker


The Rage Cage is real, Delocated is becoming reality. Soon we'll all have ski masks and voice decoders.

So Who Wants to Get Slapped By a Bear?


Yup. Nope.

GIF Friday: Lisa Simpson, Laura Palmer, Same Thing


Relevant to the interests of this blog. 

JAMS: Beach Slang - Bad Art and Weirdo Ideas

Off the upcoming, the Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us.

Flannel City


It's almost time. 

Hens Love Roosters, Geese Love Ganders

So apparently this was made because a Simpsons episode came in too short, wonderful.

In Honor of Deputy Andy Brennan


So when are we getting this tattooed to our thighs? 

You're PiƱata-ed

Embedded image permalink

Where can I get one of these for my next gathering? 

Always, Order Pizza


Words to live by.

GIF Monday: And New Tag Team Champions


OAB Wrestling post, the New Day is the greatest. 

JAMS: Jens Lekman - Postcard 33


It's been a while since we checked in with Jens Lekman and his Postcards series, number 33, it's a banger.

One. Hundred. Slam. Dunks.


That's how you start the week.

Hypothesis: Pizza


See also pizza is never a problem.

"Sixty Nine" - President Bill Clinton



"You All Get a Tech" - Joey Crawford


 Well, I think we reached the apex of basketball impressions on youtube. Good job, internet.

April Ludgate Pinups? Hello Sailor?


Well, this is going to be tattooed to my calf one day. 

Oh It's Lauren Lapk... I mean Lauren, Jonah Ray's Little Sister


Well, I am not for ditching your wife and hooking up with your bud's little sister but Kumail and Lauren have chemistry.

It's Happening Again (in Brooklyn)


Twin Peaks shooting in Brooklyn, this seems right.

Paint Me a Mountain Top


This is fine art. 

Air Zinger


KP going to yam it on you. 

Mademe Esper, Finest of Art


Put that over you imaginary mantle. 

Sound Financial Decisions


All of the puppies. 

JAMS: Chvrches - Leave a Trace


And there's a video for the already JAMMED, Leave a Trace.

GIF Thursday: 86 % Bigger Chipotle Burrito?


Let's goooooooooooooooooooooo.

I WANT THIS: Poler Stuff PS Wool Hat

PS Wool Hat

Mark down August 13th as the first day I started thinking about fall clothes. 

"I Wanna Dip My Balls in It" - Ken Marino/Louie/Victor Pulak


Did not catch this originally but good lord, A+ call back.

The Bob's Burgers Burger Book

The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book is now available for pre-order!About a week ago, I got the chance to visit Bento Box Studios in Burbank California. I sat down with Loren Bouchard and caught up, and got to take a tour. I spent the afternoon talking with the artists behind the show and got to see a lot of the art that will be in the book - including this cover!  They also let me hold their Emmy award, which is way heavier than you’d think! Thanks so much, bentoboxent, I had such a great time!

The book will be out next March, and is currently available for preorder at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Say that 5 times fast?

Git to Get Them Chicken Shacks


Did Fuku last weekend, Chicken Shack is next. 

JAMS: Chvrches - Neverending Circles


Back2Back jams, this one off the OAB Most Anticipated Every Open Eye.

JAMS: Destroyer - Times Square


Off the upcoming Poison Season.

Rizzos, Two Sicilians


For me, this is heaven.

That Does Sound Like the Best Day Ever


Okay, we're going to Disney, and re-creating this as regular sized people, right?

Fire Walk With Me


And then there they were.

The Chick-Fil-A Death Star is Coming!


I remember going to Bryant Park like 5 years ago to get some free Chick-Fil-A and it was a shit show, so this is promising news.

We're Picking Melo and the Zinger


On fireeeeeeee.