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Bread Porn? I'm on Board


Gimme them carbohydrates.

JAMS: Jenny Lewis - She's Not Me


Off the OAB all time fav, the Voyager.

GOB, Sweaters, and the Ten Commadnments


Always enjoyed the GOB in sweaters arc. 

The Pac-Man Atlanta Hawks Logo is Sad


And yeah, we can be all like "oh superstar-less basketball totally works,"  but it works in a perfectly ideal situation where the team is 100 % healthy and firing on all cylinders in May and June, not when you come at the King and get swept. 

Today, We Pray to the Basketball Gods


The most positive vibes being sent to those orange and blue ping pong balls. If the Knicks don't get a top 3 pick, OAB is gonna get weird tomorrow.

Two Malts and Some Fries?


Everything I leaned about being a good boyfriend, I learned from Dale Cooper. 

The Face of the Knicks Lottery Hopes


Read the extensive P&T Draft Lottery Guide, do everything the nice man says in hopes the Knicks get the number pick. 

Peace Out Pete Campbell


You were my favorite, and you will be missed.

Burger and Fries Burger


Delicious and efficient? 

Steve "Welp" Ballmer


Life comes at you fast when your team blows a big ass lead.  

Lebron Strug and Coach David Blatt Béla Károlyi

Embedded image permalink

Lebron's playing with a playing tonight with a sprained ankle like it's the 1996 and we're in Atlanta.

Tiny Hamster is Having a Tiny Tiki Bar Party?


Sign me up.

Dude, Poutine Benedict by Dude Food?


Oh hell yeah.

Have You Seen Missing TV Host, Review's Forrest MacNeil?


Please someone help him, he shouldn't be alone.

Alright, Partner, Keep on Travelin' Baby, You Know What Time It Is


Limp Bizkit and traveling calls, forever linked because of this vine.

1970 World Champions


Can I get this banner for my apartment?

Pancakes and Coffee


This will happen again, I promise. 

Darkest Timeline Forever


This scene.

JAMS: Hop Along - Sister Cities

Off the OAB approved, Painted Shut.

Tim Duncan is the Undertaker?


Relevant to the varied interests of this blog.

Or Poutine Nachos?

Not too shabby, eh?

Seriously, can every day be Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Breakfast Nachos?


Let's go. 

I Love Basketball Too, C-Webb


Glad I share the same opinion as Chris Webber.

I Think We Found Louise's Weakness


And no duh, it's puppies.

JAMS: Jens Lekman - Postcard 18

Don't think we haven't been listening to all the new Jens in his weekly postcard series.

GIF Monday: Peggy Olson, Baddest (with Bonus Roller Skating Vine)


Add the Kanye Clique beat to this gif set and you're good.