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Don't Toy With My Emotions, David Lynch


I know what you're doing, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. 

Let's Hold All the Foods in This Dog's Mouth


Remember this bro from last week? He's back in video form.

GIF Thursday: Pete Campbell Forever


Gonna miss the hell out of this guy. 

Hold On? A R2D2 Coffee Table Pinball Machine?


This is the droid/coffee table/pinball table I've been looking for.

JAMS: Japandroids - Younger Us


There's a post on Noisey about Japandroids and how Celebration Rock is 3 years old, and where's the new music at? Yeah, I agree with that blog post times a thousand.

A Wedding Ring Tone?


GMB 4 life.

GIF Tuesday: Baby Red Pandas!


Ok guys, I can't. 

Great Ideas, Great Cups of Coffee


Yes, I agree.

You Want a Best Breakfast Sandwiches in New York Map?


I can get down with this map.

* Shout to OAB fav Brunch spot, Queens Comfort.

Loops, Caps, Trixs, Puffs, Charms, and O's


Time to find these in the wild.

NBA Bloopers? Oh Indeed


That Lance pop up on DFish!. And Tyson Chandler and shoes! And RoLo and mascots. And really only one negative Knicks blooper, that's a success in my books.

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!


Still think if they did whatever, it would have been the greatest moment in Mad Men history.

Good Grief (New Orleans Pelicans Edition)


Pierre the Pelican, a regular Bluth.

Me and This Dog, One in the Same


Forever and always. 

So I'm Never Going to Sleep Again (Steph Curry Game Tying Threes Forever)


So yeah, no more going to sleep on the late game, I should know better. Mid day naps, late night coffees, caffeine pills till June.

Hello Hamburger Phone?


Need to get a land line like right away. 

Woody Is Out Here, Stealing Your Chips, Not Having Goatees


Okay okay, I know it's probably cough drops but a dude can believe.

Taco Cannon :Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap:

Embedded image permalink

The game has changed. 

Chris Rock on Why Black People (and Noted White Guy, Ryan Apple Banana) Don't Really Care About Baseball


Hey, you know what? The man has a point.

* It should be noted that I'll be going to baseball game in a couple week but mostly to eat all the food and drink all the beer.

Memphis Style Barbecue Nachos?


Come again now? 

Scott Brooks Fired? Clyde Frazier Hired? Oh, It's an April Fools Prank in the 1990s?


This was all kinds of wonderful.


Let's Guzzle Some Cold Brew Like We're Stone Cold Steve Austin



* Really need this right now, tbh

Drake's Glad Handing the NBA Greatest Villain, Now?

Embedded image permalink

Tell me a lie, Drake, 

"Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Don't Rape" - Not Coach Taylor


Amy Schumer's an A+ Mrs. Coach but Josh Charles, I know Coach Taylor, and you sir are no Coach Eric Taylor. Still I'm with any FNL type thing in my life.

Can I Interest You in Some Pork Belly Fries?


Jeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Louiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

GIF Tuesday: Pelican Yawn


Seriously, how the hell is this real life?

Do You Love Star Wars? As Much as This Priest?


So we're all in for this guy as the next Pope? Cool, we'll all in agreement on this one. 

Bone Thugs Out Here Eulogizing Aron Baynes on Sports Nation


If I would have told you in 1996 that Bone Thugs n Harmony would be on ESPN, preforming the Crossroads while video of an Australian dude getting dunked on by the face of the Kia Motors/the Los Angles  Clippers in the NBA playoffs numerous times, would you believe me?

GIF Monday: Arya in Bravos



Betty Draper Francis & Glen Bishop 4Ever


The true love story of Mad Men.

But Where Was Robin Lopez During All of This?

A video posted by Malcom (@mac_raw377) on

A big splash off a ladder through a table from one mascot to another, it may be the highlight of the NBA playoffs so far.



Haven't "weighed in on" the whole Twin Peaks stuff, but cool if we get more Peaks, cool if we don't.

Oh Goodness, Blake Griffin Legit Murded Aron Baynes Three Times


Arrest that man! Because good Lord, cramming down on Aron Baynes so many times.

Gemma Correll Knows Why We're Crying


I think all of this applies to me. 

It's Just Who He Is/Let the Conversation Begin

No the Drop today, so someone's got to be dropping those Garth quotes.

You Had Me at Ice Cream Burrito


Not super chill that this is only marketed at stoners, I want some too.

Eat the Throne


Tommen Baratheon best watch out, cause we're coming for this Iron Throne. 

GIF Friday: R2D2 and BB-8?


Cue Scotty Auks and PFT.

Chewie Back! Han Back!


No duh but all the excitement! 

Grantland Doing the Lord's Work, Every NBA Nut Punch of 2015


Hey, remember when JR was on the Knicks and nail Glenn Rice Jr in the balls? That seems like a billion years ago.

JAMS: Jenny Lewis - Girl on Girl

Hand claps, be still my heart.

Bird Wall, Wall of Birds


sem título by riley-riley on Flickr.

Birds, birds, birds, birds. 

Game of Thrones AND Brunch?


Relevant to the interests of this blog.

Good Night Sweet Prince 2014-2015 New York Knicks


Welp, this year wasn't much fun. Maybe next year, Carmelo, Langston Galloway, Lou Admunson's man bun and umm some other dudes. Hopefully Karl Anthony Towns.

Kids, Gather Round, Ryan Apple Banana is Here to Teach You About Taxes


I volunteer for the position of eater of all the ice cream. For teaching purposes, obviously. 

I'm Sorry to Hear About Your Dudevorce, my Dudes


"Okay you get the Buffalo Wild Wings on Mondays/Wednesday/Fridays/Holidays (muffled sobbing)."

JAMS: Girlpool - Before The World Was Big


Off Before The World Was Big, out 6/2/15.

A S'Mores Ice Box Case? I'll Take a Dozen


I really didn't intend for OAB to be so food specific but c'mon son.