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They'll Shovel Your Car Out For Five Dollars, I'd Do It for Fifty


Five dollars? Little dudes, you can easily charge twenty per car. But still good job, guys. 

JAMS: I'm From Barcelona - Violins


Off the OAB most anticipated, Growing Up is For Trees.

Miss U Happy Endings Volume 9101


Penny Hartz, the true voice of the modern woman.

Twin Peaks, Location by Location


Just listen to this and get all the feelings. 

Wet Hot American Snow Day


Higher and higher, indeed. Snow day miracles do exist!

Lucky Peach's Obsesson


Cue Usher's confessions , replace the word confession with obsessions, and me with all these baked goods.

Challah, Eggs, Milk, French Toast


If you're not down with this, I don't know what to say. 

So This Storm Is Preggers With Michael Cera's Love Child?

Winter Storm Juno

And I'll see myself out. 

"Numbah One! Numbah One! Numbah One!"


Consider me the audience for an imitation Mike and the Mad Dog reunion at Francesa-con. Long live Mike and the Dog.

"Diane, A Dozen Roses and All the Heart Dhaped Donuts"


Girlllllllllllll, you're getting an Agent Dale Cooper Valentine this year.

"Chicago-style Deep-Dish Pizza @ Giordano's Pizzeria


Round trip tickets to Chicago?

Snow's a Coming


Lets make some snow'mores?

Hold On, Mac and Cheese Pie? With a Bacon Lattice?


Oh hell yeah!

Oh,Hello Friday Afternoon


Would expect nothing less than Gil Faizon to show up to an event like this in sweat pants but SUNY Yonkers mention? GO DOLPHINS.

Arrested Development Season 4? Kind of a New No-No, Right?


Mostly kidding but shouts to Paul Rust, Comedy Bang Bang super guest. 

From Ball Pit to Ball Pit


We all want no, wait need to be that dog.

GIF Friday: The Bird Lady & the Troll Man & the Dirty One & the Gay One


My kind of gang.

Audrey Horne Tells No Lie


And somehow over 5,000 posts, I haven't posted this before. 

JAMS: St. Vincent - Bad Believer


Annie Clark with a song that I'd call bat shit insane but in a good way.

GIF Tuesday: Pizza Pizza Pizza Brain Meld Pizza


Relevant to the interests of this blog. 

GIF Friday: OAB Hits 5,000 Posts!


We (I) did it (I'm not sure what), guys! 

We All Need a Giant Tina Belcher In Our Lives


Like imagine you're at work and you turn around and there's a 7 foot tall Tina Belcher just there going "uhhhhhhhhhhh." Day made. 

30 Minutes of Sing Songing Bing Bonging With Benny Schwaz and Scotty Auks


Best half hour of the day or best half hour of the day?

That Deer, Doe


See what I did there?

The Perfect Pass


With the AFC/NFC championships coming up this weekend, I think it would be smart to revisit the time when Mr. Perfect threw himself a 50 to 60 yard touchdown pass to himself while his theme music played.

Hank and Nadine


Bunch of bad apples with their folded arms and leather jackets and eye patches and cheerleader sweaters. 

Bánh Mì-Inspired Breakfast Sandwich?


Gimme a hell yeah!

Breaking News: Good Doggy!


But how did he pay his fare? How? 

More Like Cole Ugg-ridch?


Glad to see that we have photo evidence of Chip in his uggs now.

Pie Faced, I Mean Cake Faced


We really should make this a regular thing, pies and/or cakes to the face.

Beer & Pizza & Beer & Pizza & Beer & Pizza


For me, this is heaven.

GIF Wednesday: Summer is Coming


Haven't weighed in on the Wet Hot/Netflix ish but no duh I approve. 

Rex Ryan, Buffalo Bills Head Coach and Owner of a Large Sicilian Pie

View image on Twitter

Not sure how the "Welcome Rex" letter will mesh the mouth feel of what looks like a great pie.