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OAB Best Of's 2014

You want best of lists? How about 5 of them?

Albums of the Year
1) Jenny Lewis - The Voyager
2) St. Vincent - St. Vincent
3) Chumped - Teenage Retirement
4) Against Me - Transgender Dysphoria Blues
5) Alvvays - Alvvays

Songs of the Year
1) Jens Lekman - WWJD
2) Jenny Lewis - The New You
3) Cloud Nothings: I'm Not Part of Me
4) Ariel Pink - Put Your Number in My Phone
5) St Vincent - Digital Witnes

Movies of the Year
1) Birdman
2) God Help the Girl
3) Boyhood
4) The Grand Budapest Hotel
5) Obvious Child

TV Shows of the Year
1) Review
2) Broad City
3) True Detective
4) Mad Men
5) Bob's Burgers

Podcasts of the Year
1) Serial
2) The Starters
3) Comedy Bang! Bang!
4) The Lowe Post
5) Desus Versus Mero
(Honorable Mention - Andy Daly Pilot Podcast Project, Jalen and Jacoby, Knicks Dog Playdate Podcast, U Talking U2 2 Me, Dennis Has a Podcast)

A Christmas Card From the People's Champ


On the first day of Christmas, my jabroni gave to me.... 

GIFMAS EVE: Dogs Christmas Dogs


All Christmas Dog content all day on OAB.

Who's Your Knicks Secret Santa?


Really surprised Jose Calderon didn't give his teammates a bunch of hams for Christmas.

GingerBob's Burgers

I made the Bob’s Burgers building out of gingerbread! Gingerbob and family included.

Alright :snaps into Gingerbread Linda:!

Great, OAB has Competition


A cool dog with I'm guessing is a cool blog, jeez. I think it's time to get out of the blog game. 

Audrey & Laura

Sherilyn Fenn and Sheryl Lee on the set of Twin Peaks

I like to imagine this is a bizarro alternate time line of Twin Peaks where things aren't bat shit insane and no one killed Laura Palmer.

Your Man Eat 60 Wins At the Ground Round


Joe House, da god. Also Jalen Rose, da god.

BIG? Serial? OK!


I approve of this.

We Really Dropped the Ball Not Having Cereal With Serial This Morning


Could really go for some Crunch Berries at the moment. Also the finale was as good as it was going to be considering it's limitations and no duh but Andan and Jay so did it together, so cool stuff. 

You Know You Want This Trade, Celtics



Horse War? A War of Horses?


I'd watch/read/whatever this. 

Liam Neeson and John Wall In Tak(nicks)en


Pretty sure the Knicks don't know how to defend (themselves) but cool stuff, Liam Neeson.

Broad City, Hunks, Yup


Let's go.

Oh Christmas Pizza, Oh Christmas Pizza


BRB, getting this tattooed to my stomach.

Dog and Dog Trucking Company


This is my everything.

Someone Done and Solved The Serial Mystery (At Least That's What I Think)

"I Solved The Serial Podcast
People say it comes down to whether you believe Adnan or Jay and which one is lying.
They’re both lying.
Here’s how I think it went down, based on the established timeline.
Around Christmas 1998, Hae breaks up with Adnan. A week later on January 1 she starts to date her new boyfriend Don.  On January 11, Adnan buys a new cell phone and the next day, January 12, he calls Hae three times. Why did he call her? I bet he was raging against her dating Don, which he probably just found out. His possessive behaviour is established in a letter Hae wrote him in 1998:
“I’m really getting annoyed that this situation is going the way it is … you know, people break up all the time. Your life is not going to end. You’ll move on and I’ll move on. But apparently you don’t respect me enough to accept my decision.”
He showed this letter to his friend Aisha, by the way, and wrote to her in class “I’M GOING TO KILL.”
Why the fuck do people ignore this shit? That’s called motive, proof of motive, and fucking scary ass writing saying Adnan’s going to MURDER HER.
Anyway, Hae goes and sees Don that night. The very next day she is murdered.
This is what happened:
Adnan went to Jay to get his help murdering Hae. Who is Jay? His drug dealer. Adnan was basically asking a criminal if he knows another criminal who does another type of crime - murder. And in this case, Jay volunteered himself. And this is the thing I haven’t read anywhere but I think is obvious: not only did Jay help Adnan hide the body, Jay was ACTUALLY THERE during the murder.
Afterwards, Jay, as most dumb young criminals do, told a few people Adnan killed Hae and he helped hide the body. One of the people he told anonymously went to the cops and they questioned him. He then admitted he hid the body, pointed out where the car was, editing the story he told them to extricate himself from the murder. 
THIS is when his story gets convoluted turning it into Adnan contacting him randomly out of the blue to hide Hae’s body. He keeps switching the details of when Adnan revealed he was going to kill her (that day? 4 days prior?) because he was improvising how to present a timeline that pointed away from his premeditated involvement. Ultimately he wanted it to look like Adnan just ambushed him with a murder after the fact. The biggest problem I have with Jay’s version of events is why he would ever bother helping Adnan hide a body when they weren’t friends, and why would Adnan even bother to call his drug dealer to help him. In what universe do you call your drug dealer to help you out of the kindness of his heart? Why the fuck does a drug dealer do anything?
Money. Duh.
Meanwhile, Adnan has claimed he can’t remember the day of January 13 when his girlfriend got murdered. Yet he was seen hanging with Jay in his car all day after the hours of the murder, going from house to house, acting strangely. Cell phone records later show he’s in the park that Hae was buried in at the time she was buried. Cops call Adnan questioning him about Hae’s whereabouts. Afterwards, Adnan constantly calls a numerous people with his new cell phone, NONE OF THEM HAE. Because the cops don’t know this yet, but Adnan knows she’s dead, so why call her, like he did just the night before three times. He also claims his cell phone was stolen for a couple hours and someone butt dialed a number that implicated him in a location other than school. Seriously why are people even listening to this asshole?
So here’s the problem for Adnan: his accomplice Jay says Adnan murdered Hae, but Jay was nowhere near the murder when it happened. What exactly can Adnan say? He can’t call Jay out and say that he was there at the crime as that would make Adnan admit he killed her. Yet he was clearly hanging with Jay the entire day of the murder. So Adnan’s stuck. His only tactic is to claim he has a faulty memory with no idea what he did, and hope some gullible NPR reporter misreads every piece of evidence and insinuate Jay killed Hae, not Adnan.
They both killed Hae.
Serial podcast is stupid."

Ding ding ding, we have a winner.

Morton Hadley As Chet?


Will Invitation to Love come in Twin Peaks 2016? Only the important questions asked on OAB. 

This Stay Puft Art Should Go Above Your Mantle

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Painting, 'Stay Puft II' - Repurposed Thrift Art - Limited Edition Print or Poster 

Stay Puft on the loose, watch out farms of middle America.

Lost In the Woods


Please, can we relocate to where this is?

Robin Lopez's Blood Feud With Hooper, the Detroit Pistons Horse Lives On


Basketball Mascot Apple Banana today. 

GIF Wendesday: Nope, Not Scaring Kobe Bryant


The Black Mamba has no time for your games, Inflatable Bango.  

Walt Frazier's Talking About Delicious Smoothies


Knick highlights of the 2014-2015 season - Beating the Cavs in the Cleveland, that halftime show with a dog jumping rope, Shump on Desus versus Mero, and this. Knickstape.

All the Plaids, All the Sweaters, All the Boots


Make this my closet? 

JAMS: Belle & Sebastian - Nobody's Empire


Off OAB most anticipated, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance.

Awkward Dad Dance Cam


Gold medal in arena entertainment, Spurs.

Shake Shack Does Breakfast Now?

Shack GCT Breakfast 2 


* Only at the Grand Central and JFK locations.

Little Dog, Little Ponies


Yes! 1000 times yes!

Mister Sparkle, Disrespectful to Dirt


OAB favorite Simpsons bit. 

But Seriously Tell Me About Muppet Babies and Monsters


Kids, they just want to eat cereal out of a giant bowl and watch cartoons on Saturday mornings. 

Nutella Lasagna? Nutellasagna


God damn. 

GIF Friday: Golf, I Mean Baboons!


I am now interested in the sport of golf.

Hey, Amar'e is Dunking On Dudes Like It's 2005


Knicks may have lost (again) but damn did Stat cram on Andy or what.