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Did Krang Wear Vans? I Think He Did, Right?


If you're gonna be Krang for Halloween, you go all out. 

JAMS: Chumped - Hot 97 Summer Jam


The song of the summer is now the song of the full, with a video.

Knicks Are Gonna Knick Knick Knick


Hey, at least we had this ray of sunshine amongst the darkness of last night.

Merry Knicksmas


Share this day with your loved ones, it's a special one.

How To Plan Your Halloween Party?


Dunkin Donuts, duh.

The New Orleans Pelican Will Strike Again


He might have gotten a makeover but he's still the mascot most likely to murder in the NBA. Watch out, Ryan Anderson.

Be an Adult or Consume Pop Culture?


Well, yeah. 

Happy Halloween, Charlie Brown


"I'm a little scared, sir." - Marcie

Phoenicia, New York AKA Heaven


For real - for me, this is heaven.

"It's a Baguette with Brie and Butter"

I just made one for lunch, and Jerry Horne is kind of right. It's a damn fine sandwich.

Shake Shack (the Costume)


The New New New Big Three


Sorry Lebron, Kevin Love, and Kyrei but you guys have nothing on Melo, Amar'e, and Taylor Swift.

A Corgi Dressed As Tina Belcher, This Is Orange Apple Banana


"I’m no hero. I just put my bra on one derp at a time."
Gerty the Corgi as Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers.
(Commission for gertythecorgi)

OMC This is soooo amazing. I can’t stop laughing. 
Brian still has some commissions available and he does such an amazing job. You know you wanna see your corg dressed in some amazing costume! 

If only it could "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

"You're Lying, Blake Griffin"

Ohhhhhhhhhhh brothers forever.



By far the best thing to happen on TCGS in a long time, if not maybe in the history of the show. Brilliant, Kaufman-esque stuff that I kind of wish they never lifted the curtain and had to reveal it was a bit.

Pizza, Dogs, Burgers, and Fries Forever


They say get tattoos of the things you love.

No Jaleel, Only Steve

Get More: Comedy Central,Funny Videos,Funny TV Shows 

Well, that escalated quickly.

GIF Monday: Space Dogggggggg


I would play an 8 or 16 bit side scroller staring this little buddy.

Glasses & Pretzels


Salt those specs. 

Home Is Where You Park It


Well, I guess I know what my new dream is.