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Tour De Pug


I've been searching for the right blog material all day, and I've found it. 

Hey Teach, I'm Skyping In


Really hoping that phone's on WIFI. 

JAMS: Babes - ATMO


Pooch Pool Party


This is enjoyable.

Lizzy Caplan, Wow


Okay, Breaking Bad won like all the Emmy's but Lizzy Caplan won our hearts. 

Tina's So Called Horse Life


Oh how I wish this was an episode. 

A Wetter, Ice Bucket Full of Water Hotter American Summer


Go home everyone, no one's topping the recreation of the montage scene from Wet Hot in support of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. .

GIF Monday: Corgi Down! I Repeat Corgi Down


Get that little dude a towel. 

JR Smith? Thousand Pounds of Ass? This Is OAB


Earl be doing Earl things. 

You About That Bacon and Egg Life?


Seriously considering getting this tattoo on my body. 

We Really Miss Marty Funkhouser


LD really needs to make another season of Curb, like now.

Season 2 of Review Is Gonna Be Fun


Well, business has just picked up. 

JAMS: Chumped - Hot 97 Summer Jam

Summer ain't over till we get a pop punk song titled after the biggest annual hip hop fest in the tri state area.

Parks and Rec Gag Reels 4 Life


Especially if the replace the cast with Lil' Sebastian as the case in the intro.



Rasheed, meet Zach. Zach, meet Rasheed. You guys should be friends.

Stop Being Useless, Start Being Pizza


Important life advice.

Congrats to the Dog Mayor


Not to be confused with this dog mayor, who is equally important. 

Paul F Tompkins Makes RJ Mitte of Breaking Bad Fame Eat Cereals Blindfolded


You know who would have gone 4 for 4? The character, Walter "Flynn" White Jr.

The Royal Tern, the Frank Reynolds of Birds


While not a penguin, still pretty spot on. 

"Today, We Celebrate Our Independence Day" - President Gilbert Gottfried


Not quite the same impact as Bill Pullman but let's go out there and kick some alien butt, right guys?

How Did These Wigs Get Made?


You want some How Did This Get Made Wig talk? You got it.

No Police Force Should Probably Have Giant Tanks, Just Sayin'


Hardly ever Politics Apple Banana, but my opinion on Ferguson? It's what John Oliver said.

Scott Aukerman's Searching For the Country's Best Burger and...


His wiiiiiiife's murderer?

Hail Satan Or Hail Internet


Either way, lol. 

We Are All This Corgi


Brunch life, every night/morning/early afternoon.

I WANT THIS: Belle & Sebastian Presents It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career

Belle and Sebastian Announce

Well, I was planning on filling out my Belle & Sebastian collection anyway but this will give me that nudge to collect 'em all.

JAMS: No Devotion - Stay

Shout out to Geoff Rickley, still making jams after all these years.

400 Feet of Cabin, 400 Feet of Perfect


No duh but I want to live here.

Hey, Dogs Are Eating Popsicles and It's Freaking Adorable