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JAMS: Jenny Lewis - Love U Forever

Off the Voyager, out today.

Hoist Up the John B Sails


There's also this, so let me go home. 

"Get Your Meal, Son" - Dude to Hawk


See also "Enjoy your meal, sir, "it's like Animal Planet in New York City," and "take it" as a Hawk eats a mouse some near Central Park West.

It's the Little Things Like Skulls on Handkerchief and Oreos on Ice Cream Cake


It's all about the attention to detail, folks. 

Wood Fired Baked Egg Mile End Bacon, Cheddar at Black Seed


For me, this is heaven. 

I Promised Voyager Apple Banana

Jenny Lewis performs at the 2014 Newport Folk Festival. 

You get Voyager Apple Banana. Hourish Jenny Lewis set from this weekend's Newport Folk Fest? Let's do it.

Welcome Home


The Empire State aka the only state for me.

Shout Out to English Cream Dachshunds


Hey buddy, you're adorable. 

Seriously, When Are We Going Camping?


We are going to make this happen, right?

I WANT THIS: Danish Mid Century Cado System Modular Wall Unit


This is the centerpiece to any good apartment. 

Hey, Here's Charles Barkley and Some Poodles


"Come on guys, let's go for a walk" - Charles Barkley to his dogs assumingly. 

JAMS: Jenny Lewis - A Better Son or Daughter


We're gonna be Voyager Apple Banana for next little while around these parts in part to the fact that the Voyager is really really really great record but it's pretty nice to see Jenny on that Rilo Kiley ish.  Execution of All Things 4 life, "A Better Son or Daughter" in particular.

GIF Thursday: Tactical Turtleneck Time

archer turtleneck

Or Tactineck time, you're choice really. 

The Color Run, the New Dip a Pet


And you don't need Bluth Company funds to invest in it. 

Agent Cooper Meet Llama, Llama Meet Agent Cooper


That llama needs a cup of coffee. 

Burgers, Beers, Dogs, Lunch


What time's lunch again?



For the love of god, help her up!

Seltzer, Syrup, Milk


You about that egg cream life?

Surf's Up Frenchie


French Bulldogs, pools, surf boards, all day, every day.

GIF Wednesday: Nathan Fielder, Employee of the Week/Month/Year


Congrats Nathan, very well deserved. 

JAMS: Team Spirit - Teenage Heart


Off the forthcoming OAB most anticipated, Killing Time.

Meet Mr and Mrs. Boudreaux D. Nutria of the New Orleans Zephyrs


Do you want to read about Minor League Baseball teamnames and mascots? Do I ever!

New York Ruin Porn!


Shoot all the baskets, eat all the whoopers.

He Just Needs To Use the Quadratic Formula


Solve for "X" or "Zepplin Rocks" in bubble letters? Zepplin every time.

Redesigning the Dollar


This will probably never happen but these are pretty nifty. 

GIF Monday: Seriously, We Are Not Living Up To Our Summer Potential


Ice cold beverages, flotation devises, and cartoon cats.

Lisa Simpson and Grimes (the Singer,Claire Boucher, Not Frank Grimes)


Kind of makes perfect sense in an alternate Simpsons dimension.

Lance Stephenson, Charlotte Hornet


You don't pull this if you're wearing a Indiana Pacers all over shirt. 

We're Not Living Up To Our Summer Potential


We're out here going to zoos while this guy brought the zoo to the beach.

Holy Shit, Comedy Bang Bang 300 Will Decide the Fate of Our Souls


Oh lord, I'm excited. 

Hashtag KnicksCake Whoop Whoop

Embedded image permalink

Tim Hardaway Jr was on the Starters last night, and gone is the Knickstape, long live the Knickstape. 

Well, I Guess Stuart Murdoch Out Wes Anderson-ed Wes Anderson


Describe the God Help the Girl trailer in three words? Twee as fuck.

GIF Friday: Tennis, Anyone?


Rick "the Model" Martel, top 5 wrestling bad dudes dead or alive. 

You're Not a Doberman


But you can dream, Shiba. You can dream. 

JAMS: Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken

Off 2006's Let's Get Out of This Country.

"Whoa Nelly" - Dylan McKay


Pretty sure this was Kanye's inspiration for the Bound 2 video. 

Oh Look What I'll Be Having For Lunch For the Rest of the Summer


Okay, Luke's Lobster opened a few blocks from Office. Lobster all day, every day.