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"R U Playing U2 To Me?" Featuring Scott, Scott, and Todd Glass


This is good rock and roll podcasting, you should really be listening to U Talking 2 U2 2 Me for sure.

Warby Parker's Downing, Most Likely To Be Worn By a Dumb Blogger


Also possibly Exley in the somewhat near future. 

It's Friday, Let's Eat Donuts


Ready, set, go.

Friends (Starring Lance Stephenson)


Totally shipping the hell out of Lance and Monica, you guys.

Bun Bun Ba Bun Bun Bun Ba Bun


Yes, I just hummed the Imperial March if it was about these cinnamon buns. 

Disney's the Wolf and the Hound


I would pay up 15 dollars to see this. 

The Holy Grail of Starter Jackets


These are definitely coming back, right?

'Murican Hero, Charles Barkley



Touchdown Sally Draper


Yes, a lot of important stuff happened on the Mad Men pseudo season finale but Sally Draper 4ever here.

It's a Great Day For a New Unlock Screen


So I have a new unlock screen now.

OAB Blog-rial Day Break's Over, We're Back


Hope your long weekend was on par with mine and/or this Corgi's.

OAB on Memorial Day Break


Hey gang, grab a Basset Hound and a Vespa, we're going on a mini blog vacation. See y'all next Wednesday.

I Pledge Allegiance to House Hot Pie


Because based on his gravy theories, he will end up on the Iron Throne. 

Make Your Dog an Ewok


Everything about this is magical.

GIF Tuesday: Wake Up Piggy, It's Time For Cookies


Way better than the iPhone robot alarm.

JAMS: Panda Bear - Vacuum Song


I didn't particularly need a new Panda Bear record until this very moment but Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper should be out sometime later this year, and sometime later this year needs to be really really soon.

World Wharf II: The Wharfening


A wonderful little poster for the season 4 finale of Bob's Burgers.

"I Have Built a Treehouse" - I'm From Barcelona/Ryan Apple Banana



Truly a "you and me house."

It's Friday Night!!!


Michael, Michael, and David. Always and forever.

NBA Prom King and Queen, Jeff Van Gundy and Rhiana



My Pop Tarts Ice Cream Truck Idea Will Never Happen But I'm Okay With That

follow fyeahsundaes for more like this:

Cookie Monster Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich
Cookie Dough Ice Cream sandwiched between two Cookies & Creme Pop-Tarts.

Cookie Dough Ice Cream sandwiched between two Cookies & Creme Pop-Tarts? Jeezzzzzzzzzzzzz. 



More Tina Belcher graffiti please.

90 More Minutes of Twin Peaks?


Where do I sign up and buy a blue ray player?

You Want a Car With Custom Dachshund Hound Paint Job?


You got it!

Seriously Guys, Let's Go Camping


I am going to make this happen, one way or another. 

Your Next Knicks Coach?


Because why not, right?

JAMS: Honeyblood - Killer Bangs

Off their forthcoming self titled record out in July.

Happy Endings 2: YEAR OF PENNY!!!


Or close enough with Casey Wilson and Ken Marino. Just now need Kerkovich sisters, Max, and Brad and we're in business. No Dave Rose though, no thank you.

Hashtag BBQ Pierogi


Inside the NBA, where pierogi talk happens.

Nutella Cronut Holes?


Gimme a hell yeah. (Hell yeah)

Dogs Allowed


That's one way to get around this whole "no dogs allowed" rule.

Goodnight Sweet Prince Community


Community, and more specifically Britta Perry, you flew too close to the sun. This is truly the darkest timeline, guys.

I WANT THIS: adidas Stan Smith Vintage OG

Image 1475

Game of Guess Who


Do you have dragons?

JAMS: Weezer - Undone (the Sweater Song)/No One Else (Acoustic)

Both off 1994's Weezer (the Blue Album). We are officially old, people.

* Yeah, yeah No One Else acoustic version was a b side on the Say It Ain't So single but this is my blog, I guess.

Jon Glaser's "Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter" Might Be a Real Live Thing


Coors Light, the silver bullet pants forever and always. 

What's French For "Watch Out For That Door, Kitty?"


Because seriously, watch out for that door.

Ultimate Fully Loaded Nachos, Whatttttttt?


Not fatso but I'm jonesing for some nachos right now.

Baguettes Time


What time is it? Oh yeah, time for baguettes.