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JAMS: Reggie & the Full Effect - Relive the Magic, Bring the Magic Home

Off 2000's Promotional Copy.

GIF Monday: Ser Pounce!


Most definitely the highlight of season 4 of Game of Thrones, not the Purple Wedding, not the showrunners deviating from the book's path, nope, season 4 is going to be remembered for Ser Pounce.

Tina "Taking Breathes Away" Belcher


Just once I want someone to spell out my name with alliteration while in a horse costume, just once!

It's 5 years of Podcast Worth Celebrating


2 hours of Bang! Bang! for 5 years of CBB.

'Murica, Y'all.


When I grow up, I'm gonna own this factory.

GIF Friday Part 2: Lil Sebastian is the Pony In Ginuwine's Pony?


Parks and Rec Apple Banana, today folks.

GIF Friday: But Babe, Pizza



I too would base moving decisions on pizza, I hope that I have the appropriate people surrounding me to ground me and telling me making giant life decisions based on food isn't the best idea.

JAMS: Jens Lekman, Wedding Singer


So all future weddings are ruined without a performance by Jens Lekman

Holy Hot Cross Sticky Buns


Get at me, bunz. 

Add This Containment Unit to Things I Should Have On My Mantle


Steff Bomb's "Goodbye, Onion Head" was among my favorite pieces at the Gallery 1988 Ghostbusters 30th anniversary traveling show that's currently in New York. So umm go get your butt down there and see it. 

New York Knicks on the Oregon Trail

View image on Twitter

Relevant to the interests of this blog. 

Nochetussin, Banned Everywhere


Miss you, Hap Ends. There will never be one quite like you ever again.

When It's Time To Pet Dogs, We Pet Dogs Hard


Andrew WK, speaker of truths. 

HOT BLOG ALERT: Every Player In the League


If you want to see every player in the league (including recently inducted to the OAB Favorites club, Cole Aldrich) drawn in trading card fashion, follow the link. 

Gonna Need A Pizza Pocket Protector For Grease Stains Tho


Important development in dress shirt technology. 

"He's Dead" - Harold Weir

OAB on that drug free ish today.

Chicken McNuggets, Not Druggy McDruggets


Realest of talk. 

Good Night Sweet Prince Coach Mike Woodson and Staff


Goodbye Woody, Goodbye Jim Todd, Goodbye Herb, Goodbye all. 

Wompster's Inc, Wompster's University


And today's podcast main event is CBB, no duh.

Find What You Love


So pizza and wings will most definitely kill me.