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JAMS: Lykke Li - I Never Learn


Off  I Never Learn out May 5

Zissou, a Graphic Portrait


This too should go on wall, possibly next to that Tina Belcher cross stitch.

A Strong, Sensual Cross Stich

Tina Belcher Cross Stitch on Flickr.Finally framed!Via Flickr:
Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers stitched on 22ct aida. Pattern by pixystitches.com/

This should go on your wall. 

Carmelo Anthony, American Patriot


USA bucket hats (and du rags/visor combos) forever and ever.

Why Aren't There Coyotes on the New York City Subway System?

Coyote riding public rail in Portland, OR (via)

Probably wouldn't be safe but don't we want some danger in our lives?

Off The Wall Sweaters By Starter


If you can somehow get me that Starter Giants sweater that LT is wearing, consider me your new best friend. 

Why Aren't You Watching Broad City?


Also I am renting one of these bros for my office on April Fool's, don't tell anyone!

I Guess I'm Going to New Orleans and Throw Parades From Time to Time


No duh but here's Hannibal Buress being very funny on the Tonight Show.

Friday Night Ligh-venture Time


While not Tim Riggins riding Jason Street but Marceline riding Jake is still pretty dope. 

Coffee and Donuts Are Permanent and Forever


I think I've found my next 3 or 4 tattoos. 

Full House Without Michelle


Probably way more tolerable.

Snow Man, Troy, NY

Embedded image permalink 

I'm all in hate winter mode but this is perfect.

Season 4 of Game of Thrones, Get Here Now


No duh but super duper exited for this.

Oh You Want Assistant Coach Rasheed Wallace (and Jorts Harrellson and Italian Jesus, Luigi Datome) Bench Reactions?


You got it! We need something to enjoy in the NBA right now while the Knicks are projectile vomiting all over the place this past weekend.

Obligtory February 24th Post


Always remember, never forget, 2/24.

Good Night Sweet Prince Harold Ramis


The Ghostbusters films(and so m much of his work later on) had a huge effect on my sense of humor from an early age like many in my age group, and for that I say thank you and god speed, Harold. Always 

Call Me Mr and Mrs. Marshall


Congrats to Garry and Gilli for making it wikipedia official. 

What Did I Think of Season 2 of House of Cards?

I only made it through Episode 5 of Season 2, but I'm pretty certain that the next president will be a woman named Cashew.

Team Cashew, Eff the World. 

"Sir, You Need a MRI On You Knee But There Will Be 10 Dogs To Keep You Company"


On one hand, terrifying medical tests. On the other, dogs. 

GIF Friday: Dog Friday Never Stops

Seriously, guys. Seriously.

Horse and Carriage

Australia, 1972 by Elliott Erwitt.

Or horses and dogs and truck bed. 

"Maybe You Should Start Calling Me, Mr Rosso Again" - Jeff Rosso, Guidance Counselor

Other things! If there's a bar like Videology in Williamsburg that offers Freaks and Geeks bingo on Wednesdays, you should probably go. You'll get the Sail Away scene from the pilot stuck in your head for days.

It's Dog Friday On OAB


Let it be known, the third Friday of every February on OAB going forward will be Dog Friday. More to come. 



So the JAMS tag is just going to be CHVRCHES doing cover songs going forward, right?

Larry David is Frank Underwood, Frank Underwood is Larry David

Larry's House of Cards - watch more funny videos      

Yes, I would watch this.

* But what about that dark internet?

You Got Those Western Conference Reeboks?


Seemed like a good idea at the time. 

Four Chipotle Burritos And A Diet Coke In Three Minutes


I can probably eat a Chipotle burrito in about 2 minutes, this man makes me impressive feat a lot less impressive.

It's the Ragtime Gals Remix to Ignition


Kellz, Fallz, Galz, Tonightz.

GIF Wednesday: Coach Eric Taylor, Love Doctor





Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Back Seat.

Mike Woodson Won't Sit Here, Not Even On a Quaint Fishing Boat


No duh but Seth Rosenthal does it again, this time with a collection of Mike Woodson and "not sitting down." 

I WANT THIS: Equine Colletion Three Palomino Coat Rack

EQUINE COLLECTION three palomino horses clothing / bridle rack

Whoa nelly, hang your coat and take a load off. 

Required Listening: Gilli/Garry IV


OAB favs, Gillian Jacobs and Garry Marshall on Comedy Bang Bang. You really should listen. And if you haven't listened to the first three Gilli/Garry CBBs, listen to them first, and then listen to yesterday's episode. It would be a great way to spend a Tuesday. 

Holy Crap, Giant Dog


For real, I want to ride this guy like a horse. 

All The Donuts


For me, this is heaven. 

Maybe Tonight/Maeby Tonight



Nash Rickey, Sloppy Secondz, LA Deli


So the whole Nash Rickey, Brett Michaels-esque character from Kroll Show is pretty much perfect in every way.

* Also shout out to random Bob Ducca cameos, magical television.

Put a Bird On It, Portlandia Valentines!


Girlllllll, today you're getting a valentine from Fred and Carrie. 

JAMS: CHVRCHES - Do I Wanna Know?

Here's some VDay advice, put this CHVRCHES cover of the Arctic Monkey's "Do I Wanna Know?" on and make out with someone. It'll be a good time, I promise.

As I Live and Breath, It's Lance, Err Landry Clarke


Oh my effing god, Crucifictorious/FNL reunion with Ann Veal. Clear eyes, full hearts, happy birthday to me.

You Asked For an Expanded New York City Coffee Map?


Remember that coffee map of Manhattan from a week or two ago? It's expaned to Brooklyn and Queens now! Shout out to the Queens Kickshaw. 

Hey It's Pierre the Pelican and He's No Longer the Face of Your Nightmares

View image on Twitter

While it doesn't look exactly like Alf, it's such an improvement. Also anytime a franchise puts so much work into creating a backstory where their terrifying mascot suffers a broken beak and concussion in a pick up game with other mascots and somehow comes out looking completely different, it needs to be applauded.

Yes, I'd Play a Space Jam Themed Version of NBA 2k14


This is equal parts amazing and terrifying. Good job, internet.

Miss U Happy Endings Vol. 493


Seriously, why was this canceled?