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The Wet Hot American Sequel is "in Process"

"I have to ask about the long-promised, potential sequel to Wet Hot American Summer.
Wain: It's in process. I think that's all we have to announce at the moment.
Does that mean that your thoughts about it are in process, or that the movie is in the process of actually getting made?
Wain: The project is in motion.
Showalter: [Laughs.] I love that David likes to be coy about these types of things. I will say that in Wet Hot, we were 30 years old playing teenagers, and I like the idea that if we do another one, we'll be in our forties playing teenagers. If we do another Wet Hot project, [my character] Coop will be older and fatter.
Wain: With a gut."

Do not eff with me Michael Showalter and/or David Wain, I can't take you guys being coy and toying with us.
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