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On Dasher, On Prancer, On Donner, On Walt "Clyde" Frazier


 We might be on Christmas break but OAB still wishing you a merry Clyde-mas.

OAB On Break: Christmas Edition


Hey gang, OAB is going on a break for the holidays to chill in a Canadian cabin with this here moose. See y'all in 1-4.

What Day Is the Day After Today?


Christmas eve doesn't really have the same magic at 30 then it does at 20 or 10 or whatever but still [screams internally].

Yup/What/Whoa/Why/How/Stop/Thank You


There's a rule here on OAB - in between a series of Christmas posts, there has to be at least one Community spoofing Mad Men's next on preview. And what do you know, here's the exact video for this very specific rule.

JAMS: An Assortment of Holiday JAMS

Them halls, deck 'em.

Merry Christmas From Michael, Michael, and David


Forever and always.

Extreme Adventure Skier Ducky Powell Wishes You a Merry Christmas


A gnarly Christmas to all and to all a good ski.

Hey Look, a Bear Hitting a Tether Ball


In lieu of blog posts while napping off this cold, here's a bear and a tether ball.

Raymond Felton, Wearer of Elbow Patches and Cargo Pants


Legit question, do you think Ray has anything hidden in his cargo pants? 

Have You Ever Considered Making a Film Starring a Handsome President?



I WANT THIS: 2014 Washington Square Park Dog Run Calendar


Hey, have you bought a 2014 calender yet? Do you want one with dogs? Do you want a calendar where the proceeds go to charity? A charity such as the Washington Square Park Dog Run? Well, do it to it, people.

"What is He Doing? What Is He Doing, Folks? Why Would He Shoot the Ball? Whyyyyyy?" - Walt Frazier


Bargs did the impossible, he broke Walt Frazier. And I thought the win over the Bulls last week was the worst win ever, nope, not by a long shot.

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot, and Never Thought Up... Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nothing to Eff With


Wu Tang inspired Christmas cards? Yessir. 

Tyson Back



DMX, 43 Year Old Person

Computer Hope

We. Are. Old.

* Also Earl Simmons Mug Shot Power Rankings - 1) White and Green Polo, 2) NFL Jersey 3) White Tank, 4) Pink/Orange Track Suit, 5) Every Black T Shirt. 

Sloth Life Every Night


BRB, gonna get this tattooed on my stomach. 

Let's Talk Nazis and Steroids


Mike and the Dog back together, close your eyes and believe.

The State Debuted on MTV Twenty Years Ago Today


Someone send celebratory cakes to Kevin Allison,Michael Ian Black, Ben Garant
Todd Holoubek, Michael Jann, Kerri Kenney, Tom Lennon, Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino, Michael Showalter, and especially David Wain

In the Master Release Info Over the Sea


Most important info from this, Jeff Mangum's phone was possibly disconnected in 1997.

Bring Me the Head of Mike Woodson


Usually not one to be #firethecoach but after last night's debacle #FireWoodson.

I WANT THIS: Deer Dana Larry David T Shirt


Not gonna lie, this shirt is pretty, pretty, pretty good. Is it 60 bucks plus shipping good? I dunno but Christmas is coming soon, so hook your fav blogger up. 

OAB's Year In Lists - Top 10 Records of 2013

1) Kanye West - Yeezus 
2) Camera Obscura - Desire Lines 
3) Superchunk - I Hate Music
4) CHVRCHES - The Bones of What You Believe
5) Haim - Days Are Gone
6) Chumped - Chumped EP
7) Speedy Ortiz - Major Arcana
8) Los Campesinos - No Blues
9) Arcade Fire - Reflektor
10) Kurt Vile - Walkin on a Pretty Daze

I Can't Handle No Ice Cream But These B's Can't Handle Me


Alt blog take - Uh huh honey.

You're In Airbrush Country Now


Okay so I don't care at all about the Skins or the Falcons but these jackets tho.

Sweet Baby Jesus, CBB Holiday Spectacular


This will be listened to in the very very near future.

A Zach Galifianakis-y Christmas on Comedy Bang Bang

(via) This excites me.

Check Out the Mane on Lord Twyin Lannister, Hand of the King

Computer Hope

The hand of the King was once a King in his own right? The things you find out when you're watching Your Highness on Comedy Central.

The Knicks Won't Give Up a First Rounder For Kyle Lowry? Happy Tears

Computer Hope

Pardon me as I cry for about a half hour.

J Peterman's Debut Record, Burmese Dream

Computer Hope

OAB most anticipated for sure. 

You Had Me at "Hail Britta"


Seriously though, the season 5 premiere of Community looks insane.

Sweater/Shirt/Jeans/Belt/Boots/The Look


Solid look for this and any other winter weekend.

"Everyone's Getting Free Tacos or Someone is Getting Stabbed" - Man


Usually we don't endorse crime here on OAB but swords? Free tacos? Do it up, bruh.

Bury Me In Rocky Road


Yeah, it's stupid cold outside but Rocky Roadhouse at BFCIC, yessir. 

I'm With You Dude, Eff the Knicks Right Now





Off OAB favorite*, The Bones Of What You Believe.

* If you're wonder OAB year end lists should be posted next Monday-ish, so put that in your Google calendar if you feel obliged.

Michael Jordan Probably Drinks Coke


Not saying yes for sure but I'm pretty sure he does.

GIF Tuesday: Miss This Adorable Idiot So Much


Everyone also needs Happy Endings back on their televisions and we're getting it. Well, just re-runs but still cool stuff, VH1.

Community Season 5 Trailer, You Guys!


I see you Prof. Michael Ehrmantraut.

This Oreo Waffle, Um Yeah


Glad I'm not in some sort of weight loss challenge this year because uh yeah this is happening.

Sufjan Christmas Songs, All Month Long


From now to December 25th, don't be shocked if I'm bumping something off of one of the many volumes of this.

GIF Monday: Garth Algar, Laundromat Patron


Me, every other Saturday/Sunday.

NFL Week 14 In Review - SNOW


Sports can be pretty cool right sometimes.

Your Week is All Downhill After You Watch This Corgi on a Carousel Video


Start you week with a corgi named Meatball on a carousel, you're welcome.

Home Alone, If Kevin McCallister was a Pug


This cements it, I'll be watching Home Alone in the very very very near future.

I WANT THIS: Nike Cortez NM QS


Y'all know I love me some Cortezs.

Make It a Chocolate/Vanilla Hum-Dinger, Thank Ya Kindly


Bring it on.

So We're Going to the Nugget Spot, Right?


A restaurant devoted to chicken nuggets? GIMME A HELL YEAH. 

Egg in the Middle



BRB, Me and This Pug Bout To Hibernate For the Winter


All day, every day. 

Important Best Podcasts of 2013 Related Art (and OAB's Best Podcasts of 2013)


And if you're asking me my top 5 of 2013, 1) CBB, 2) The Starters/TBJ, 3) Go Bayside, 4) Topics with Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter, 5) Hollywood Prospectus (especially that emo retrospective last week).

FYI, You're All Getting Range Rovers for Christmas


Sorry for spoiling it but it's too good of a present to keep it a surprise.