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Pope Fed Ex Pope I


I think you know who I'd vote for the next Pope.

JAMS: Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - Who Loves You

Who loves you,  video for Frankie Valli's "Who Loves You?" Ryan does.

Tyson Chandler, Rebounder of All the Rebounds


16 and 28, whoa boy. Wait no, oh yeah Steph Curry was somehow dripping wet and on fire last night at the same time. Still really good job, Tyson. 

Check It Out, a Puppy in a Onesie


Relevant to this blog's interest. 

Oh Hey a Baby Sloth, Oh Hey a Flower, Oh Hey


Heads up ladies, this is how I would propose to you with a baby sloth and an engagement ring.

Circle, Eyebrows, Eyes, Goatee, Coach Woodson


MSG Merch Stand needs to have this Mike Woodson shirt available for tomorrow's Knicks/Warriors game because I would buy it.

JAMS: Alkaline Trio - Torture Doctor


Off the forthcoming My Shame is True.

Dragons (!!!) in the New York Times


Cue humming of the Game of Thrones theme.

TBJ Asking the Most Important Question - Russell Westbrook, Cat or Dog?


I don't care NBA players, Russell Westbrook is a cat. To go even further with this bizarre debate, according to my BasketBro teammates - I would be a dog. A Cocker Spaniel to be oddly specific.

"You Don't Shove Melo (Even If Slaps You In the Back of the Head)" - Tyson Chandler


Really wish that Tyson would have ripped off Spencer Hawes' dumb head and dunked it on Hawes' headless body.

Detective Fin Tutuola, Internet Shorthand Expert



Brandon & Monte, Laverne and Shirley, No Diff


Needs more 90s Bucks jerseys and close up shots of Jennings' Roscoes tattoo but I kind of love it.

* Alt blog take - Get Garry Marshall on the line, we got ourselves a sitcom.

JAMS: Fred Armisen & Friends - Waterfalls


Should have posted this yesterday, my bad you guys. Also Waterfalls needs to get into the karaoke rotation, y'all.

Leslie Knoppe Head, Khalesi Body


Ben Wyatt/Khal Drogo, put a ring on it.

Oh Hello, Basketball

"You guys are really black." Perfect.

You Want Both Pizza AND Ramen, You Got It.


No fatso but Pizza Bowl Ramen Soup interests me.

Susie and Ben 4 Life


Sorry Silver Linings whateverbook but Bradley Cooper and Amy Poehler totally deserve all the Oscars for Wet Hot.

Tell 'Em Hannibal


Things to do in 2013, see fellow 30 year old Hannibal Burress again.

JAMS: Peach Kelli Pop - Dreamphone

Off 2012's Peach Kelli Pop 2.

If You're Feeling Like Watching a Documentary On If You're Feeling Sinister


If you like Belle & Sebastian like a tenth as much as I do, you should watch this P4K documentary on OAB top 5 record dead or alive, If You're Feeling Sinister.

GOB's Bee Business Is Picking Up



I WANT THIS: Presidential Drinking Glasses

Computer Hope

Jefferson, Jackson, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Drink.

Hambone's Pizza Party


And I'm going to have to agree with Hambone here, the regular Pepe's pie with sausage is pretty damn good.

Michael Jordan at 50


Planning on reading this ESPN piece on MJ at lunch but I'm just going to guess Jordan isn't planning on riding off into any kind of sunset any time soon.

JAMS: Donnie & Joe Emerson - Baby

Classic Valentine's Day jam for all y'all out there. 

Google Doodle's Got Your Valentine's Day and George Ferris' 154 Birthday Covered!


Google Doodle for the win, whoop whoop. 

2 Chainz 1 Cape


Why wasn't I alerted to the 2 Chainz Grammy Cape? Also a certain blogger has a birthday today, he may want that cape for formal occasions. Also 2 Chainz was on 2 Broke Girls?

You've Been Valentined!


Nothing sexier than getting Jammed on Valentine's by Jon Glaser.

Morrissey Valentine's Day Cards? Morrissey Valentine's Day Cards!


Happy early Valentines y'all. Expect more of this type of non sense tomorrow.

JR Smith, New Red Ranger on Three


It's my blog and I can have as many posts about JR Smith and the Power Rangers as I want. And you should serious read the BDL piece on JR's afternoon with the Red Rangers as it's my new favorite piece of journalism of all time. 

MGD, Triple Double


These are among my interests. 

Walt Frazier Has a "Disdain the Mundane"


Grantland 30 for 30 on Clyde, oh hell yeah.

Tough Guy Finger Snapping Banana


All day, every day.

Pay Phones, Flesh Colored Body Suits, GLC Swag


No one can touch Costanza.

JR "Friend of the Red Ranger" Smith


So JR Smith is hanging with some little kids and a bunch of Red Rangers, cool stuff. 

Condors Probably Shouldn't Be On Ice


Any time there's a Condor on the loose at a minor league hockey game, OAB's got you covered.

Do You Think They Are Having Fun Yet?


Miss these party caterers so so much.

"I Guess People Are Just Cropping Out All the Sadness"


Carrie and Fred with the truth. 

Game of Thrones, Season 3, 3/31/13, A Lot of Threes



Chip Democracy, Y'all


Chicken and Waffles flavored Lays, FTW. Sriracha ain't bad either though.

Tyson Chander Bounds and Astounds


You want all of Tyson Chander's rebounds from this third 20 rebound game in a row on Monday? You got it.

GIF Friday: Calzone Betrayal



Fashion Film, A "Film" By Lizzie Caplan


No duh but Lizzie Caplan nailed it here.

Yes, Let's Pet All the Puppies


I would frequent this establishment.

I WANT THIS: New Balance WR996 ‘Stars and Stripes’


Double "I WANT THIS" Thursday, really digging these stars and stripes, made in the USA New Balances. 

* And I just read that these shoes are ladies, so can I get them in a ladies' 15?

Walter "Kitty Kat" White


I am the one who purrs? 

I WANT THIS: Mitchell and Ness 1989 NBA All Star Crew Neck/T Shirt


May just totally embrace that "Hipster NBA fan" thing that some random couple called me behind my back in Philly and start wearing 1989 All Star Game crew necks. 

GIF Thursday: Pop Pop, Community's Back


Mozz on Mozz on Mozz


Mozzarella sticks in the house. 

Good Night Sweet Prince Delocated


March 7th, 2013 - we're going to get closure. Or some frtts.

Oh, So That's What the Bills in Buffalo Bills Stands For


Pixar animator's sketches of 2012's NFL games. I will miss you, 2012 NFL season. Come back soon. 

Hey Bear, Going Up? Okay, Cool.


Behind the scenes of Vienna's Museum of Natural History.