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They Were Never Young


I can't imagine a young Louis CK or a young Marc Maron yet here it is.

Something Something Deep End


Where ever this is, I want to go to there.

Is That a Fanny Pack on "Kurt Rambis?"


I figure I should do something like this for Game 4 on Sunday but that might require black face, and that wouldn't be cool.

Win For Shump


I'm not sure if hash tags and all that are going to matter but let's get this W for the Rook.

This is America


Why would you live anywhere else?

Are We Having Fun Yet?


No. Not at all. On to the next one.

Is This a Tekken-ized NBA Playoff Commercial From China?


What did I just watch? And with that, I'll be saying goodbye to those I hold dear to me (all of you readers) to 24 hours of basketball starting around 12:30 tomorrow. Peace out cubbie scouts.

GIF Friday: Bunk Morlan/Jeff Winger, No Difference


Will there be a Thursday night catch up tonight? Oh indeed.

"We Own a Horse" - Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol


So last night I talked with Dennis (Has a Podcast) for a half hour previewing the NBA playoffs. If you're so inclined to listen to me ramble on for a half hour, it should be up sometime tomorrow in the AM.

About To Show Lebron, He Made a Bad Decision

Okay, I'm not sure how confident I am in a song name dropping the dearly departed Billy Walker and Toney Douglas but something something Knickerbocker swag(?).

Knicks! Heat! Playoffs!

The playoffs start tomorrow, Knicks and Heat at 3:30 on ABC. Let the fun begin.

JAMS: The Smiths - Ask

Global Studies - Greece, Rome, Westeros


Westeros, just as important as Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. 

GIF Thursday: Mike Bibby, Yucking It Up


So MSG showed a compilation of Mike Bibby goofing around with his wacky walks and zany dances through the fancy new tunnel at MSG which just happened to be the exact reason why the Knicks signed him this past off season.

Hot Blog Alert: The Burning House


What would I take out of apartment if it was burning to the ground? Probably a box of cereal.

JAMS: The Beach Boys - God Only Knows (Tracking Session)

Listen to all of this but especially the a capella part from 7:30 on. That's what Heaven sounds like.

Late Night with Conan O'Brien (and FBI Agent, Nick Cooperman)

On the topic of Late Night, let's revisit the original "last episode" of Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

Internet Backlash - Mister Ed


 I'm not really on one side or the other on the Girls backlash but Mister Ed, oh man. Eff that horse.

Slow Jam the News With Barry O


Jeez, the POTUS killed the "Slow Jam the News" segment on Fallon. I'd like to see Millard Filmore do that.

"Baby, You Got a Stew Goin'!"


Like Young Larry David, Like Old Larry David


Larry David "yucking it up."

French Politicians in Paris


While the "Nets can go 0 for 82" line is out, the "Fish Filet" line was kept. So this shit's gravy for French presidental candidate, Fran├žois Hollande.

Creed and Nickelback in New York, and I Missed It? Bummer!


Ok, so you wanted Chuck Klosterman to write a piece on going to see both Creed and Nickelback in the same night? You really did? Ok, you got it in what is probably the most Klosterman-y Grantland piece yet. 

Can You Think of a Better Idea?


Gordon Cole/David Lynch speaks the truth, people.

I WANT THIS: Hammy By Plywood Office


Someday I'm going get myself a indoor hammock that I've always wanted, bet.

GIF Monday: Keep Feeding Him, and Feeding Him, and Feeding Him

Big men of whoever the Knicks end up playing in round one, Amar'e is back and he's coming for you.

JAMS: Desaparecidos -Man and Wife, The Latter (Damaged Goods)


Maybe it's just me but I liked Desparecidos way more than the majority of the Bright Eyes catalog. Anyway, they are getting back together for a one off which is kind of rad.



Let's get this mother effing week started. 

Pretty Good Idea, Pretty Good


"I think I should be Frank Costanza's lawyer." - Larry David

Josh Harrellson, Trend Setter


Bravo Kevin Love/TBJ, bravo. 

Game of Thrones, Don't Worry About It


Leslie Knoppe is Ben Wyatt's Khaleesi, I love you Parks and Rec*.

* Even if the joke was cut from last night's episode.

Clinch City, Population Knicks



Good Night Sweet Prince Hintmaster


The Hintmaster was not meant for this world, "rest in peace" you beautiful bastard.

GIF Friday: New Goal In Life, Making It Rain Stella Style


Michael, Michael, and David with that money money.

Melo, It Is You Who I'm Looking For


Shut it down, Lionel Ritchie's "Hello" mashed up with everyone's favorite, Carmelo Anthony.

Pizza is Coming


 When you eat the pizza based on the houses from Game of Thrones, you win or you die.

19 Threes in 6 Minutes


You wanted a video of all 19 threes that the Knicks hit last night? You got it. You also wanted a gif of Woodson hugging Novak? Well, I don't have that but I'm sure the internet will get on it eventually.

Season 3 of Woo, I Mean Louie Promo


I'm blanking here, what's this an homage too?

Pug Goes Green, Will You?

If a pug can recycle, maybe you can too.

Last Night's Forecast - Raining Threes


Steve Novak, MY MAN. And that's how you close out a partial season ticket plan, knocking down all those threes (and Melo's triple douible) to knock those Celtics down a notch or two.

Next Week, Mike Bibby's Perm


Don't usually post shirtless pictures of Amar'e Stoudemire on OAB but I care way too much about New York Knick hairstyles.

I WANT THIS: R2D2 Turntable

(via) This is the turntable I'm looking for.

Andy Brennan FTW


If you don't know, now you know.

Camping (It Needs to Happen)


I'm not saying we all should just live outside in faux tents with a whole bed room set inside them but we should live outside in faux tents with a whole bed room set inside them.

Guy With a Blog to Watch Dog With a Blog


So when can I season pass DVR this?

JAMS: Bon Iver - The Wolves


Don't really care for "two weekends of Coachella" but I do care for a live version of The Wolves off of 2007's For Emma, Forever Ago.

Did Tupac Ever Actually Say Coachella?


Ummm the future? But yeah, kind of bummed that it was 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted instead of California Love but whatever, I'll take whatever I can get from the reanimated holographic corpse of the deceased Tupac.

Ask (Morrissey About Honey Nut Cheerios)


Honey Nut Cheerios is nice, and Honey Nut Cheerios can stop from doing the things in life you'd like to.

Someone's on Instagram

If you got it, "follow your boy" - ryinfulleffect so you can see pictures of a t shirt with Steve Novak's title belt and the like.

Badlands Never Sounded Funnier

Nick the Lounge Singer, FTW.

JAMS: Clould Nothings - Stay Useless

Get More: www.mtvu.com


Well, okay than.

TV Sets and Highballs


I know I only have some whiskey and a bottle of Kahlua in my "liquor/breadcrumbs/maple syrup" cabinet but this seems like a viable alternative to free up some space for the breadcrumbs and maple syrup .

GIF Friday: Best Friends, Best Friends, Making a Cake, Pew!


New Troy and Abed handshake, that's whats up.

JR Smith Love You/Hate You/Love You Again


Live by JR, die by JR. Thankfully, the Knicks lived by John Starks 2k12's hitting the big shots last night in a game with huge "playoff implications." 

Star Wars If Star Wars Starred a Dog and a Baby


 Baby Han and Doggie Chewy? YES.

Cheese, Beer, Love


You get me, the Queens Kickshaw. You get me.

Over Sized Hat, It's Funny


Man, Norm and Ferrell were dream team-esque on those Celeb Jeopardy skits.

Throw a Quail Egg On It


Pizza with quaill eggs, yes sir.

Sleepy Corgi, Sleepy Ryan


I hear you little buddy. I hear you.

Carmelo "Scrooge McDuck" Anthony


Okay, so the Knicks lost to Bulls, whomp whomp. But hey look at Melo in his cardigan and his bow tie. This ensemble has to be recreated in 2k13. 

Hot Blog Alert: Indie Basketball


I bet if Kyrie Irving was like "yo, let's get the band back together," the members of "Rilo Kyrie" would be like "yeah, what the hell, let's do it."