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The Queen Is Dead, Long Live the Queen


The Lana Del Report knows no bounds.

GIF Tuesday: Ron Swanson, Puppy Killer


Not literally, of course.

Super Bowl Week, Day 2


So we're in agreement, this is what a first class receiving core looks like.

Here Lies Kendrick Perkins, He Got Dunked On

Okay, Lebron may dunk OVER people but Blake just "Mozgov'd" Kendrick Perkins. Your move, Brent Barry.

Pier Pressure, Gets You Everytime


GMB 4 Life.

"I am Daenerys Stormborn, and I Will Take What Is Mine With Fire and Blood"


Game of Thrones, Season 2, SAY SOMETHING.

Tom Coughlin, Styling and Profiling?

My biggest regret of the last 6 months, not starting up that Tom Coughlin tumblr that I thought of prior to the start of the NFL season.

February is Pancake Month at Clinton Street Baking Co.


This is where the magic happens.

Welcome to Super Bowl Week


Oh, what a week this is going to be.

Lebron James Doesn't Dunk On You, He Dunks Over You


Slight positive from this lost weekend for the Knicks, Lebron didn't dunk over Toney Douglas like he did John Lucas III.

GIF Friday: I'm Ann Perkins?


A couple months ago I was told if I was a Parks and Rec character, I'd be Ann Perkins. I kind of scratched my head and shrugged but it's kind of making sense now.

JAMS: Cloud Nothings - Stay Useless

Shut it down, internet. We got ourselves our first real album of the year contender, Cloud Nothings' Attack on Memory.

100 X's Yes to This


I think I have a new mantra.

I've Been a Fan Since 1996's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea


Holland 1945 will never be the same again.

Sitcom JAMS: Knoppe 2012/Wakka Floka Swanson/Entertainment 720


You want some jams based on Parks and Rec? You got 'em. 720 degrees and we got em on lock, you heard (with Perd (Hapley))?

I WANT THIS: 2009 LA Lakers Championship Ring


I really need to win an NBA championship one of these days, just for the fact that I need a championship ring with a lot of sparkly diamonds and my likeness engraved on the side.

Or Like He Watches Too Much Law and Order SVU


Big surprise, John Mulaney talking about Ice T's naivity on SVU is hilarious.

* Not really a surprise, Mulaney is really good at being funny.

This Isn't an Excuse To Post a Heavyweights Clip


Paul Fieg is on WTF today, that's required listening people.

GIF Thursday: Foreign Dads Don't Like Woody Allen


Woody Allen, my spirit animal.

Two Thousand and Chael

MMA Apple Banana - Chael Sonnen, who in fact is still my hero on Highly Questionable with Dan Lebatard.

I DON'T WANT THIS: Blair's Mega Death Sauce


Unlike some people, I don't think I'm buying a 4 pack of hot sauce of a skull on it. Just sayin'.

I Bet Landry Was the Race Car

Only saw bits and pieces of the Knicks/Bobcats game last night but it seemed like a rip roaring good time. And the guys played iPad Monopoly on the plane to Cleveland, super jealous!

Disco Stud Does Advertise


Top 5 Simpsons moment, no doubt.

"We've Been Doing Ukulele Covers of Vanilla Ice For Years and Years"


Ukes and glockenspiels? Ice, Ice, Baby, yeah!

JAMS: La Sera - Please Be My Third Eye



Really digging this jam off the forthcoming Sees The Light right here, right now.

Am I a Man or Am I a Oscar Winner?


If "Man or Muppet" doesn't win the Oscar for best original song, we riot.

Bon Jovi Meets Bon Iver


Well done Bon Joviver, well done.

Ben Wyatt For the Low Cal Calzone Zone


LCCZZ 4 Life.

Wet Hot 10 Years Later (Again)


Wet Hot cast from the Wet Hot Radio Play at the SF Sketch Fest, so that makes two places in San Francisco I wish I could have been this weekend.

That's Diddy, right?


There are so many questions that need to be answered about this picture.

Those Dudes


Are we still calling Jet Blue? Does it matter? Mannigham, Nicks, and Cruz are Super Bowl bound.

NYC, 1980s, Amazing.


This City.

JAMS: Arcade Fire - Born in the USA


This band needs to tour again. Soon. Get on it, Win Butler or Barack Obama.

I Got To Get Into the NBC Page Program


Kristen Schall is going to be the best thing to happen to 30 Rock since "the Beeper King," Dennis Duffy.

GIF Monday: New York Giants 20, San Francisco 49ers Whatever

Mother. Fucking. Super Bowl. More on this later (and for the next two weeks).

Joe Montana, Alex Smith, Whoever, Whatever

Replace Joe Montana with Alex Smith, Leonard Marshall and LT with JPP/Tuck/Osi/Chris Canty/Dave Tollefson/whoever, and you have what I think will happen this Sunday in San Fran. Niners, we're coming from you and that NFC Championship trophy.

Greg Anthony With the Left Hook


I'm not saying that there should be fighting in the NBA but I think there should be more fighting in the NBA.

Happy Birthday David Lynch


It's David Lynch's birthday, go watch one of his many amazing works to celebrate it.

GIF Friday: Bobby Newport


Seriously, when I grow up I'm going to marry Parks and Rec.

"Jon" Plus Speed Boat Equals Delocated Season 3 Intro


Delocated is back with some next level speed boat shit, get psyched.

Joe Biden, Football Fan

“The Giants [are] on their way to the Super Bowl,” said Biden, which drew some boos from the 49ers fans in the crowd. San Francisco fans were particularly irked by the gaff because the 49ers will battle the New York Giants this weekend to earn a spot in the Super Bowl.

Rumor has it that the Onion's Joe Biden put a cool fifty grand on the Giants getting - 2.5

Not Sure What This Has To Do With VW, But Thank You Volkswagon!


Dogs dressed up like Star Wars characters whilst barking the Imperial March, 100 times yes.

Apple Computers, What Can't They Do?


If I had a cat and/or an old iMac, this would so happen.

Woody Can Play Point Guard for the Knicks, Right?


When Woody Allen lurking in the background of this "refs talking it over" shot is the highlight of the Knicks game last night, it's a sign of shitty season so far.

GIF Tuesday: That Tumblr GPOY Thing

Cross out Ben Wyatt, scribble in Ryan Apple Banana. You know the deal.

And That's the Community Cast as the X-Men


Yeah, this is pretty much perfect.

New York Football Giants 37, Green Bay Packers Whatever

Discount double check that shit. On to San Francisco. On to the next one.

Hey Look, Corgis In a Ball Pit

The fun starts at the 1:35 mark, I suggest listening to Rilo Kiley's Wires and Waves at the same time, the combination is pretty rad.

High Ho Tebow and Away


More football related non-sense, here's Centaur Tim Tebow giving John Elway a ride under a rainbow. Really hope this is the back cover of the Denver equivalent of the Post.

Eli Manning Is... Rambeau?


Looks like someone is buying the Post today and hanging this above his mantle.

GIF Thursday: Adam Scott Goes Smashey Smashey


Adam Scott is right, I do want to see that. Parks and Rec is back tonight, get hyped.

I WANT THIS: Shump Shirt


If Shump keeps up his winning ways, I think I might be purchasing this shirt (and soon enough, his jersey).

LCD Soundsystem will Shut Up and Play the Hits


LCD, you're sorely missed.

Truth, Honesty, and a Different Slice of Pizza - Leo/Ryan Apple Banana


This is a totally appropriate dinner for a 28 year old? Right? Right!

I WANT THIS: The Forrest Gumps


Me and white sneakers don't really get along at all. But man, I'd wear the shit out of these Nike Cortez Classic.

Celebrate Valentine's With Breaking Bad


A Jesse Pinkman Valentine's Card or any of these Breaking Bad cards? That's the quickest way to this guy's heart, yo.