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The Brookyln Zooey Deschanels

(via The Awl)

While not the Knicks, I think we'd all kind of okay with the Nets if they were renamed the non threatening Brooklyn Zooey Deschanels complete with a cheerleading squad of Zooey lookalikes upon their move to Brooklyn.

Abed Coming, Abed Coming


Oh indeed, Community continues it's next level casting with Michael K "Omar Little" Williams as the study group's Biology teacher.

"I Think We Need To Reintroduce Lions Into Society"

(via Splitsider)

Louis CK was on Letterman last night, need I say more?

Michael Ian Black Is Very Famous


A new Michael Ian Black special and comedy album, nice!

JAMS: Twin Sister - In Heaven

(via P4K)

Really digging the fish eye used on Twin Sister's Bad Street off the forth coming In Heaven. On a semi related note, videos that you remembered having a fish eye lense but didn't from 1999 (see Len's Steal My Sunshine, Lit's My Own Worst Enemy) should not be watched in 2011.

All This Could Be Yours and More At The Brooklyn Flea

(via Animal NY)

A mounted deer head might look nice above my non existant mantle. At the same time, it might look horrible, only one way to find out!

Hey Guys, It's Carmelo Anthony and a Panda

(via Posting and Toasting)

One of the positives of this NBA lockout is Carmelo Anthony gets to travel with Chris Paul for Jordan Brand and take pictures like this.

Absence Made This Heart Grow Fonder

(via KSK)

Oh how I've missed you Coach Rex Ryan. For what seems like the hundrenth time in the last couple of days, WELCOME BACK FOOTBALL!

Beads? Bees?

<3 GOB Bluth and his bee business.


(via Serious Eats)

I echo the sentiments of my friend, Brian when it comes to this burger stuff with macaroni and cheese at White and Church, COME ON.

I WANT THIS: Tattly Temporary Robot Tattoo


I kind of want to make this temporary robot tattoo real.

Parks and Rec Episode V: The Government Strikes Back


Move it or lose it Han, Ron Solo runs this galaxy.

GIF Tuesday: Too Many Crunch Berries


I could look at this forever and not get bored, or I might have a seizure. Either way it's a win win.

He ALMOST Pulls It Off

Charlie Day with a Hitler mustache? Going the Distance is kind of worth seeing.

GIF Tuesday: Better Call Saul


I love Bob Odenkirk on Breaking Bad this much (my arms are really outstretched right now).

JAMS: Vivian Girls - Take It As It Comes

I dug it when Share the Joy came out and I dig even more now that the video has been released. Good job, Vivian Girls.

Sorry for the CAPS

But hey everyone, FOOTBALL IS BACK. Catch those touchdowns, Hakeem.

Summer Days of Dog


1996 Dream Team Scowls Off With Ali


In order of toughest scowls - Gary Payton, Scottie Pippen, Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaq, Muhammad Ali with the shakes, the covered face of Sir Charles, Karl Malone, and Reggie Miller.

So Much Audio, So Little Time


Ken Marino, Paul Rudd, AND David Wain on Comedy Bang Bang? This is getting listened to.

* In addition to this - Louis CK on the last two hours of Opie and Anthony from last Friday, today's WTF has Demetri Martin and I'm sure there's at least one or two things I'm currently forgetting.

Toot Toot Pug Boat

(via cooldogs)

New goal in life - acquire the title and deed for the Pugboat.

Charles Oakley Allen



Can God Bless a Saint?


I was going to continue posting 2pac stuff for the rest of the day but then I listened to the new St. Vincent. Annie Clark's new record, Strange Mercy is out on 9/13, God bless her.

More 2Pac Mash Ups

More Pac but this time with Tom Petty, any song mashed up with Free Fallin' is worth a listen or seventy listens.

Say It Ain't a Ghetto Gospel

2pac's Ghetto Gospel off Weezer's Say It Ain't So? Tupac Shakur day at OAB continues.

One of America's Most Wanted

It's a Pac kind of day on OAB.

Shake Shack For Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner?!?

"A spokesperson tells us that "As we expand Shake Shack, we are looking to make our home in vibrant locations throughout New York City and beyond. Grand Central Terminal is a spectacularly beautiful historic landmark that serves as both a major transportation hub and cultural point of interest for residents, commuters and tourists alike. We are interested in exploring the idea of bringing a Shake Shack to Grand Central Terminal, and have responded to the MTA's RFP."

(via Gothamist)

I will probably gain up to 30 pounds if this proposed idea of Shake Shack opening an Midtown East at Grand Central which happens to be within 5 minutes walking of my office goes through.

JAMS: Kanye West and Jay Z - Otis


Damn Yeezy and Hov, damn. Click the link and listen to "Otis" on repeat for the rest of the morning long, Watch the Throne looks like it'll live up to everyone's expectations.

Good Night Sweet Prince Hype Men Podcast


The best "three nerdy jewish guys talking about hip hop" podcast is probably no more, GNSP Hype Men. But thankfully it goes out with a semi bang, as the answer to the unanswerable "Does Jennifer Aniston know who Drake is" question has been answered "Well, today - - via the best email ever - - I bring to you a definitive answer, as sent in from Sweden by a fan of our podcast: “Jennifer Aniston does NOT KNOW who drake is! a friend of mine asked her, as she’s currently doing press in the uk for horrible bosses. she replied that she knew a Dr Drake Ramoray.”" So to reiterate, Hype Men is on hiatus, it was a really good podcast, you should go back and listen to them all, Jennifer Aniston in fact does not know who this Drake is but she knows this one.

I WANT THIS: Samoa Ice Cream Sandwiches


Samoa Ice Cream Sandwiches Wolf Gang Eat Them All.

That's Not Snoop, That's Definitely Not Michael

(via Vulture)

How my hair look Mik... Err, girl from iCarly? Seriously, the Wire references on children's television, god bless you magic box.

More Parks and Recreation Fun At Trader Joe's

(via SplitSider)
Okay so these Parks and Rec themed signs for a Trader Joe's in Virgina are among the best things in the history of commerce. Now where are the April Ludgate and fake crow signs? And if those don't exist, can some one make me one?

The 1986 Giants Were Kind of Super


I wish 3 year old me was aware of the going's on in football because he would have really loved the Giants linebacking core.

Late Night Talkshow Hosts


I would probably watch this if it was on after Conan.

GIF Wednesday: Smither's Screen Saver

Are screen savers still on computers?

Don't F With the Chicken Man


A day late on this but HOLY SHIT BREAKING BAD.

Ron's Pick is My Pick Too


I would buy almost anything if it was recommended by a cartoon Ron Swanson.

Cartoon Woody Allen, Not To Scale


"A deranged person is supposed to have the strength of ten men. I have the strength of one small boy... with polio."
— Woody Allen

Yao's Dinner With Patrick


I imagine this to be similar to My Dinner with Andre.

GIF Monday: Cookie Monster, Business Professional


I think I found my new work role model.

The Ultimate Coach Taylor Pep Talk

(via Vulture)

I'm ready to win State, climb a mountain, and possibly jump out of an airplane. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

Melo, Present. Ama're, Presen. Landry Fields, Present. Jared Jefferies, Present?!?

"Amar'e originally planned to bring his teammates together this week for some on-court bonding to go along with whatever L.A. might have to offer off the court. He, Chauncey Billups and Carmelo Anthony were all in on it. Mason, Landry Fields, Andy Rautins, rookies Iman Shumpert and Josh Harrellson, Jerome Jordan and, yes, Jared Jeffries -- Fixers, Jared is clearly a "made guy" in the NBA. Knows everyone, knows everything and always taken care of. He even wears the shoes of a made guy: Jordan Brand -- were all on the list of players expected to join in.Ronny Turiaf is not expected to be there mainly because he's training with the French team for Eurobasket. There will likely be more players in the group, so don't consider an exclusion from my list to mean an exclusion from the workout"

(via Alan Hahn)

Good job Andy Rautins, going along for the ride with Landry. But seriously, I need to know the status of Anthony Carter and his participation in these Knicks West workouts, it's a matter of life and death .

The Beach Boys Present the Theme From Problem Child

Remember when the Beach Boys did the theme for Problem Child? Me neither.

JAMS: Pavement - Summer Babe (Winter Version)

Perfect song for an almost perfect summer day unfortunately spent inside an office building.

Jet Packs On Your Local News

(via TDW)

Somehow even less successful than this.

Look at STAT! Look at Brian Wilson!

Kind of wish it was the other Brian Wilson though.

Good Night Sweet Prince Eric Taylor (One More Time)

Okay even though all the cool kids (kids with DirecTV and/or the internet) saw the finale of Friday Night Lights several months ago, the NBC run of the last season ends tonight so if you want to revist Dillion one more time without the use of Netflix induced time machine. So check out two really great FNL articles here and here, and watch the finale tonight(again in some cases), without a doubt one of the best finales of any television show ever.


Holy shit, this is going to be good.

Ron Swanson or Riot


For every Louis CK nomination, there's a lack of a nomination for Nick Offerman. For shame Emmy awards, for shame.

Did Someone Say Gene Parmesan?!?



Louis CK, Emmy Nominated Actor


Something about Louis CK being nominated for "Best Actor In A Comedy" for season one of Louie is just perfect.

Start the Day With Breakfast Nachos


Throw on some bacon, maybe sausage, possibly chorizo and you cannot go wrong with breakfast nachos.

I WANT THIS: Ice Cream Pie


A pie filed with ice cream? You best get on this shit, New York.

GIF Wednesday: You Say Jabroni, I Say Jobroni


You guys do know that "jabroni" is one of my top five favorite insults, right?

Good Night Sweet Prince Mike'd Up on NBC


No more Mike'd Up on NBC? Only two numbah ones? No more Starbury interviews with Bruce Beck? No more hard hitting analysis? Francesa has only done 3 shows since football ended? Okay, let's get Scott Stanford a half hour show on Sunday night's after the news.

Michael, Michael, and David - Ain't No Thing

Can't wait to see these guys back doing what they do best at the MHOW at the Wet Hot 10 year celebration.

Afro-ed Larry David Is Still Beautiful To Me

(via Splitsider)

More LD - Larry talking about how he looked in the 80s and the possibility of a return to stand up on some show on CNN that I apparently should have DVRed.

Cartoon Twin Peaks, Still Pretty Rad


Real life needs to be more like Twin Peaks, or in this case cartoon Twin Peaks. Mostly for the endless supply of doughnuts and not the whole crazed killer named BOB thing.

Welcome Back Larry David (and Leon too)

"Leon: Fuckin’ two bitches in your bed.
Larry: What?

Leon: Fuckin’ two bitches in your bed.

Larry: You had sex with two women in my bedroom?

Leon: Fuckin’ right I did! How you gunna fuck bitches in a twin bed!

Larry: Alright, I don’t want you having sex in my bed!"


It's so glad to have these two fine gentlemen along with the entire world that is Curb back in my life.

JAMS: Panda Bear - You Can Count On Me


Panda Bear preforms "You Can Count On Me" off of the incredible Tomboy last night on Fallon.

Hey Look, It's Biggie and a Panther



Nobody Beats The Wiz or the Mid 90's Knicks

(via Posting and Toasting)

Is it too much to ask that we resurrect the Wiz when the lock out ends so we can re-make this commericial with the current Knicks?

Get That K-Swiss Paper, Kenny Powers

Kenny Powers still repping K-Swiss! Also UFC Lightheavyweight Champ Jon Bones Jones, former The David Bowies Fantasy Football QB Matt Cassel, and Lucha Libre star Rey Mysterio, Jr!

Paranormal Hipsters


JAMS: Saves the Day - At Your Funeral

Saves the Day's Stay What You Are is 10 years old as of yesterday, that record along with 1999's Through Being Cool are forever my jam.

On Tumblr, This Would Be GGIFOY

I think this R2D2 gif pretty much sums up the weekend.

"David Bowie Told Me To Do It In a Dream"


Going forward this needs to be on my own personal crest or something as I'll be using it as the reasoning behind most everything I do.

Ron Swanson v Food


This was so good that I watched it TWICE during lunch. I'm also kind of hungry again, I'm not sure why but I'm considering still go back for thirds of this video.

Lobster Dog Meet Lobster Dog


Gun to your head - Do you choose the "Dog Fort Lobster Dog" or the actual "Lobster Dog" which is some kind of weird lobster roll/hot dog hybrid?

That Cool Signature Isn't Going to Save Him

(via Videogum)

Poor poor Jeopardy! Neil.

Hank Scorpio, The Best

(via Eye on Springfield)

Do you think Scorpio still has control over the entire East Coast?