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April Ludgate, a Retrospective


Seriously, she's the bees knees.

OAB's Year In Lists - Top 11 Records of 2011

"I'd say I had a pretty good 2009  2011" - Jon Glaser

You know the deal, 2011 is pretty much done-zo so check Orange Apple Banana's official official year end list for the best records of the year. And hey, links to jams off said records. Sweet!

11) John Maus - We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves 
10) Jay Z & Kanye West - Watch the Throne
9) Summer Camp - Welcome to Condale
8) Real Estate - Days
7) Fucked Up - David Comes to Life
6) Panda Bear - Tomboy
5) Atlas Sound - Parallax
4) Bon Iver - Bon Iver
3) St. Vincent - Strange Mercy
2) Destroyer - Kaputt
1) Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost

I WANT THIS: Manual Triumph Adler Tippa Type Writer


While I have no discernible need for it, this typewriter is just the kind of thing that screams "Ryan, buy me and use me for no real reason!"

A North Korean Giant? No Way! Yes Way?


So there was a Giant at Kim Jong-Il's funeral? Pretty rad.

God Damn, Gene Parmesan


This never gets old.

Lebron James With the Save and Assist

Let's not talk about the Knicks. I didn't watch the 2nd half so in my mind, whatever happened didn't happen. Let's talk about this video - Jesus Christ, Lebron James is incredible.

If Only the Sword of Destiny Worked...


100 George Michaels? Try 1000.

I Think Shumpert Can Rap?


I'll buy Iman Shumpert 1000 MCLs if he allows JORTS to be his hype man.

Hall, Oates, Ginger Ale, and a Trans Am.


Hall and Oates, you make my dreams (of owning a 1983 Pontiac Trans Am) come true!

GIF Wednesday: Kobe Bryant Getting Punched in the Face


Remember that time Chris Childs punked out Kobe? That was pretty dope.

Cat Tetris?


I've been playing a lot of Tetris on my phone lately but I will admit if the cubes were shaped like cats, I'd probably play even more.

NBA Forever (and Ever)


Like I wasn't going to post that amazing "NBA Forever" intro that TNT aired yesterday.

Oh My God You Guys! - Amar'e


I was just ecstatic as the Knicks when they found out that they beat the Celtics/D'Antoni got them Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows 2 for Christmas.

A Christmas Thank You Note To Carmelo Anthony

Dear Carmelo Anthony,

Thanks for that Christmas gift of 38/8/3 and a win over the Celts. I really missed watching you and the rest of the Knicks play meaningful basketball. With that being said, on to the next one.

Your fan,
Ryan Apple Banana

Merry X-Mas from Twin Peaks (and OAB too)


5 dozen donuts! Merriest of merries, y'all.

On the 1st Day of Knickmas, Mike D'Antoni Gave To Me...

Oh and Merry Knickmas while we're at too. Welcome back, NBA.

JAMS: Neutral Milk Hotel - My Dream Girl Don't Exist

If it was up to me, I'd just lay out on the couch all day and listen to the NMH box set. Damn you, Christmas responsibilities.

O Christmas Troy, O Christmas Troy, Save Community


Things I should have done yesterday afternoon - THIS.

It Peaks With the Pic of Mike Breen and Clyde

Not quite the rock remix of "All About the Benjamins" but a rock version of "GO NY GO NY GO" is 100 times better than that Swiss Beats version that was all the rage during the playoffs.

Seriously, Good Job Louis CK


Louis CK's new special grossing over a million? Way to go everybody!

And That's How You Sell Christmas Trees


I Got You Nicky and Alex for Christmas!


The Knicks Big Men Are Going Hunting

Harrellson: “What’s up, fresh?”

Stoudemire: “What’s up, smooth?

Harrellson: “Where we gonna hunt?”

Stoudemire: “We’re gonna hunt in South Florida. You know what we’re gonna hunt down there, right? We’re gonna hunt LeBron and D-Wade. I got the rifle, man.”

Someone call one of the those outdoor channels and tell 'em to green light a hunting show with Amar'e and Jorts.

A Very Fuppets Holiday Christmas


Best way to spend the Holidays? With the Tiny Fuppets of course.

I Wish It Was Christmas Today 2k11


A couple days late but I still wish it was Christmas today.

‘He’s a reindeer! And his nose is red."


Someone please get me Deck the Hall and Oates for Christmas, I promise I'll love you forever if you do that.

Gary Frickin Plunkett, #1 of 2k11


HRO with the year end list to end all year end lists.

More Wainy Days


Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees? You crazy for this one, David Wain.

Someone Will Be Watching Rudolph Tonight


So this is happening tonight!

My Name is Judge!


Mock trial with J Reinhold, y'all!

JAMS: Panda Bear - You Can Count on Me


Off the OAB "My Year in Lists" finalist, Tomboy.

Presenting the Best Dressed Organization in the NBA


B Diddy to the Knicks? Something something run the city. Something something Clyde, Amar'e, Mel'o, Baron Davis makes Ryan giddy.

A Very Holiday Jon Glaser

Guess who is seeing Jon Glaser at a "Very Holiday Hot Tub" tonight? YUP.

David Really Comes To Life


You want to see Fucked Up preform OAB My Year in Lists finalist David Comes to Life in full from Le Poission Rouge? You got it!

We Already Love Iman Shumpert


Shump Shump is going to be something else, both for the NYK and the David Sterns.

But What Happens to Avery Jessup?


No lie, the fate of Avery Jessup on 30 Rock was one of the first things I thought of upon hearing the news of Kim Jong Il's death.

I Miss Andy Too, Where's My Medal?


The fact that STAT had this made for Landry Fields is among the greatest things in the history of professional basketball.

Broken Record But Louis CK is the Best

So we've all watched the Louis CK Live at the Beacon Theater thing by now, right? Good. I think we can all come to the mutual agreement that he's on a whole other level right now, several levels higher than anyone else currently in the comedy game right now.

Sfincione at Pizza Cotto Bene in Brooklyn


So this needs to happen.

JAMS: Arcade Fire - Sprawl II


Didn't this record come out last year? Whatever, Sprawl II forever the jam.

Go Go Garbage Bear


I'm not going to lie but if this was fake comic was based on a true story was real, it'd be at the top of my to read this.

I WANT THIS: Los Angeles Lob City Shirt


Someone may have ordered a Los Angeles Lob City shirt this morning. Someone might also be all in on the Blake Griffin/Chris Paul Clips as his "West Coast team." That someone might be me.

I'm Gonna Eat Junk And Watch Rubbish Too


My annual watching of Home Alone is almost upon us, get psyched.

A Tiny, Tooney Christmas Special


The Tiny Toon Adventures Christmas special may be watched by me in the very near future. And by the near future, I mean right now.

Fine Art by Gabriella Barouch


Our Goal Here Is To Finish Each Other's Sentences


I bet the Heat's big three only finish each other's sandwiches.

"Jon" from Delocated on a Bear Skin Rug


The DVD set for Seasons 1 and 2 to be released in January, AND season 3 of Delocated in February. Whoomp there it is.

Waving Bear Waves


Poor Poor Greg Oden


Sad face times infinity in regards to Greg Oden's 2011 Portland Trailblazer Media Day photo.

Bill Murray, Starting Point Guard for the Knicks?


Breaking news, the Knicks point guard depth chart is as followed Bill Murray, DWTDD, Mike Bibby.

Amar'e, Tyson, and "Melo, The ATM


NBA lockout hero, James Dolan and his three finest stallions who I'm hoping he'll ride to a NBA championship one of these days.

Jason Pierre Paul, Defensive Player of the Year


I just want to point to this tweet when the G-Men drafted Jason Pierre Paul by yours truly dated April 22, 2010. Seriously after that performance last night, someone buy me his jersey already in a men's medium.

Rain and Thunder, Wind and Haze, They're Bound for Better Days


I might sound a little redundant here but these Balki and Cousin Larry Appleton action figures are quite perfect.

Biggie Smalls for Mayor/The Rap Slayer


One way to make the round trip 2.4 mile walk from the 7 train to the UPS store in the middle of Queens a little more bearable - the 2nd disc of BIG's Life After Death.

GIF Monday: Gone But Never Forgotten

It's a Macho Monday, y'all.

GIF Friday: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Leslie Knoppe


Leslie Knopp and Coach Eric Taylor, our two natural treasures.

How Can You Take Them From Me, NBC?


I already miss Community.

GIF Friday: David Stern Throwin Down on the CP3 Deal


Did anyone bother to tell the league that the Lakers would be trading their 2nd/3rd best player in the Chris Paul deal? Did anyone tell the owners that even if CP3 gets to free agency, he's not going to the Cavs or the Bucks or the Bobcats? Did anyone come to the realization that the NBA is now just like your fantasy league? Did anyone tell anyone that the lockout was about something?

The New Flight of the Conchords, Kermit and Bret


So Bret McKenzie deserves like eleventy billion awards for his score of the Muppets, right?