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JAMS: St. Vincent - Surgeon

Off of 2011's Strange Mercy.

So We're Still Locked Out


We didn't get the end of the lockout this weekend but we'll always have this cartoon of the Knicks/Heat brawl of '98.

I Want To Go Trick or Treating With These Guys


Happy Halloween from Sam Weir, Neal Schweiber, Bill Haverchuck, and OAB.

Victor Cruz Doing His Victor Cruz Thing Again


New York Football Giants, 5-2! Oh but the rest of the schedule looks like this - New England, at San Francisco, vs. Philadelphia, at New Orleans, vs. Green Bay, at Dallas, vs. Washington, at New York Jets, vs. Dallas. Welp! But hey Victor Cruz had 9 catches for 99 yards, that's a positive sign.

Stephen Colbert May Have Saved the NBA


If this is where the money from the Colbert Super-Pac is going, consider it well spent. Fingers crossed that the lockout ends this weekend and it will all be thanks to our favorite, Stephen Colbert.

Post Bills: A Tribute to William James Murray


A Bill Murray art exhibit? Pretty cool!

GIF Friday: Blood Orphans and Rec


The Community/Parks and Rec block might have been my favorite hour of Halloween programming ever.

JAMS: Stars - Your Ex Lover Is Dead

Off of 2004's Set Yourself on Fire.

35 Degrees, It's Burr Redding Up In Here

It's October 28th, what the hell Mother Nature? What the hell?!?

Diddy Brings Breaking Bad and The Wire Together


Apparently, Diddy has come up with some sort of genius advertising campaign for his vodka called "Circoc Ratpack." Both Michael K. Williams and Aaron Paul are somehow involved in this. But I'm just going to imagine that Omar Little and Jesse Pinkman are real and members of the Circoc Ratpack.

After All This Time, I Still Miss Gallo


Gallo being offered up Kris Humphries spot as Kim Kardashin's main squeeze? This is one of the true tragedies of our time!

MTV Best Bring Back Rock N' Jock


Kind of wish there was more about the 7 Rock N' Jock basketball games in what is probably my favorite Grantland article yet but the fact that both Jeter AND A-Rod played in the '97 softball classic is kind of mind bowing.

Claire Huxtable is Definitely Channeling Sheryl Palmer


I really hope that doesn't mean Cliff is Leland though. Or that Rudy is Laura! But regardless, you should find a projector and play this on loop at your Halloween party.

Make Your Own Charlie Kelly


I think I'm finally going to print out and make one of these paper dolls for a change.

JAMS: Summer Camp - Down


You wanted a Halloween themed video made from over fifty gifs for Summer Camp's Down? You got it.

Hot Blog Alert: Kanye'd By The Bell


Hey Internet,


Ryan Apple Banana

Twin Peaks and Arrested, Marry Me?

(via via)

Some combination of this is wife matieral for sure.

You Should Play This At Your Halloween Party


Need something to listen to this Halloween week? Gorilla vs. Bear has you covered!

Melo, Chris Paul, and D-Wade Play Pick Up Games In Exotic Locales For Jordan Brand


Where are these pick up games in Williamsburg and how can I get in on one?

I Don't Know What Andy's Costume Is And I Don't Care


Oh man, the Parks and Rec Halloween episode is going to be as good as Halloween this year. Meaning it's going to be incredible.

"I Trust My Gut But My Gut Is Also Hungry" - GOB Bluth


Ken Berger with straight fire. Man, if you ever wanted to read the definitive "this lockout sucks" article, here it is. The players being told to ""trust his gut" that the system would be something the players could agree to" by the guy who wrote a scathing letter about Lebron leaving the Cavs in comic sans?" Gimme a breakski. Pitbull Paul Allen and cowboy talk from the Spurs owner, Peter Holt? I'd rather just watch Steve Holt instead of caring about whether we have pro basketball. So I'll just keep an eyeout for Melo's all star spectacular in New York (or New Jersey) and play some 2K till the NBA is back in 20whenever.

I'm Also a Pretty Sweet Deal


That tumblr GPOY thing x infinity.

Cowboy-melo Anthony


Hey if this lockout keeps going, maybe Melo can take part in those rodeo events that hit up MSG from time to time.

Tio Salamanca Invites You


I can't think of a better way to announce upcoming nupitials.

Golden Gun Antlers


And we just got our "centerpiece" item for the living room. If it wasn't for this Polish Blue Velvet poster, this dear with skulls and machine guns antlers would have so have been mounted and put above the mantle*.

* Note: I don't have a mantle.

Evil Abed Yourself


Now would an evil goatee on top of a beard still be considered evil? Or just stupid? These are the important questions, people.

Baby Bear Shops For Produce


Things that should happen at the Key Food near my apartment, THIS.

Lassie by Lassie by Lassie

Sometime in the distant future, I want to own this dog.

OAB In/Out: Occupy Ball Steet/Occupy Wall Street


As a man of the tip of the most important political/social issues going on today, two Knicks going down to Occupy Wall Street to see what all those folk think about the most hot button issue today - the NBA lockout. BTW, Ronny Turiaf fan, call me.

JAMS: Friends – “I’m His Girl”


Truth - more bands should have names likes Friends. It's impossible not to like a song like this by a band named "Friends."

Milhouse Flag Eagle!


Half joking here but I think I found my next tattoo.

GIF Monday: Let's Go America All Over Their Asses


Charlie's also going SNL over all of their asses too. As he's hosting on November 5th so set your DVRs now.

First Place New York Football Giants


Big Blue are back where they belong. Good win against the upstart Buffalo Bills, now let's enjoy ourselves a nice bye week.

Get Psyched - Norm's On Marc Maron's WTF


Norm MacDonald's on today's WTF. YES YES YES YES.

Alf Skating Through the Universe

GIF Friday: Troy's Timeline


Community, you've outdone yourself yet again.

JAMS: Childish Gambino - All The Shine (Live)

Childish Gambino - All the Shine by OMGosh!

Childish Gambino's Camp officialy OAB most anticipated. Also an excuse to post a pic of Troy and Abed's new aparment.