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A Bunch of Slam Dunks from Melo's Melo vs. Goodman Game


Dear NBA,

End the lockout now. Or I'll be forced to watch rec league highlights on youtube for the foreseeable future.


* If anything positive has come out of this lockout is that people somehow love KD even more.

A Mirror Into Phillip River's Soul

(via KSK)

Starting to get itchy, football is almost here.

It's The Wire on BBC (No, Not At All)

Jimmy McNulty is back! Well, not really but y'all should be watching The Hour on BBC America. It's like the Wire if you replace Bunk and Lester Freeman with these people, Baltimore with London, and crime with journalism. So it's not like the Wire at all but it's still good. Watch it.

So So Hungry


I'm currently eating Cheerio's by the handful but you should know that I secretly wishing it was this banana stuffed french toast.

The Hold Steady Covering The Power Of Love

The Hold Steady covers Huey Lewis & The News

Do you like either the Hold Steady or Back to the Future? Or guitar solos? Either way, here's the Hold Steady covering Huey Lewis and the News for the AV Club's Undercover series.

GIF Tuesday: Super Mario York City


No shocker but I would be all over this game.

With This OAB Is Back To Normal


Bill Haverchuck for life.

Hurricane Irene In Pie Form


As an act of revenge for knocking my power out for about 40 hours, I'd so eat Hurricane P-irene.

Party UP, Party Down Reunion on Children's Hosptial


Haven't watched it yet but I'm super psyched to check my DVR for the Party Down reunion on last night's Children's Hospital.

Patrick Ewing Vs. Michael Jordan Circa 1988


The result of this game of one on one would probably make me cry.

Hurricane Suvivial Checklist - Water, Flashlight, Donuts


No fatso but a variety of donuts is going to be imperative to me surviving this hurricane.

Hot Blog Alert: Eye On Springfield


Screen shots of the best moments from seasons 1 through 9 of the Simpsons. Hell yes!

JAMS: St Vincent - Cruel

(via Stereogum)

Marry me? Babysit me? Kidnap me? OAB most anticipated Strange Mercy is out 9/13.

Can It Be 2012 Yet?


Season 3 of Delocated - January 5th, 2012. CAN'T WAIT.

GIF Thursday: Dave, Kurt, Kris, and Charles


"Hi Nirvana, I'm Charles Barkley." - Charles Barkley

Google Image Search: Young Tom Coughlin

This is evidence according to TTP, there are no pictures of a "young" Tom Coughlin. Instead, Google image search comes badck with pictures of Tiki Barber and Anne Frank from the Daily News. Speaking of Tiki, how's that comeback coming along? SNAP.

JAMS: Bon Iver & James Blake - Fall Boys Choir


Screw summer jams, this Fall Creek Boys Choir song is a total autumn jam.

Dale Cooper & Chris Trager, Literally The Best of Friends


I would love for Agent Cooper to somehow show up in Pawnee. But not to investigate a crime or anything, just to hang out with Chris Trager.

You Had Me At Mac and Cheese Pizza


This better be as good as it sounds because if it's not, we're gonna have a problem.

Neutral Milk Hotel Role Playing Game

Stupid Macbook and it's inability to play .exe files. In the Time Machine Over the Sea, I will play you someday somehow. But in the meantime, I'll just listen to In the Aeroplane Over The Sea.

F Yeah Tom Coughlin?

I'm considering starting up a Tom Coughlin tumblr with all his confused old man expressions for this upcoming NFL season.

GIF Tuesday: New Earthquake City


Consider this the official OAB Earthquake post. Congrats guys, we did it.

Giant Dog Holds Little Dog (Kind Of)


If I was that dog in that picture that's not Snoopy, I'd be questioning a lot of things that I thought I knew about life.

Pre-Order The Shit Out Of: NBA 2k12

The trailer for the Patrick Ewing (and John Starks, Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason) featuring NBA2k12 out November 2. Consider yourself pre-ordered, more so than say league pass or any kind of Knicks ticket package as we're probably going be locked out forever.

I WANT THIS: Toasted Banana S’more Sundae at Quality Meats


So this has banana ice cream, marshmellows, graham crackers, AND a chocolate bar? Holy shit, I want this.

Men Called Sting


As a kid, I was always upset when former WCW Champion, Steve "Sting" Borden was referred to as not "that Sting" in order to not to be confused with the frontman of the Police, Gordon "Sting" Sumner. How can you confuse the master of the Stinger Splash/Scorpion Death Lock for that guy who sang "We're Sending Our Love Down the Well?"

Can I Reverse The Outcome of the Finger Roll Game

(via ESPN)

There probably won't be a NBA season come November but they'll be a NBA 2K12 with NBA legend Pat Ewing.

Mad Men Meets McDonalds?


Do you think Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce put this together?

GIF Monday: Shake It On Out, Pug


JAMS: Peach Kelli Pop - Do The Egg Roll

Is there a word that combines great and adorable? Gre-dorable? No, that doesn't work but if you come up with something better, please let me know.

Good Bye Jews, Hello Louis CK


I love Louie (well, Conan too) so so much.

Deconstructing Air Conditioning


Deconstructing Harry jumps around a lot but Woody Allen always speaks the the truth.

How About Ron Mexico Instead?

To be perfectly honest, I'd be that dog who selects Mike Vick this year.

I Dare You To Marry Me


GIF Thursday: Dogs Have All The Fun


Stonewall Ben Horne


Crazy Civil War obsessed Ben Horne may possibly be my favorite sub sub plot of season 2 of Twin Peaks.

Justin Tuck Doing Work At Giants Camp

(via Deadspin)

Tom Coughlin's red-ness (and Mike Francesa's Mike Francesa-ness) almost overshadowed Justin Tuck in full uniform pushing a baby carriage through Giants camp yesterday.

JAMS: Girls - Honey Bunny

OAB most anticipated Father, Son, Holy Ghost has arrived and from what I can tell it's pretty good.

Ndamukong Suh, More Like Ndamukong Boo


Detroit Lions super talented defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, I agree with you and all your exclamation points about your $20,000 fine. I am kind of worried that we'll be seeing QBs with flags by 2025.

I Went To a 25 Year Old's Birthday At Medieval Times

Wyatt Cenac on Medieval Times, which is surprisingly accurate and unsurprisingly funny. Side note - why does the White Knight who is not even in the tournament always win? Why should we all get invested in this when some guy who doesn't even have a section get to be the last man standing?

It's Always Awkward Family Photos In Philadelphia


This is amazing on so many levels.

No Church In Pawnee


I don't know where Tom Haverford's Entertainment 720 but if it involves outfits like this and Watch the Throne references, I'm all in. Or if it's just Aziz being bored on the Parks and Rec set and making Watch the Throne comics, I'm still all in.

What Kind of Slime Comes Out of There?

(via Splitsider)

I may or may not be sleeping right* now but here's Slimer with a boner. Yay(?) porn parodies of Ghostbusters.

* Random vacation days in the middle of the week are pretty nice.

Wait Childish Gambino Is Troy From Community?!?


Hey here's a video of everyone's favorite freaks and geeks (uhh second favorite, my bad other Freaks and Geeks) set to Childish Gambino's Freaks and Geeks.

Jean-Ralphio. Dance. Up. On. Me.


JAMS: Fucked Up - The Other Shoe


As long as Fucked Up puts outs videos for anything off if David Comes to Life, they'll keep on getting re-blogged here on OAB.

Otis Starring Milo and Otis

OTIS video from j lowe on Vimeo.


New idea for a network - the Kanye West/Jay-Z video for Otis off Watch the Throne, the 1989 film Milo and Otis, and this Milo and Otis video for Otis. Throw in some Aziz Ansari related stuff, and I guarantee it'll be a hit.

I'd Ask My Friends To Come and See a Cookie Monster's Garden With Me


I kind of want to go back in time and have Ringo Starr re-write Octopus's Garden about this picture.

The Bluth Family Crest


Winter may be coming and a Lanister may always pay their debts but a Bluth will always need a favor.

2011 HoF Starting 5 By Robb and Milton


"Big ups" to two of my all time favs, Dennis Rodman and Chris Mullin on being enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame this past weekend.

Louie CK, Comedian/Masturbator/Hero


"You're an angel and I want you to drown in my cum." - Louis CK

You Should Really Read "My Dead Dad Was in ZZ Top"

According to Jon Glaser, Springsteen's Born to Run was really Born to Brunch. I think it goes without saying that Glaser is the best.

Who's Your Doggelganger?

Have you ever wondered what kind of dog you looked like? No? Well, here's your chance to find out - Doggelganger!

I Hope This Wasn't the End of Jon Benjamin Has a Van


I don't care what the show, I love Bob Odenkirk cameos. On that note, even though it seemed like the world may have ended at the end of the episode, I want Jon Benjamin Has a Van to go on forever and forever.

Amar'e Stoudemire, Princi-PAL

Glad to see Amar'e seemingly has a job for however long this god damn NBA lockout lasts.

It's Not Season 3 of Human Giant


Human Giant reunion AND a baby in the audience on Doug Loves Movies this week, you should listen if you know what's good for you.

Jay, Kanye, and Aziz?

(via p4k)

So Aziz Ansari is in the video for Otis. Watch the Throne, indeed.

A Frog And a Bear Seeing America!

Real talk, I'll always love Alkaline Trio but what does it say about their catalog over the last 7 or so years that their cover of the Kermit/Fozzy Bear duet, "Moving Right Along" from the Muppet Movie blows away almost everything they've done since about Crimson.

Live JAMS: Bon Iver - Skinny Love

Would have prefered to post Blood Bank or Calgary as the 9 piece band that accompanied Justin Vernon as Bon Iver last night really brought it on those songs but the Internet isn't really cooperating with me on that today. So here's Skinny Love which caused a whole lot of people to lose their shit last night in Brooklyn.

Ryan on Klosterman on Louie

You might want to read Chuck Klosterman's piece on Louie on Grandland, if you've been watching this season it's probably what you've been thinking. Or at least what I've been thinking for the most part which is that Louis CK's second season of his FX sitcom is really really really great.

Guys, I Think I'm Slowly Becoming Alf

Again, this continuing theme of me having way too much in common with Alf is getting a bit scary.

Weighing In At 666 Lbs, A Giant Box Of Donuts


As a young boy, I do believe I dreamt of this day over and over again.

JAMS: Mariachi El Bronx - I Would Die 4 U

When the hell did the Bronx become a mariachi band called Mariachi El Bronx and start covering Prince? Either way, I'm impressed.

Happy Birthday John Starks

Celebrate Starks' 46th with the Wu, can't get more New York than this. Well maybe if someone give me a pizza and a bagel, ehhhh.

This Is Pretty Much Me and Honey Nut Cheerios


I don't think I could not possibly agree with this cartoon girl any more than I already do.

I Don't Want To Speak Ill Of the Fictional Dead


But this guy is supposed to be or rather been the great Heisenberg. Get a clue, wheelchair bound Hank!

Google Image Search: Scrambled Eggs

Reasons for a serious lack of OAB today -the inside of my head feels likes this google image search for "scrambled eggs." Lets hope that tomorrow brings better blog posts.

I Want All Your Bacon And Eggs

I would seriously eat a diner out of it's entire supply of bacon and eggs this morning.

Will Someone Please Explain Tiny Fuppets To Me?

(via "Tiny Fuppets)

On second thought - don't. I don't quite understand them but at the same time I don't think I totally want to.

Don't Take It As a Threat, But Listen to Today's WTF


If you know what's good for you, you should listen to today's WTF podcast with Aubrey Plaza.

JAMS: Lana Del Ray - Video Games

JAMS: Girls - Vomit

(via Gorilla vs. Bear)

Off the forth coming OAB most anticipated Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

The Many Glasses of Woody Allen


Debating on new glasses for a while but I think my next pair may be on this poster.

In Honor of His Birthday, Patrick Ewing's 13 Greatest Plays

The Big Fella turns 49 today. And because of his special day, I think I'll watch him throw it down on Alonzo Mourning for the next couple of hours.

Oh, She's a Conslutant!


After all these years, there still are jokes that I missed from one million viewings of Arrested Development.