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With the 45th Pick, the New York Knicks Select Big Jorts

If you read the twitter, you know I wasn't sold on Iman Shumpert but after reading a couple of Donnie Walsh quotes, I'm somewhat warming up to the pick. Say the Knicks picked Chris Singelton, a 6'9 SF/PF, he'd just be hanging with Andy Rautins at the end of the bench behind Stat/Melo/Shawne Williams/Potential Mid Level Exception Guy (Please Grant Hill please) which would be all kinds of a Walter Mccarty/Michael Sweetney/Mardy Collins. Instead, Shumpert's a 6'6 combo guard who plays defense which last I checked (do you remember a wide open Ray Allen draining three pointer after three pointer because I do) the Knicks really needed. And that hypothetical big man that we all wanted, we got him (he's 6'11/275) and he's known in some circles as Big Jorts or just Jorts, I love him already.
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