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Landry Fields For Foot Locker

(via Posting and Toasting)

Landry and STAT at the Foot Locker. Feels like 1000 years ago since the Knicks last played, this is going to be a long off season, y'all.

Happy 3 Year Blog-a-versary to OAB

3 years of Orange Apple Banana? Muppet balloon animals for all!

Dog Fancy At Home With Morrissey


Happy Memorial Day from OAB

Like Dog Bless the USA/Explore.org on the Fbook, and with every 5,000 likes a solider living with post traumatic stress disorder gets a dog. Most definitely the official OAB Memorial Day cause of 2011.

GIF Friday: Those Dogs From Bridemaids


No shocker but Bridemaids was like 100 times better than the Hangover Part 2. Good job yawning little dogs with bowties.

Fake Lebron On Real Scottie Pippen


Listen Scottie, Lebron is the best player on the planet right now but I think those migraines you used to have kind of messed up your memory of who exactly Michael Jeffery Jordan was. 6 rings, man, 6 rings.

I WANT THIS: NY State Wall Hook


Express your state pride with these keyhooks.

The Talking Jason Kidds?

Recurring statement of the day - wait what? Western Conference Champ, Jason Kidd of the Dallas Mavs take on the the Talking Heads' Once In a Lifetime.

So Was He Billed as Dani Pudi or Abed Nadir?

What wait, Abed was actually on Cougar Town? Mind explosion.

New York, What Are You Listening To?

(via Vulture)

In case you're wondering, the last song played on my ipod was Neil Young's Words (Between The Lines of Age). Best case, it's that. Worst case, early 2000's pop punk. Middle case, it's the new Cults record if it'll ever properly leak.

Pug, Pizza, Perfect

(via Cool Dogs)

Happy John Starks Day, People

If my work dress code allowed it, I'd be wearing my John Starks jersey over my shirt and tie and dunking on people near the coffee machine in celebration of the 18th anniverary of Starks dunking on Horance Grant and Michael Jordan.

Hot Blog Alert: Daily Milhouse


So I gave up coffee over a week ago and have been searching for something to give me a little jolt in the morning, and I've found it - the Daily Milhouse. Milhouse Van Houten all day every day.

Hocus Pop Pop-us!

(via Videogumblr)

As a 28 year old guy, I don't really "get" Harry Potter. But before Greendale, Magnitude was a student at Hogwarts, POP POP.

DVR Alert: Season 2 of Louie (Again)

(via Louis CK)

You better set your DVRs now and get ready to watch Louie on/or sometime briefly after the June 23rd premiere date for season 2 or consider our blogger/reader relationship over.

I WANT THIS: Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck’s Skyscraper Challenge

(via Midtown Lunch)

20 dollar skyscraper of an ice cream sandwich, bring it.

Chris Traeger Literally Says Literally, Literally

(via Vulture)


Midnight Snacking With Alf


I have far more in common with a cat eating space alien that starred in a sitcom in 1980s than I give myself credit for.

First Color in the German Flag Face

(via NBA Offseason)

Times when black face is kind of okay - In support of Dirk going off for 40 in a game that I thought it was perfectly okay fall asleep when OKC was up 10 in the 4th. Neither blackface or falling asleep in another chapter of the playoffs of Dirk are really acceptable to be honest though, just getting that out there.


(via TDW)

No other movies from now to Thanksgiving matter at all, it's all just a giant countdown to The Muppets.

May The Best Burger Win

(via A Hamburger Today)

In N Out, 5 Guys, and Shake Shack in a three way taste test. Shit just got real.

Amazon Suggests...

Not sure what these Amazon suggestions, the Jock Jams and a variety of S'more makers say about me and my interests but I like it.

Kyle MacDonald is Magical

No doubt the best part of Sports Show is Norm's nephew, Kyle MacDonald(?).

JAMS: Panda Bear - Alsatian Darn

(via P4K)

No duh but this Panda Bear video is pretty great.

Goodnight Sweet Princes Macho Man Randy Savage and Mini Horse, Lil' Sebastian

(via Videogum)

Real talk, it's been a tough day or so - first the most beloved fictional miniature horse on Parks and Rec, and now one of the all time wrestling greats. Not cool world, not cool.


Mike Franceser doing Mike Franceser things.

JAMS: Fleet Foxes - Dreams

Saw Fleet Foxes on Wednesday night, listened to Fleetwood Mac last night, and now this Fleet Foxes cover of Dreams, a whole lot of Fleet-ing going on this week.

GIF Friday: Dig Yourself Out Of That Hole, Girl


Expect some more Parks & Rec blogging today, the season finale was as good as a season finale could be without the inclusion of Jean Ralphio on jetpack.

Woody Allen, Surfer

Something about Woody Allen carrying around surf board in the 1991 film, Scenes From a Mall makes me want to watch it despite a somewhat rotten Rotten Tomatoes score.


Fine Art: American Ninja

(via TDW)

Turning Bud cans into nunchucks is probably the best use I've ever seen for a axe-head Budweiser I could think of.

Truman, Bob, Lynch


Twin Peaksssssssssss.

Rapture JAMS: Kanye West - Jesus Walks

Like everyone on the Internet, I'm oddly fascinated by this Rapture business. So if it happens, I'm getting a boombox, putting it on my shoulder, and blasting this till the end of time.

Ugh Pat Riley

(via NBA Offseason)

I was talking about people in sports that I "hate" last night and came to the realization that Pat Riley is high on that list. I know it's been like 15 or 16 years but how are you going to resign over fax?

Lebron Iver, Lebron Iver


A year ago if I asked "do you think Lebron James who Bon Iver is," I wouldn't expect someone to say "yes." Now with being Kanye's muse and a "banging" new leak that just leaked, you can actually have a debate about it, and probably come to the conclusion that Lebron would be like "oh the dude who sings on Monster and Lost in the World, yeah he's dope."

Norm MacDonald on His Vices and Andy Richter, the Swedish German

New idea for Norm, no Sports Show just weekly appearances on Conan and Letterman.

Blankets for Sale

(via TDW)

If I ever have a kid, that kid may be curling up with a Beatles blanket instead of that hand me down blanket that I had till like 5th grade.

Shake Shack Expands Even More

(via Eater DC)

Good for you Shake Shack, getting 30 minute lines in the newest addition to your hamburger empire, Washington DC.

Hot Blog Alert: Cosby Sweater Project


Documenting the sweaters worn on the Cosby Show through art is classified as God's work in my mind.

The Very Best of Jean-Ralphio on Parks & Rec


I just watched the trailer for that new Fox show with Zooey Deschanel, I needed to watch every single second of Jean Ralphio on Parks and Rec to wash the twee overload away.

Jon Stewart on the O'Reilly Factor

(via TDW)

So whenever something really bad happens on the planet (like aliens invading ala Independence Day or this so called Rapture coming up this weekend), can we elect Jon Stewart to the official spokesman of the human race? I think he would be really good at thinking logical where logic doesn't always apply. Watch part two here.

wake up Wake Up WAKE UP!

Toejam and Earl, you totally get me.

And He Even Said "Ryan, Best Wishes"

Not going to lie, kind of upset that the Donald isn't going to run for the GOP nomination in 2012. Also upsetting - my "you're fired" impression is back to not being relevant. Even more upsetting, I wasn't the "Ryan" that he autographed that picture to in gold.


(via Paul Scheer)

All I'm saying is that this Stay Puft Marshmellow Man s'more better be edible and not some lame ass toy.

Oklahoma City Blipsters

(via NBA Offseason)

With all KD's backpacks and Westbrook's oversized glasses, I think I found my team for the rest of these playoffs.

Coop: Well, let's say 9:00, that way we can be here by 9:30.

(via IFC)

If there was still a feature on this blog called Saturday Sharing, this AV club interview with David Wain, Ken Marino, and Joe Lo Truglio about the ten year anniversary of Wet Hot American Summer would have totally made the cut.

May 30! Rub! Fatty Melt! Palm Pilot That Shit!

(via A Hamburger Today)

Still trying to grasp that the "fatty melt," a hamburger with two grilled cheese sandwiches as the buns will be on the menu at a real restaurant.

Sex in the Neutral Milk Hotel? I'd Be Down


You should know that I don't quote Arrested Development in jest, so I'm only kind of half kidding here but "marry me."

You Should Still Donate to Fund This Kickstarter Documentary


A documentary about pre-teens making a Star Wars musical? ADORABLE AND NERDY - NERDORABLE!!!

EDIT - The video isn't embedding right so peep the little kid playing with legos dressed as an ewok. Click the "via" for the video though, it's definitely worth your time.

GIF Friday: Snakejuice!


Troy Barnes, The Best

(via IFC)

Hey do you like Donald Glover's work on Community? Yes? Watch this video. Not of a fan of either Donald Glover and/or Community but you also like that Passion Pit song, Little Secrets? Also watch this video.

Opposite of Horrible Trailer for Horrible Bosses

Charlie Day AND Jason Bateman? Call up your local movie theater and DVR this.

Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies


This has to happen. HAS TO.

Mac and Cheese Burger Move Over, Mac And Cheese Hot Dogs Are Here

(via Eater NY)

I'll take 100 Ditch Dogs please. And 100 of everything else in Eater NY's Top 12 Mac and Cheese dishes gallery.

Root Root Root for Frank Costanza

(via NY Mag)

I went to Citi-Field the other night on what was apparently Seinfeld night and this happened. Semi-related but the Box Frites at Citi were what's up.

The Wire as Told Through Disney's The Lion King

(via Vulture)

Can you feel the McNutty tonight?

"Yeah, I'm gonna need a leather jacket for when I'm on my hog" - George Michael Bluth

If only there was a motorcycle to go with all that leather.

Andy and Landry Part 5: Hanging WIth Allan Houston

My dream of Landry Fields (and Andy Rautins) spending the summer in Allan Houston's pool house and Houston molding Landry into his own likeness with an outside game seems to be coming true. But make that hoops than not table tennis, guys.

I WANT THIS: First Prize Pies' S'more Pie

(via Serious Eats)

This is the Tale of Captain Jack Sparrow, Emphasis on is

Michael Bolton needs to be singing more sexy hooks on fake hip hop songs more often.

Isiah Thomas v. Rich Mahorn! Bill Lambeer v. Charles Barkley!

Man, why couldn't the Lakers/Mavs game degenerate into this? Instead Bynum obliterated JJ Barea with an elbow and any semblences of a brawl fizzled out with the Mavs blowing out the Lakers. Goodnight sweet prince LA Lakers.

Gif Friday: Can We Talk About Community's Paintball 2?

Community, kind of like that Abed quote about Annie was "pretty awesome" last night. ACE OF HEARTS/KING OF CLUBS ALL DAY, right guys?

Name All 91: Ghostbusters, Ghost, Umm Ghostbusters 2.

(via Vulture)

"I love New York City, oh yeah 91 films in a map of New York City" - Andrew WK

JAMS: The Antlers - Putting The Dog Asleep

Definitely my favorite off the upcoming Burst Apart which is due out next Tuesday.

DVR Alert: Jersey Floor 2

(via Late Night with Jimmy)

Jersey Shore Floor-ed Amy Poehlor and Tina Fey can get it. Actually, I'm not totally comfortable with saying that but I'm really excited for tonight's Fallon sketch.

GIF Thursday: If I Was an Advertising Copy Writer in the 60s


Kind of wish I could switch places with Peggy Olson in this gif, banging my head on my desk would be way more therapeutic than wishing I could bang my head on my desk.

JAMS: The Beatles - Act Naturally

Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Swanson

(via blackbook)

Maybe it's because I had to be up at an ungodly hour to go to work today but doesn't that plate of bacon and eggs look exactly like Ron Swanson? Or is that the point? More coffee please.

Rex Ryan on The Colbert Report

Who would have thought that Rex Ryan was such a giggling goose?

Pretty Good, Prit-tay Prit-tay Good

(via Blackbook)

"She Was The One" - Delonte West

(via NBA Offseason)

I know the media isn't "allowed" to talk about Delonte West banging Lebron's mom but how Heat/Celticsmuch more fun would be if Kenny Smith was examining the subtleties of Delonte's relationship with Ms. James on his giant screen instead of whatever he's really yaking about.

Always Fun To Get Away From Camp


Wet Hot, still the GOAT.

Something Something Pug-a Cabana


One of my favorite things about Pugs, looking totally miserable yet adorable at the same time.