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Giants Draft Prince (Not Prince William or Prince Prince)

(via SNY)

Every little girl wants to marry a prince, but when I was little I wanted the Giants to draft one. Dreams do come true with the Giants drafting Prince Amukamara, CB out Nebraska with the 19th pick of the first round.

GIF Friday: Best TV Couple in Forever


Andy and April, a to dorable. Also Aubrey Plaza in those glasses earlier in the episode, damn girl. Damn.

Worlds Colliding (In a Good Way)

(via NBA Offseason)

Blake Griffin with Community's Danny Pudi and Donald Glover, word up.

Mac and Cheese Burger at reBar

(via Serious Eats)

Combining a burger with mac and cheese, that's some next level bar food right there.

JAMS: Pavement - Filmore Jive

I said this a while ago but we really need a Pavement reunion tour reunion.

Cash Cats Dot Biz


"I Was Apprehensize About Sheets Energy Drinks" - Gallo

Come home Danillo, New York misses you and your awkward and not very well thought out endorsements. Also I would imagine MDA wouldn't have you on the bench during a time when your team needs a crucial three to save the season. But anyway, energy drinks and memory foam, get yours Gallo!

Aaron Gray, Mother Effin Monster

(via Doc Funk)

Aaron Gray moaning during game one against the Lakers was probably my small non meaningful moment during the playoffs so far. On a semi related note, is there any white big men in the free agent/draft pool of the Chris Dudley ilk that the Knicks can pick up? Not just because the Knicks need a big but the unintentional humor of having a white center on the roster has severely lacking since the Knicks since Mozgov was included in the 'Melo deal.

Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy as 30 Rockimals


This is perfect.

Eater NY Burger Week - Ménage à trois of Hamburgers

(via Eater NY)

Donnie Walsh Staying Is Cause For a Ticker Tape Parade

Donnie Walsh is staying, Toney Douglas is staying, Mike D'Antoni is probably staying. I think Amar'e and 'Melo are going to stay too! Here's to stability! No word on Billups yet but I can't imagine him not a Knick next season, there's not like there's a huge upgrade at the point waiting out there to be picked up.

What's the Sound That Twin Baby Panda Bears Make?


Awwwwwwe. Hope this makes up for that Dream/Panda Bear pic going all red x on me. God damn, these bears are adorable.

JAMS: The Hood Internet - Love Motion (Panda Bear v. The Dream)

The Hood Internet - Love Motion (The-Dream x Panda Bear) by hoodinternet

Panda Bear and the Dream? Hood Internet killing it, bringing back to life, and killing it again.

Edit - Red x-ed, check the twin panda bear post above for your actual panda bear fix as opposed to your Noah "Panda Bear" Lennox fix.

Hot Blog Alert: Brain On Funk


You want NBA Playoff captions? You should probably be on Doc Funk's Brain on Funk tumblr. Also with the Knicks being swept and all, all I have is my former Knicks scattered through the heartland (that includes you Gazebo). Miss you Ill Wil and Natrix.

GIF Tuesday: Oreos Baked Inside a Chocolate Chip Cookie



Frank Costanza Had a Lawyer?

Favorite Larry David Seinfeld cameo? Most definitely his run as Frank Costanza's lawyer.

Charles Barkley and the Easter Bunny

(via NBA Offseason)

I wish every day was a holiday with a small animal as it's mascot so we could have pictures of Charles Barkley holding various woodland creatures more often.

Woody Allen Getting Chased By a Gorilla


And With That, It's The NBA Offseason

And so it's over, the Knicks fell to the Celtics in a game that I kind of half watched, mostly on a kitchen tv at my Grandmother's during Easter dinner. I think we've seen this story like 60 times this season - Knicks fall behind early, mount a second half comeback, get really close (this time within 4) but can't get over that hump, and fall short to in this case was a superior team. Yesterday wasn't without it's highlights, especially the efforts of one Mister Anthony Carter who post Billups injury should have had way more burn in this series but I guess it took a little bit to click with Mike D'Antoni that DWTDD and Roger Mason aren't quite point guards. But Anthony Carter wasn't going to make it a series after those two scares in Beantown, the Celtics came back to MSG and played like a team with 3 Hall of Famers and an All Star point guard against the Knicks of Carmelo Anthony, Amumm'y Stoudemire and a depleated bench. So the Celtics got themselves a sweep and the Knicks got themselves step one in a quest that ends with them being a contender for the NBA title. It's hard to get super angry about this sweep after almost of decade long playoff drought and knowing that the two main pieces are in place to keep the Knicks in the playoffs for the forseeable future, now let's re-up Donnie Walsh and bring in the right kind of players to compliment Stat and 'Melo, so maybe we can win a series or two in the spring of 2012. And that photo above, that's why you keep Renaldo Balkman over Corey Brewer.

Garden Party, Garden Funeral

(via Got Em Coach)

There's a couple of images that can tell the story that played out last night at MSG - Amar'e wrapped up like a mummy and obvious pain, 'Melo getting doubled every single time he touched the ball (or so it seemed), a lot of Knicks afraid to take a big (or any shot, really), and the Boston Celtics finally being exposed for what they are, a really good playoff tested veteran basketball team. On the way back from the Garden, my first thoughts stand true - the Knicks with Amar'e at 100 %, Billups at 100 %, Landry Fields playing at Landriest, etc were in for an uphill climb against Boston but a depleted Knick team, it was only a matter of time that the Celtics did this to them. Of all those fun images, I choose STAT and can't agree with the metaphor on Got Em Coach any more than I already do - " For so long this season, he quite literally had to carry the franchise on that 6’10” frame - the incompetent owner, the coach under fire, the new teammates, and the desirous eyes of New York City - and it finally gave out." Game 4 is Sunday at MSG, let's hope that all that weird angry/depressed energy is gone by then.

Rainbow Poptart Cat!

(via amborg)

Just another day on the internet.

Gif Friday: Parks and Community and Rec

(via Videogum)

A Community/Parks & Rec gif sandwich, y'all. Thursday night was killer as usual, kind of wish there was a gif of Dennis Duffy and his "A'mare Stoudemire evening ware" leather jacket to include in thus, but no dice.

Tom Nerd Haverford

(via IFC)


Tonight, Melo's Going to Go For 50

There's no other place in this entire world I'd rather be tonight than MSG. Fortunately, I will be there, so let's hope the Knicks (Amar'e and Billups included) show up and protect home court.

He's Michael Scott...

(via iamdonald)

Y'all bitches are just Phyllis. Donald Glover free styling over Grizzly Bear at some steak house in Idaho, why is his Bowery/MHOW shows beyond sold out?

Every Mr. Freeze Pun From Batman & Robin

Pretty cool, right? Get it? Cool.

And You Call Yourself a Blog?

(via BlackBook)

Get ready internet, "and you call yourself ________" is going to be my new go to critical response to everything.

JAMS: Beach Boys - Forever

Kind of wish I could just sit around and listen to Beach Boys vocal tracks all day.

Google Image Search: Young Larry David

LD's 80s hair style is my favorite thing in the world right now, more bald dudes need to rock that.

DVR Alert: Season 2 of Louie

Hell yeah, Louie is back June 23rd.

The Hip Hop Dancing of a French Bulldog


If I can get my dog to sit up like that French Bulldog, she's going to be dancing to TI too.

OAB Most Anticipated: Bon Iver - Bon Iver

(via Stereogum)

Move over Tha Carter 4, Bon Iver's self titled follow up to For Emma, Forever Ago is tops the OAB Most Anticipated list.

"Return From Whence You Came" - GOB Bluth


It's that kind of morning.

More Knick Heartbreak

(via NY Daily News)

That one hurt, a lot. On the back of Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks or rather, the hog pog of Toney Douglas, Jared Jeffries, Billy Walker, and Roger Mason Jr came within a KG strip of Jeffries of an upset in TD Garden. Instead it's back to MSG down 0-2 with the health of our veteran point guard and 100 millon dollar power foward in doubt for game 3. We all know that the Knicks probably shouldn't have been in that game at all but Melo had an all time Knick playoff performance, 42/17/6/2 with the combined 2nd and 3rd unit for the Knicks, he was not of this planet during the 2nd half. That dude was worth the trade, and I having a feeling this is just the start. It's hard not to be disapointed here but with Amar'e and Billups out, Landry Fields MIA, and two of the three heads of our center cut off but there's still a decent amount of pride to be had in this Knick team. And let's be honest, this is what we all wanted, we all wanted playoff basketball and as bittersweet as it's been so far, its better than the alternative of just watching Heat/76ers. I know there's no such thing as moral victories in the playoffs but taking the Celtics to the limit on their home floor was something. Playoff basketball is coming back to Madison Square Garden on Friday night, let's take back home court.

Weezy F Graduate

(via P4K)

It's Tha Carter 4? If so OAB most anticipated.

Yes, I'll have the Devilled Creme Eggs

(via Gothamist)

Devilled Cadbury Creme Eggs with Whipped Peeps and a Graham Cracker Crumble? Where and when, y'all? Where and when.

David Bowie Only Knows

How does this David Bowie cover of "God Only Knows" exist? And why was I not alerted sooner?

Hot Blog Alert: Hipster Animals


I love everything about this Hipster Animals tumblr.

Fake Twitter, Real Thoughts


You should probably be following the fake Mike D'Antoni on the twitter, especially since DWTDD is more than likely starting in place of the injured Chauncey Billups tomorrow night.

Coachella JAMS: Kanye West - Runaway

(via Vulture)

If I ever have my own music festival, Kanye is headlining.

Gif Monday: Macho Action Figures


Enjoying the fact that Koko B Ware had to be included! Jobbers of jobbers. Where are the Rockers at?

Neutella Peanut Butter Cup, Drool


Fuck yeah Neutella, indeed.

It Was Heartbreaking But At Least We Have a Heart To Break

So this is what losing in the NBA playoffs feels like, I kind of forgot after such a long lay off. Straight off the bat, the offense foul on Melo and the non calls on O'Neal killing Billups on knee buckler and Garnett tripping up Toney Douglas is going to be the norm when a team that hasn't made the playoffs in forever goes up against the defending Eastern Conference champs, it's kind of crummy but it's just the way it's going to be. But in a game where Melo and Billups didn't really show up and the Knicks being in the lead for most of the game is kind of a positive, right? Amar'e was without a doubt the best player on the court last night playing like the first half MVP that started this run to the playoffs as you can see in the youtube clip above. Toney Douglas hit his patented "don't shoot that three, Toney" three in the forth, the two headed center of Turiaf/Jeffries handled it's business for the most part, and Bill Walker was bullying off the bench after Carmelo's quick fouls in the first but it's all for naught with a KG alley that took no time off the clock and that Ray Allen dagger. It was a heartbreaker, I kind of remember what games like this felt like.

Unofficial Official OAB Playoff Picks for the First Round of the NBA Playoffs

The first round of the NBA playoffs starts today, let's do some picking!

Eastern Conference
Bulls over Pacers
Magic over Hawks
Knicks over Boston
Heat over Sixers

Western Conference
Spurs over Grizzlies
Thunder over Knuggets
Portland over Dallas
Lakers over Hornets

NBA Finals Pick
Thunder over Bulls

Yes, I'm taking the Knicks over the Celtics in 6. I've been on this train since it left the station in Toronto on October 27th with a 98-93 win over the Raptors and I'm not getting off until the last stop, where ever that may be. Go NY GO NY Go (even with a shitty remix).

GLC Swag


Double GIF Friday: Parks and Rec

(via, via)

Every new episode of Parks and Rec just seems to cement it as the best sitcom in forever. Good job, Parks and Rec.

Regis Kind of Has Game

Semi important question - Where can I get that giant foam figure that Amar'e had on Regis? I might need it next Friday for Game 3 at MSG.

Times Square, Circa 1975

(via Animal NY)

Times Square in the 70's with all it's grimey glitz and glamour, I want to go to there.

And It's Called 18 Fouls To Give

(via Posting and Toasting)

I am in love with this three headed center idea with Ronny, She-Will, and Double J. Yeah, I'm calling Jared Jeffries Double J now. That's J-A-Single R-E-D, J-E-Double F-R-I-E-S, haha, Double J, Jared Jeffries.

Sign Me Up For 300 Rides Around The Block

(Hat tip to Andrew)

Ride around Chicago in a Ferrai with Ferrai Guy for a fee of $ 300? I will strongly consider that.

Beautiful, Ravashing, Stunning, and Enforcing?


I never knew that there was a WCW comic book back in the early 90s. I also never knew that tag team specialist Beautiful Bobby Eaton was that jacked either.

One Last Blake Griffin Slam Dunk

(via Get Banged On)

Unless there is some new secret NBA rule where Blake Griffin can join whatever team he wants for the playoffs, this will be the last Blake Griffin and his crazy slam dunk highlight for a while. Cherish it, people.

Lucky Dog II: Ace of Dogs

(via P4K)

Not exactly sure why a music blog such as Pitchfork has programming that is not related to music in any which way but whatever, I really enjoyed this.

I Would Watch a Woody Allen Film Starring the Muppets


Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggie as Alvy Singer and Annie Hall from 1977's Annie Hall. Too great.

The Road to Playoffs for the New York Knicks

With the 2010/2011 NBA season coming to a close today, I think I watched this recap of the Knicks season about 14 times in the course of Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. And even though I would have liked some Gallo/Will/Ray/Mozzy footage, those Knicks happened a lifetime ago. Starting with STAT signing last July, Mozgov getting dunked on by Blake and the Knicks still winning, the 7 game win streak in November/December, Amar'e hitting that last second three one second too late against the Celts, that huge victory against the San Antonio Spurs, Landry Fields beating the Heat at the Garden, the pre trade Melo-drama, the post trade Melo-Drama, the block on Lebron in Miami, loving/hating/loving Chauncey Billups, the maturation of Toney "DWTDD" Douglas, the carousel of "big men," the 6 game losing streak, and this most recent winning streak to close out of the season, I think we, Knick fans can all say it's been a long season but more imporantly, a winning season. And now, here comes the Celtics in Round One of the Knicks first playoffs series since 2004. Let the real fun begin.

You Get Back Here, Bombay


These movie parts posters by Emma Butler are pretty terrific. Ducks fly together, right?

Norm MacDonald on MJ's Hitler Mustache

Normmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Why can't I be home right now and watching this on my DVR? WHY?

2010-11 Rookie of the Year - Blake Griffin, Blake Griffin, Blake Griffin


Okay, a page full of Blake Griffin heads regardless of whether or not he's the unanimous choice for NBA Rookie of the Year is kind of creepy.

JAMS: Grimes - Vanessa

Grimes - Vanessa from Arbutus Records on Vimeo.

(via Gorilla vs. Bear)

Behind The Scenes of Curb Season 10 in New York

(via SplitSider)

Delocated's Jon Glaser guesting on Curb defending the honor of Michael J Fox against LD. I am very excited!

Move Over Food Trucks, All Aboard the Pizza Train


PIZZA TRAIN CHOO CHOO! Or would that be CHOW CHOW? Whatever, Aziz Ansari just revolutionized the mobile food industry with the pizza train idea.

Strangers With Golden Burrito Wrappers

An Amy Sedaris/Paul Dinello mini Strangers With Candy reunion masquerading as a Chipotle ad, I like.

I WANT THIS: Cheese Steak Pizza

(via Slice)

Cheesesteak Pizza from a New Jersey pizza place called "Tony Soprano's Pizza?" Yes, please.

The TNT Intro For the Last Knicks/Celtics Playoff Series in 1990

My Knick fan brethren, we got ourselves a series. Our Knicks. Boston's Celtics. Hopefully some more Tom Petty. Let's go!

Goodnight Sweet Prince Free Darko Blog

In the "Ryan is depressed because a blog he likes is calling it quits category," Free Darko is calling it quits. But hey, the books (The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac: Styles, Stats, and Stars in Today's Game and The Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball History) and prints (I bought the '72 Knicks and Barkley ones) will always live forever kind of like Amar'e, so you should probably buy 'em!

More Gif Monday - An Infinite Quarter Water Loop


The Knicks Will Have Won More Games Than They Lost, Yeahhhhh!!!

(via Knick Fury)

Carmelo Anthony does that again with another game winner, this time against the Hoosie.. Indiana Pacers. Really between Hansborough, Josh McRoberts, Mike Dunleavy, and Jeff Foster, I don't want to be all like "white guys playing basketball" but it's kind of crazy seeing at least two of the four white guys on the floor at one time for a team and Danny Grangier. Save Melo's dramatics at the end of the forth, the most definite highlight of last night's game was Jarred Jeffries hitting a corner three, talk about Indiana Mister Basketball for the year 2000. Oh and Stat looking all dapper once again with a suit and a walking boot, I know it's just a sprain but it still makes me nervous. Alright, so last night was seven straight wins for the Knicks with the sixth seed almost locked up and a first round match up with the Boston Celtics looming. Go New York! Go New York! Go! Right?