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Hey Guys, the Knicks Losing Streak Has Ended

(via SNY)

Now that all the Clyde birthday wishes are out of the way, let's talk about last night. I think everyone on and/or following this Knick team needed that one last night. Before this, the Knicks haven't won since St Patrick's Day and even though the Magic were without a true point guard for most of the game, another victory brings this franchise that much closer to the playoffs. Regardless of how they've been playing of late, a team with Stoudemire (who had the quietest 20 points ever) and Carmelo Anthony (who when he drops 39 points and causes havoc on the defense is a lovable scrumb ) could cause some problems for the Bostons or Miamis of the world where every game is kind of a must win or at least 4 of them in a 7 game series.

Onto some randoms - Chauncey Billups of black sneakers/white socks with the home whites fame, please never take that pull up jumper again in big moments, you're going to give me an anxiety attack. And Jared Jefferies, looks like She-Wil and his lumbering oafness will be taking some minutes but I guess that's what happens when you don't even contest a Jason Richardson's last second 3 point attempt! But good job, Sheldon, that was seriously the best 0 point/6 foul preformance in the history of the game. On that Dwight Howard guy, he's almost the MVP of the league but for such a jovial guy, how is he getting all those techs? But hey, the Knicks won, my cereal tastes sweeter, my coffee tastes stronger, all is kind of right in the world this morning.
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