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Heat Face Palm & Thoughts on Knicks/Hawks

(via Got Em Coach)

I could go on about the Knicks victory over Atlanta but THIS PHOTO. Lebron and Wade's body language in their duel press conferences over the last week and more tears being shed in that locker room, but I don't think anyone has seen such a tumultuous 43-20 team in March. Those rumors on those tears made it all the way up from Miami to the Knicks locker room in Atlanta where STAT and Melo were speculating that it was one, Christopher Bosh who was once again crying over another last second Heat loss to one of the NBA's best. I don't want to call anyone "soft" but what's going to happen in May when the Heat lose a game 7 to the Knicks or the Bulls or the Celtics or whoever, is Bosh going to be spread out on the press conference table bawling, cradling a basketball?

Okay, I'll talk about the Knicks for a little bit now. No Melo in the 4th, no big deal apparently. As important as Melo and Billups are for the Knicks now, my favorite part of the trade so far is Anthony Carter hitting 3's at the end of quarters and yelling "Tha Carter 3 bitch." Landry Fields last two games were good enough to justify my purchase of a Landry home jersey, 15/4/4, Landryiest of lines, people. Chauncey Billups was channeling Razor Ramon with a toothpick in street clothes was my favorite bench storyline of the evening over Andy Rautins actually dressing. And, Amar'e jump shot really deserves a "That's Amar'e" Post headline sooner or later.
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