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2 Wins? That's a Win Streak, Right?

Oh man, when Carmelo Anthony is on, he's on. 39 fpr Melo, 33 for White Socks/Black Shoes Billups, and 23 for STAT, and it's a "win streak" for the Knicks against the Nets in the Nets "Super Bowl."And SHELDEN WILLIAMS had a 6-0 run on the Nets, I starting a like affair with that lumbering oaf more and more by the game. Not the prettiest win with that first half and all but at least the Knicks finally dug out from a big hole and came away with the win. A couple days off and then the Cavs come back to the Garden to attempt the season sweep of our Knicks, hopefully the Knicks bring the "not in our house" kind of intensity that they brought in the Magic game and the second half of last night.
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