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Norm MacDonald, Internet Sensation

(via SplitSider)

Norm MacDonald was on Letterman last night, and big surprise - he was great! Really hope the Sports Show with Norm MacDonald lives up to my probably way too high expectations and doesn't get canceled like the other Comedy Central shows ie Stella/Michael and Michael Have Issues that I had ridiculously high expecations for.

2 Wins? That's a Win Streak, Right?

Oh man, when Carmelo Anthony is on, he's on. 39 fpr Melo, 33 for White Socks/Black Shoes Billups, and 23 for STAT, and it's a "win streak" for the Knicks against the Nets in the Nets "Super Bowl."And SHELDEN WILLIAMS had a 6-0 run on the Nets, I starting a like affair with that lumbering oaf more and more by the game. Not the prettiest win with that first half and all but at least the Knicks finally dug out from a big hole and came away with the win. A couple days off and then the Cavs come back to the Garden to attempt the season sweep of our Knicks, hopefully the Knicks bring the "not in our house" kind of intensity that they brought in the Magic game and the second half of last night.

JAMS: Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean

Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean from Fleet Foxes on Vimeo.

(via P4K)

As of this morning, it's a three horse race for record of the first quarter of the year between Destroyer, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and Fleet Foxes. The video for Grown Ocean off Helplessness Blues only helps the cause of Fleet Foxes, it's quality.

Can Your Car or Truck Do a Backflip?

(via Desonesto Doctrine)

Monster truck back flips like whoa.

2 % Northern Exposure + 6 % of Help Me Rhonda +....

(via Blackbook)

The new Bon Iver needs to leak soon. Just sayin'.

Pizza Hut's Latest - Crust Stuffed With Meat

(via Slice)

Congrats Pizza Hut, you've done it again. And by it, I mean you piqued my fatso curiosity for shitty chain pizza one more time with your Stuffed Crust Pizza stuffed with meat (pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and cheese to be specific).

I Woke Up in 1995 Again

I woke up with this song in my head this morning for whatever reason but it's still a jam. Hey guys, do you think Mariah and Dirty "did it?"

Where's Waldo? In Williamsburg?

(via Williamsburg Waldo)

GIF Tuesday: Pugs!



Hey Guys, the Knicks Losing Streak Has Ended

(via SNY)

Now that all the Clyde birthday wishes are out of the way, let's talk about last night. I think everyone on and/or following this Knick team needed that one last night. Before this, the Knicks haven't won since St Patrick's Day and even though the Magic were without a true point guard for most of the game, another victory brings this franchise that much closer to the playoffs. Regardless of how they've been playing of late, a team with Stoudemire (who had the quietest 20 points ever) and Carmelo Anthony (who when he drops 39 points and causes havoc on the defense is a lovable scrumb ) could cause some problems for the Bostons or Miamis of the world where every game is kind of a must win or at least 4 of them in a 7 game series.

Onto some randoms - Chauncey Billups of black sneakers/white socks with the home whites fame, please never take that pull up jumper again in big moments, you're going to give me an anxiety attack. And Jared Jefferies, looks like She-Wil and his lumbering oafness will be taking some minutes but I guess that's what happens when you don't even contest a Jason Richardson's last second 3 point attempt! But good job, Sheldon, that was seriously the best 0 point/6 foul preformance in the history of the game. On that Dwight Howard guy, he's almost the MVP of the league but for such a jovial guy, how is he getting all those techs? But hey, the Knicks won, my cereal tastes sweeter, my coffee tastes stronger, all is kind of right in the world this morning.

Birthday Dishes, Swishes. and Wishes

(via SNY)

Happy Birthday to Walt Frazier, I hope there's a special episode of the Andy and Landry show where they go out with Clyde for his birthday.

June 11th, 2011 - Get Here Now!

No fatso but the 2011 Big Apple BBQ fast pass has been ordered.

RIP Hipster Runoff?

Carles may be gone but you know what they say - always remember, never forget.


Polaroids and Recreation


Bunch of Michael J FOXES up in here.

Listen to the Turtles, Kids



Office Photography: Papermate Flair

Wayyyyyyyy to excited about a new pen/marker at work.

GIF Friday: Tom Haverford's Thunderdome

(via videogum)

DJ Roomba back in full effect, y'all.

Dale Cooper, Harry Truman, and Doughnuts? Hell Yes!

(via Blackbook)

Cooper/Truman/Glazed Doughnuts 4 life.

Scalp Tickets or Stream It? How Bout Scalping Tickets For The Stream?

(via P4K)

Can you say OS Saturday night?

* OS Fridays was when TTP used to put his computer on his TV back in like 2005 before it was the norm so I think not having LCD tickets for the MSG show plus a live steam and the cability to OS something could lead to an OS Saturday night.

Important Sick Day Questions 2: Why am I Not Reading This?


Sick or not, I would most definitely read a Victorian take on The Wire.

Important Sick Day Questions

Sick day question - Why isn't the Turtles cartoon on Netflix Instant?

Jens Lekman's Waiting For Kirsten Dunst

Jens Lekman - Waiting for Kirsten (Live at Nettlefold Hall) from The Line Of Best Fit on Vimeo.

(via Stereogum)

Seriously, Jens Lekman needs to put out a new record like now.

Hot Blog Alert: Pictures I Drew On My Phone


Can your phone draw pictures of Alf, Biggie, Lil' Wayne, 2Pac, Wayne Conye, and Freddie Mercury?

You Expect the Guy in the $3,400 Suit To Run a Dunder Mifflin?

Will Arnett replacing Michael Scott on the Office? As GOB Bluth might say COME ON.

I WANT THIS: Oatmeal Doughnut at Doughnut Plant

(via Serious Eats)

As good as a bowl of Lucky Charms with Very Vanilla soy milk is, this doughnut from the new Doughnut Plant location in the Chelsea Hotel looks like the perfect breakfast this morning

Ice Cream For Lunch? Best Idea Ever x Infinity

(via TDW)

I'm no expert on web comics but this one seems pretty great.

Who is the Real J Peterman?

(via Vulture)

Anytime there's a really good Seinfeld fake trailer, it's getting reblogged.

Hot Blog Alert: Fiddy's Biddies

(via Fiddy's Biddies)

Did you know 50 cent shamelessly flirts on twitter? No, me neither. But anyway, there's a tumblr for it. Internet, "I <3 U."

Finally, It's the Andy and Landry Show

Hey, the Knicks suffered another fiasco of a lost but yesterday saw the premiere of the Andy and Landry show. It's kind of like Troy and Abed in the Morning but with jacked basketball players.

Google Image Search: Louis CK Aziz Ansari

Okay, so there's not a picture of both Louis CK and Aziz together (don't remember if they had any scenes together when Louie guested on Parks and Rec as Dan Sanderson)on google image search but whatever. So here's a picture of Louie who along with Aziz, I'll be seeing tonight. What upppppppp.

Hit Me With Your Genie's Bottle? Okay

Sometime between when the forced sexual tension between Jeff/Britta ended and this little Genie in the Bottle/Hit Me Baby One More Time mixup, Britta became my favorite character on Community.

GIF Friday: More Parks & Rec


Shot gunning funnel cakes? I got to try that some time.

"Bob Dylan" Sings the Charles in Charge Theme

Days/Nights, Wrongs/Rights, Charles in Charge. Good work, Jimmy Fallon as Bob Dylan.

Little Horse is a BIG DEAL, Parks and Rec is a BIGGER DEAL


New York really needs a Harvest Festival with little horses named Lil' Sebastian and Tom Petty playing in the background at the end of the episode err life. Parks and Rec as usual is still the king of Thursday nights, y'all.

Post Blog - mini I WANT THIS: Lil' Sebastian shirt.

Renaming It To St. Toney Douglas Day

I know there are probably some NBA rules that won't allow him to wear the lime green St. Patrick's day sneakers anymore without facing a fine but after tying a Knick record, I wouldn't take off those kicks if I'm Toney Douglas. DWTDD, baby.
Also Amar'e in those black rimmed goggles? WHAT?!? Good win, Knickerbockes. Good win.

2010 Had Pies and Cake, 2011 has Saved By The Bell

(via Desonesto Doctrine)

Who's my Final Four in this year's not college basketball bracket? Rod Belding, AC Slater, Leon Carosi, and Kristy Barnes.

We're Up to $275 for the Bill Murray for Pawnee Mayor fund

I'd throw in an additional 25 bucks for Bill Murray to play Mayor Gunderson on Parks & Rec, just saying. Also Will Forte grew a neck beard? Whatttttttttttt?

St Patrick's Day, OAB Style

St. Patrick's Day breakfast here at the Orange Apple Banana office.

HAHA: The Best of Gus Johnson

(via SNY)

No need to talk about that last night's sequel to the Sunday's Knicks/Pacers fiasco, Knicks/Pacers 2: Tyler Hansbrough, the pride of Indiana strikes again. Instead, happy thoughts like the NCAA tourney! As the video above demonstrates, it doesn't matter what Gus Johnson is calling for the next 3 weeks, I'll be watching.

When I grow up, I want to be these guys

(via Blackbook)

So Jewish and neurotic? Kind of.

I WANT THIS: Caramel Crispies

(via Serious Eats)

I'll take 100 of these to go.

Gorilla Vs. Bear Scores March Madness (Kind Of)

(via Gorilla vs. Bear)

Do you like the NCAA College Basketball tournment? Do you like the music featured on the music blog, Gorilla v. Bear? If the answers to both questions are yes, I think you'll like this.

That's How I Felt When I Found Caramel Cadburry Creme Eggs Last Night

(via NY Mag)

Jubilation, jambalaya, same thing, am I right? Way to go overly excited Nets fan and the appropriately excited New Jersey Nets!

Pizza! Bagel! Pizza! Bagel! Pizza Bagel!

(via Slice)

Suck it Bagel Bites, this pizza bagel is on some next level "pizza on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime" shit.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Barkley-iest of Them All?

(via NBA Off Season)

Chuck had abs? And a cool hat?

JAMS: Childish Gambino - Lights Turned On

This is the anthem right now, Donald Glover straight up killing it.

Google Maps: Dean's Ice Cream Dream World

(via Mass Mirage)

Animals dressed as humans? A city made of ice cream? This is my next vacation destination.

What ever happened to Bill Haverchuck?

(via -SNL Tumblr)

My 10 year high school reunion is coming up soon, it won't be as cool as this.

Landriest of All MSG Promos

I love this MSG Landry Fields promo this much*.

* This much is a lot, people.

40 Something Years Later, Beach Boys' Smile To Be Released

(via P4K)

Get out of bed Brian Wilson circa 1967, the Beach Boys Smile sessions are going to be released.

30 % Deceit and Lies, 100 % What's Up

(via TDW)

Truth be told, I scarfed down a box of tagalongs the other night (they were what's up btw) so I won't go as far as calling the Girl Scouts "b words" but still.

Earthquakes and Tyhoons, or Tsunamis For That Matter - Not Cool

Not cool former WWF Tag Team Champions, the Natural Diasters. Not cool.

I WANT THIS: Chick-Fil-A Banana Pudding Milkshake

It's been way too long since I've had Chick-Fil-A, so two words - Food Trip.

Carmelo Anthony, He Does This

(via Joe Petruccio)

Been waiting a while now to post one of Joe Petruccio's entries, so the day after Carmelo Anthony hits a last second jumper for the win is as good of a time as any to post one.

Thrill-Ho Van Houten, An Appreciation

One of my favorite articles in long time at SplitSider, Milhouse-ian Characters: An Appreciation. And in honor of that, my favorite Milhouse bit from the Simpsons from the season 6 classic, Lisa's Rival.

Gif Wednesday: Costanza Editon

(via Brian Van)

JAMS: Hood Internet - I'm a Flirt 7/4 Shoreline

If there's an Canadian indie rock band/R Kelly mash up Hall of Fame, put this in there.

"When I see an object of great beauty (The State of Indiana), I must possess it" - Rich Guy

"According to Krieger, limousines will be dispatched to escort every Indiana resident, all of whom will be treated to an elegant evening of dinner, dancing, and champagne. Krieger stated that he and Indiana's citizenry would then retire back to his private suite to "enjoy the pleasures of one another's company."

(via the Onion)

How to take Indecent Proposal to the next level? Replace Demi Moore with the entire state of Indiana. Well done the Onion, well done.

Puppy Vs. Inadimate Object, the Sequel

(via TDW)

In the sequel to Pugs vs. Lasers, it's Puppy vs. Ice Cube. And again, we all win!

The Un-Retirement of Tiki Barber

College Co-eds turned Mistresses turned Girlfriends got to eat.

12-15 for 31 Points in 24 Minutes

And a LJ pose? God bless you Amar'e.
* Larry Johnson was in the Garden last night for thats shalacking of the Utah Jazz, so let's all re-watch everyone's (my) favorite play in NBA history.

Parks & Rec, The Movie?

(via Popeater)

Move over Arrested Development: The Movie, I think I found another sitcom turned movie that will never happen to obsess over.

Google Image Search - Garfield Mondays

I'm totally with Garfield regarding his opinion on Mondays today. Blerg.

Ric Flair on House Boats, Center Folds, World Titles, and Whoooooooos

Slick Ric and Mister Perfect, all day every day.

Heat Face Palm & Thoughts on Knicks/Hawks

(via Got Em Coach)

I could go on about the Knicks victory over Atlanta but THIS PHOTO. Lebron and Wade's body language in their duel press conferences over the last week and more tears being shed in that locker room, but I don't think anyone has seen such a tumultuous 43-20 team in March. Those rumors on those tears made it all the way up from Miami to the Knicks locker room in Atlanta where STAT and Melo were speculating that it was one, Christopher Bosh who was once again crying over another last second Heat loss to one of the NBA's best. I don't want to call anyone "soft" but what's going to happen in May when the Heat lose a game 7 to the Knicks or the Bulls or the Celtics or whoever, is Bosh going to be spread out on the press conference table bawling, cradling a basketball?

Okay, I'll talk about the Knicks for a little bit now. No Melo in the 4th, no big deal apparently. As important as Melo and Billups are for the Knicks now, my favorite part of the trade so far is Anthony Carter hitting 3's at the end of quarters and yelling "Tha Carter 3 bitch." Landry Fields last two games were good enough to justify my purchase of a Landry home jersey, 15/4/4, Landryiest of lines, people. Chauncey Billups was channeling Razor Ramon with a toothpick in street clothes was my favorite bench storyline of the evening over Andy Rautins actually dressing. And, Amar'e jump shot really deserves a "That's Amar'e" Post headline sooner or later.

Saturday Sharing JAMS Edition (03/05/11)

Since I'm actually awake and at work on this Saturday morning, no links nor ONN/Portlandia and a bowl of cereal. Instead 5 JAMS, a couple of doughnuts, and some black coffee.

Vivian Girls - Take It As It Comes off the upcoming Share The Joy

LCD Soundsystem - All of My Friends off London Sessions

Paul Simon - Diamond On The Sole of Her Shoes off of Graceland

The Black Keys - Everlasting Light off of Brothers

R Kelly - Ignition (Remix) cause it's the freakin weekend baby bout to work me some overtime.

"Suck It Chunky Monkey" - S. Colbert

Jobs I need to add to my resume, Ice Cream Baron.

Walker, Texas Ranger Doesn't Have a Death Punch

(via SplitSider)

You should really be watching Eagleheart. No excuses, people.

Check It Out Knicks Fan Ink, Bro

(via NBA.com)

Are you in the market for a temporary tattoo sleeve with New York Knicks logos? Okay, you're not? Great. Dennis Money Mania and I aren't either but we'll be at MSG tonight as Melo and the Knicks look to get our win back from last Friday's rough loss against those pesky Cleveland Cavs.

Coaches in Cardigans, I Approve

(via NBA Off Season)

Patrick Ewing and a dude in a cardigan? Stan Van's coaching staff totally makes up for his "I hope I don't have a tomato sauce stain on my collar" swag.

I Really Hope These Don't Taste Like Ass

Why did I buy a box off the Internet without even trying one? Impulse purchase, what uppppppppppppp.

Rog-er Mas-on, Jar-ed Jeff-ries, Mardi-Gras-Gold

(via the Daily News)

A Jared Jefferies chant? A Roger Mason Jr chant? A feel good story about Anthony Carter? Debates about the Hornets colors*?Toney Douglas doing his thing in place of Chauncey Billups' brusied quad? Amar'e and Melo putting up Amar'e and Melo numbers? Blowouts are fun!

* Apparently, the Hornets were wearing Mardi Gras Gold/Creole Blue instead of the "Canary Yellow" that Clyde suggested.