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It's 2011, Why Aren't We Wearing These 1980s "Futuristic" Theads?

(via Gothamist)

More proof that New York was better in the 1980s.

JAMS: Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues by subpop

New Fleet Foxes song? New Fleet Foxes record? A show at the United Palace Theater? Yes, yes, and yes.

You're the One for Me, Mozgov.

(via Daily News)

Sorry Steven Patrick Morrissey, but there's a new Moz in my heart. Moz put up 23 and 14 last night, yes that Timofey Mozgov has 23 points and 14 rebounds, Go Timo Go Timo Go!

I WANT THIS: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pie

Saturday Sharing (01/29/11)

(via Amborg)

Biden on Biden: In a not so surprising development, "real life" Joe Biden approves of the Onion's version of Joe Biden. Of course he does, they are the same person! (via Splitsider)

Carlton Cuse, a year after Lost
: The final season of Lost premiered almost a year ago and now it's gone, kind of like the Hall and Oates song, "She's Gone." Anyway, what's show runner and half of Darlton, Calrton Cuse up to? A Civil War themed show for ABC. (via NY Times)

Ryan Moneyman, Bartender
: What's great - Yankees GM Brian Cashman doning some weird bandana/wig combination and bartending for charity in support of prostate cancer. What's no so great - the New York Yankees still have don't really have a number 4 or 5 starter in their rotation as of January 29th, and I do no count Ivan Nova, Sergio Mitre, or Bartolo Colon and his minor league contract as possible starters. (via NY Mag)

This is not Jellystone, that is definitely not Yogi Bear, that is definitely not a picnic basket : A convicted killer who escaped an Arizona prison planned on going to Yellowstone, taking some smack, and having a bunch of bears have him for a snack. That's one way to die. (via The Awl)

Redeeming qualities of 800 feet of snow on the ground, snow sculptures at High Line: This winter in New York, it seems that we can't go without 3 or 4 days without snow (which kind of sucks) but hey at least with all this snow comes snowmen, snow dogs, and snow mice? (via Gothamist)

Your weekly Tomboy update: Hey look, Panda Bear's Tomboy now has album art! The OAB most anticipated comes out April 12 on Paw Tracks which can't come soon enough. (via Gorilla Vs. Bear)

That reminds me, is there going to be a
Crank 3?: The 16 worst (or best ways) to get killed by Jason Staham played character! Word on the street, and by street, I mean the internet, Crank 3 probably won't be happening which is a bit disappointing. (via Vulture)

Eli Wants His Plax back
: Okay, I know the Giants need help at the linebacker position, the offensive line, and special teams but anytime you can bring back a 6'5 wide reciever who your quarterback threw a Super Bowl winning touchdown pass to, you do it. Well, if you're okay with the whole two and half season layoff because he got sent to jail for shooting himself in the leg thing. (via Deadspin)

And finally, your 2011 Puppy Bowl Starting Lineups: Okay, the Super Bowl has the potential to be a great game with the Packers and the Steelers possibly putting up hundreds of points in Cowboy Stadium which could be really exciting. But I'm way more pumped for the Puppy Bowl. (via Videogum)

Beat The Heat? AC's On, The Heat is Beat!

(via Posting and Toasting)

Straight Agua, Straight Landry "Coach Taylor Calling Landry "Lance" on Friday Night Lights" Fields, everybody. Not sure if this win was better than the Spurs win back in December but MSG definitely had a playoff like atmosphere with the Knicks actually playing playoff like defense for a change with Gallo and Shawne Williams kind of shutting down Lebron, and D-Wade and his Scott Summers visor coming back to Earth in the 4th after an unreal 2nd and 3rd quarters. Hitting 3s when it mattered and Felton's free throws beat the Heat Oh and MSG showed the Van Gundy grabbing Alonzo's leg game while TNT was broadcasting this game. But back to Landry, I think we all agree with the basketball reference page - "the force is strong with this one."

References to the Jordan Flu Game and a Love for Waffles?

(via Hot Math)

You see what Andy is doing to Ron Swanson? That's what I want to do to Parks and Recreation.

I Almost Typed Tracy Jordan on Inside The NBA

Name me a better guest than Tracy Morgan to appear on Inside the NBA to talk Landry "Agua" Fields and Sarah "Masturbation Material" Palin with EJ, Charles, and Kenny? YOU CAN'T!

* Expect a lot more on the Knicks victory over the Heat later on, it's going to be Knicks Parks and Recreation More Knicks Apple Banana today!

DVR The Shit Out Of: A Possible Bob Nastanovich Horse Racing Show

"I'm trying to piece together employment opportunities for next year in the horse racing industry. I had a bunch of jobs, mostly here in Iowa, before I went on tour last year and I'm trying to get them back. I'm also pretty excited that in a few weeks I'm going to go to Las Vegas and start working for the Daily Racing Form, doing videos for their website. They're going to have me go to major racing events, interview people, and try to make it different than a regular sports show. Hopefully, we'll be able to pull off something entertaining and make it onto TV someday."
Bob Nastanovich (via Spin)

Okay, I know there's a lot of unanswered questions about Pavement's future in this interview but I'd totally watch every minute of a "Bob Nastanovich at the Races" show.

"Wide Right! Wide Right" - 8 Year Old Ryan

The Giants winning Super Bowl XXV on Scott Norwood's wide right miss was 20 years ago today, CRAZY.

Grown Up Snow Day? Bumble Approves!

Text messages from work relaying an office closure on the way to the train? WHAT UP ABOMINABLE SNOW MONSTER OF THE NORTH!

I've Been Waiting a Lifetime For a Joe Biden Fist Pump Gif

(via TDW)

Move over Michael Jordan, there's a new king of fist pumps.

I WANT THIS: Flex Donuts

(via Serious Eats)

I think I'll be flexing my muscles by eating some of these donuts sometime between now and when the Grand Central pop up location of Flex closes on February 4th.

I'll Be Your Mirror, I'll Be Your Pre-Ordered Tickets

(via P4K)

MANGUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Portishead's ATP is gonna be like Skate and Surf from the early 2000s but for adults.

Pizza Apple Banana?

(via Slice)

Not to turn this to Pizza Apple Banana, but in regards to ZaZa in Scarsdale - I must go to there.

JAMS: Pavement - Kennel District

Off of 1995's Wowee Zowee. Can Pavement get back together for another reunion tour in support of them being on Ace of Cakes? Is that too much to ask?

Best Topping For Pizza? Pizza, Duh!

(via Reddit)

A pizza topped with pizzas which is topped with more pizzas? I love life.

I Would Have Given It a 5.4 Too

"Gone are the band's geographic puns and tales of the romantic rigors of college freshman, but they're replaced by a professional anonymity that kinda sums up the problem with There Are Rules: When you spent the prime of your career trying to document the contours of post-teen torment, what happens when you no longer have a first-hand view? Get Up Kids likely don't have an answer because none of their peers did either: Jimmy Eat World soldiered on with drastically diminishing returns, Saves the Day alienated almost their entire fanbase with the surprisingly sophisticated pop of In Reverie, the Promise Ring broke up, Hey Mercedes were dead on arrival post-Braid, and Dashboard Confessional just sort of became something beyond judgment. For those of us who spent the tumult of our teen years with their records, we can hear the Get Up Kids and just think of them kindly."
(via P4K)

Usually I just skim Pitchfork reviews (or read that Pitchfork Reviews Review tumblr) after seeing the score like today's Destroyer review but the Ian Cohen's closing paragraph on the Get Up Kids reunion record is right on. Like what are the bands we listened to like 10 years ago supposed to do while we listen to the new Destroyer record or whatever this week's best new music is? Matt Pryor has to eat too!

Goodnight Sweet Prince Coach Rex Ryan

(via KSK)

These are the kind of days in which I wish it was the future so the New York Post had .gif files on it's cover so we can get some sort of punny headline for Rex's reaction after Ben's completion to Antonio Brown on that 3rd and 6 late in the fourth.


(via The Onion)

You know I don't usually blog on Sundays as it is the day of the Lord or whatever BUT the Onion plus Rex Ryan equals an automatic reblog.

Saturday Sharing (01/22/11)

(via Videogum comments section)

"You and your Rex Ryan fan fiction" - Dennis Holden: What can I say but I'm a guy who likes fan fiction about a certain New York Jets head coach. And the continuation of that fan fiction through the Super Bowl bye week and the Super Bowl is among the top 3 Rex Ryan related reasons why I'm picking the Jets over the Steelers this weekend. (via KSK)

Ricky Gervais, a week of being the best
: Of course, he was the best at the Golden Globes. He continues his "bestness" with the claim that "comedy appeals to the intellect and not the emotional." Now that's a claim that I can get on board with. (via Splitsider)

Okay, it is now the future in Park Slope: The fact that there are now solar powered, text messaging trash compactors called "Big Bellies" in Brooklyn leads me to ask one question - WHERE ARE MY FLYING CARS, FUTURE?!?(via Gothamist)

New I'm From Barcelona, Forever Today: OAB's favorite Swedish indie pop band with 27 members returns with Forever Today on April 19th. Hear the lead single, Get in Line over at Pitchfork. (via P4K)

I bet you Rex Ryan uses glisten! More Rex Ryan!: This time, a 20 something Rex with his brother Rob "Moses Rex Ryan" Ryan looking like Magnum PI in an ironic t shirt circa 1983. (via Buzzfeed)

Video Hits One - She & Him's Don't Look Back
: The video for Don't Look Back off Volume 2 is exactly what I imagine the future to look like. Well, without the dance party at the end but with the cloned Zooey back up singers, holographic M Ward, and flying cars. (via Zooey's Miscellany)

I'd go to more Italian weddings if this was the main course: Light meatballs; spinach, grana Padano cheese; fresh mozzarella from Lioni, and hot pepper on a Sicilian Slice at Pizza Cer Te? Consider this eaten! (via Slice)

It would be more of a Sunny Adventure if there wasn't snow everywhere
: I said this about the Tennis record on the tumblr, but something about summery songs in the winter doesn't exactly work. But this new Best Coast song is still kind of a jam. (via Gorilla vs. Bear)

Can't Stop Listening to JAMS: The National - Runaway

Ever since that Matt Saracen/Julie Taylor scene in fake Chicago on last week's Friday Night Lights, this song has been listened to in some form at least twice a day.

Reeses For Breakfast? You Crazy, Crazy Looking Wolf

(via TDW)

I hope this angry wolf meme that I don't quite understand means the Pieces or Cups, and not the cereal which while cramazing is already a staple of my diet.

Ron Swanson, BACK!

(via gene the cow)

Some one put on Arcade Fire's Intervention because the King just took back the throne. The King being Parks and Rec and/or Ron Swanson, shit got brought last night between 9:30 - 10:00 EST.

"A sampling of the roughly 18 million Americans whom Winona Ryder will be allowing to sleep with her"

(via The Onion)

To quote Kenny Jimenez, "<3 The Onion."

How Exactly Do You Tie These?

(via SneakerNews)

The search for new basketball sneakers has now been declared over.

The Macho Man, Shawn Michaels, and Razor Ramon Play Softball

Lesson 1 - You do not pitch to the Macho Man Randy Savage. Lesson 2 - You do not pitch to the Macho Man Randy Savage. 1994 WWF All Stars 1000 - Chicago Media 3.

I WANT THIS: Wet Hot Art

(via Is This Thing On)

While it's framed, two hundrend and fifty dollars, and sold out, I still want this Wet Hot American Summer inspired print.

Aziz Ansari's Parks and Recreation

To quote Aubrey Plaza regarding Aziz Ansari's spiced open Parks and Rec opening, "that was dope."

Muppets!!! Segel!!! Muppets!!!

(via Vulture)

A happy Kermit makes for a happy Ryan. Jason Segel's Muppet movie is OAB Most Anticipated.

Bill Walker Wants In On The Dunk Contest, Talks of Windmills

Chris Brossard is reporting that Bill Walker wants in on the dunk contest if the Bucks' Brandon Jennings can't go. While Walker claims to "an array of windmill dunks," I think he's going to have dunk over Mike D'Antoni, Don Quixote, and an actual windmill to beat Blake Griffin.

Hey David Lynch, I Will Have a Twin Peaks Party

(via The Blue Hoodie)

Parks and Rec Back This Thursday!!!

So I thought Parks and Rec was coming back last Thursday but apparently I didn't get the memo that the super NBC 3 hour comedy Thursday night thing starts THIS Thursday, the 20th and not last Thursday, the 13th. Anyway, Parks and Rec is definitely back this Thursday and Rob Lowe definitely just threw coffee in Aziz Ansari's face.

Cats Forming Like Wu Tang Forming Like Vultran

(via Amber)

Any time a lion is formed like kitty cat Voltron, it's gonna be re-blogged.

Reunited JAMS: Archers of Loaf - Web In Front

(via Sterogum)

Archers of Loaf get together for the first time since '98, and don't fret Web in Front was played.

MLK Day JAMS: Kanye West - Lost In The World/Who Will Survive In America

Off of the platinum, MBDTF. Just repeat it with me, "WHO WILL SURVIVE IN AMERICA?!?"over and over again on this MLK Day.

Saturday Sharing (01/15/11)

(via Brooklyn Vegan)

MJ, He's Still Got It: A woman may or may not have fainted because Michael Jordan entered a restuarant to have lunch with Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly. I may have the same reaction if John Starks enters Shake Shack this afternoon. (via NY Post)

DVR Alert - The Onion's SportsDome
: Any show with a references to a Hedo Turkoglu reality show and A-Rod's soon to be smash Broadway hit, "The Overcomings of Andre" lives up to all my ridiculous expectations for an Onion TV show spoofing Sportscenter. (via With Leather)

I never thought I'd say this but I don't want the Arrested Development movie to happen
: On the topic of ridiculous expectations, Arrested ended 5 years ago now with Ron Howard speculating that Maeby's story might work as a movie, and it might. But at the same time, it might not because we all want it to be the "greatest thing ever" instead of being "pretty good" which I think most fans would be very upset about. (via Splitsider)

Sometimes the food is better than the football
: You only kind of like football (if that) but really love food, here's the list of New York bars you should go to make the most of this Divisional Playoff weekend. (via The Awl)

Even more ridiculous expectations, Panda Bear's Tomboy: Tomboy, the follow up to Panda Bear's 2007's Person Pitch will be released on April 19th on Paw Prints. Get excited, people. (via Brooklyn Vegan)

It's never "too soon"
: The Onion puts it spin on that "Nut Job who tried to kill that Congresswoman" (my words, not theirs) but yeah, laughter as usual heals everything. (via The Onion)

Is it okay to listen to Bright Eyes when you're pushing 30? Sometimes
: I listen to Bright Eyes in what seems like the first time in 3 or 4 years thanks to this article, so good job by you, "Taste Has Never Met Shame" article. (via The Awl)

Bill Murray, Thespian

(via TDW)

I Will Base My Jets/Pats Prediction on Punny Newspaper Covers and Punny Newspaper Covers Only

The Boston Metro's "Rex Ryan has a thing for feet"/Ricky Gervais is hosting the Golden Globes, and I really think that Ricky is gonna do a good job with it.


Or the NY Post's Return of the Jeti cover with Darth Belechek, Pat Troopers, Joe Namath as Yoda, Revis who should have been Lando but is instead is just some random jedi cornerback, and Mrs. Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez as Belechek's kids. Only thing miss would be L2T2 and Shawn Greene-PO but Rex Solo took up a lot of space.

Anyways, as much as I like the whole "Rex Ryan, Foot Fetish Fan" joke, you can't beat Nick Mangold as a Ewok. Jets 27 - Pats 24.

Shake Shacked Up?

SOMETHING ABOUT THE BREAD! Or is it that Shake Shack is just the best? I'm going with it being the best.

I WANT THIS: Knicks' "The D'Antones" Shirt

(via NBA Off-Season)

Can the Melo-drama end so I can possibly purchase this shirt or the one where it says Carmelo instead of Wilson/Gallo/Landry/First Round Pick/Eddy Curry's Expiring Contract or whatever the Knicks would potentially give up for Carmelo Anthony if/when the deal happens (it's not happening).

Two of My Favorite Things - Maps and Food

(via TDW)

New York, the Pizza state. I like the ring of that.

GIF City: Blake Griffin Might Kill Miami Heat Point Guard, Mario Chalmers

Something happened between Blake and the Heat's Mario Chalmers last night, and I just going to make an assumption here but I think we might not heard from Mr. Chalmers for a long time if things escalated past this gif.

If only 2Pac commissioned a MS Paint Cover for All Eyez On Me

(via Animal NY)

Hello flickr gallery of album covers in MS paint form. Goodbye Wednesday afternoon productivity.

Indie Rock Brawl on Colbert

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
MeTunes - Grammy Vote - Dan Auerbach, Patrick Carney & Ezra Koenig
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogVideo Archive

In any indie rock brawl, my money is always on the band with numbers. So in this case two Black Keys are greater than one Vampire Weekender.

Walt "Clyde" Frazier Dresses Conservatively, Knicks Still Win

(via Posting and Toasting)

"The goggles, they do nothing!" - Rainier Wolfcastle and/or Bill Walker.

Even though there was no animal print suit worn by every one's favorite color man, it was still another good w for the Knicks against the Trailblazers and their dumb little three goggles thingy. Semi related on the Melo front but I didn't know that the technology to intercept text messages from one really good basketball player to the another really good basketball player who happens to be in the middle of trade rumors existed, but I'm glad it does.

How 'bout a quadruple decker?

(via Serious Eats: NY)

Memo to 'wichcraft, I kind of had the idea for a triple decker Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich in 6th grade or so, so could I get some royalities on your $4.95 PB&J on pullman bread?

The Perfect Gift For a Soon To Be 30 Year Old Women

(via I'm Remembering)

My sister is turning 30 in a couple of months, I think we all know what she'll be getting! A Beverly Hills 90210 version of Twister.

"He Had To Be Twenty Feet In The Air" - Me

(via Get Banged On)

And that's why Derrick Rose should be voted one of your two starting guards along side Raymond Felton for the Eastern conference squad for this year's NBA All Star game.

JAMS: Destroyer - Kaputt

Kind of want to live inside the new Destroyer record, Kaputt this morning.

John Slattery, Bull Riding Afficiando

(via Gothamist)

I would totally watch an episode of Mad Men next season where Roger Sterling goes to see Bull Riding at the Garden. So get to writing it, Matthew Weiner.

More Walt Frazier Fashion Blogging

I knew about the leopard suit but PYTHON BOOTS?!? Clyde Frazier, can we go shopping together?

DVR Alert: Pavement on Ace of Cakes

(via P4K)

Malkmus! Nastanovich! Central Park reunion tour shows that I attended! Horse Shaped Cakes with the Quarantine the Past cover art! Consider the January 2oth Pavement themed Ace of Cakes episode DVRed.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" - The Ultimate Warrior

I really want to get a time machine and hang out with the Ultimate Warrior and his teammates on the 1989 Ultimate Warriors, they like a good time.

Saturday Sharing (01/8/11)

Saturday Sharing is BACK, and so is Delocated (sooner or later): Sorry gang but the whole Christmas and New Year's day falling on back to back Saturdays kind of cramped Saturday Sharing's style. What's not cramping it's style is Jon Glaser's masterpiece, Delocated got picked up for a third season by Cartoon Network/Adult Swim. So season 3 will premiere sometime in the semi distant future so it gives you a chance to actually um watch Delocated, since you really should. (via De(B)lo(G)ated)

There's Philly Cheesesteaks, then there's Michael Sho, and then there's the rest
: We at OAB (me) love sandwiches, we at OAB (me) love Michael Showalter, so we (me) should love Michael Showalter talking about the 5 best sandwiches across the country. (via Paper Mag)

I always knew Al Queda was behind BIG's death
: Word has it that the FBI is now involved in the Christopher Wallace murder investigation a whole 13 years later. One theory, Osama Bin Laden's fingerprints were all over Biggie's death. So add the murder of the greatest rapper of all time to the list of reasons why that random dude was hunting OBL back in June of last year. (via Vulture)

Ariel Pink played the Big Apple Circus, it was kind of a circus
: The whole indie rock bands playing the Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center had me intrigued, not enough to buy a ticket but definitely enough to look at some pictures on a blog. Also I'm kind of digging the whole " Ariel Pink is kind of a dick at shows," it's entertaining. (via Brooklyn Vegan)

The Definitive Stephen Marbury in China Article
: Starbury averages 16 points/6 assists per game for the Foshon Dralions and lives "an isolated life" while playing ball in the Far East. Let's back for a second through, he plays for the Dralions, a team based on a hybrid of a Lion/Dragon, yes a LION AND A DRAGON! Chinese basketball everybody. There's a lot more "goodies" in the article which is already the front runner for web article in the year in the non existent Orange Apples and Bananas. (via NY Mag)

When I Need Dating Advice, I too Go to Joe Biden
: "No dates until your 30" unless you're turning 18 and are interesting in a romantic evening with this guy, that's perfectly acceptable. (via ABC News)

Get A Time Machine - Freaks and Geeks, Season 2
: Every wonder whatever happened to Daniel Desario, Nick Andopolis, Bill Haverchuck, and Weirs childen? Imagine no more, well you have to use your imagination a little to fill in for the actual show bit still Bill gets a steady girlfriend! (via SplitSider)

Google Image Search: The Real Ghostbusters Cartoon

I'm not sure why but cartoon Egon having blonde hair makes me irrationally angry for some reason.

DVR Alert: Season 3 of Parks and Rec

Parks and Rec is back next Thursday! Tom Haverford shouting "suck it"! Best sitcom in the world on your television screens! CAN'T WAIT!

Shawn Bradley Gets Dunked On (Again and Again)

(via Get Banged On)

Did you know Shawn Bradley once put up a 22 points, 22 rebounds, 13 blocks, and went 10 for 10 from the line game? Did you also know he got dunked on, a lot.

Kanye West Retires, Moves To Iowa, Gets Self Esteem, Makes Cookies

"West whips up a batch of snickerdoodles to hand out to his new neighbors because "everyone loves cookies."

Damn right, The Onion's Retired Version of Kanye living in Iowa - everyone loves cookies and everyone should love this Onion article.


(via Got Em Coach)

To reiterate something I said in an email chain about Blake Griffin's foray into dunk contests, "I am all for Blake Griffin in dunk contests and in life in general." I'm also all for Antonio McDyess still having a NBA career at the age of 47.

I WANT THIS: Grilled Cheese with Chorizo and Bacon at Eggs Travaganza

(via Serious Eats)

12 blocks and a couple avenues over? That's not that far to go for lunch, right?

Walt "Clyde" Blazer and The Knicks Beat The Spurs

Whoever sold Walt that blazer needs to sell him like 48 or how many more Knicks broadcasts he's working more. A season high 31 for Chandler, and 28 for both STAT and Felton, suck on that Tim Duncan!

I Hope This Is A Jay Leno Headline

(via Amber)

Oh dag.

Trasher, Your Best Bird?

(via Business Insider Sports Page)

If I ever get married between periods at an Atlanta Thrashers game, I want Thrash, the Atlanta Trashers mascot to be my best man. Or at least have one of my friends dressed up as Thrash if the mascot is unavailable.

No One Can Wear a Sweater Vest Like MJ

(via Got Em Coach)

What's better than getting Michael Jordan cologne for Christmas? MJ in a sweater vest on the sidelines of a Bobcats game wearing Michael Jordan cologne.

Woof Woof, Ham Ham, Haw Haw, Mung Mung

(via TDW)

Kind of wish my dog barked Romanian.

Everybody Knows I'm a Mother F'n Muppet

(via Vulture)

Muppets + Kanye = First OAB post of 2011.