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The Four Seasons of Smoot.. Err Smoove

"While a man of refined tastes such as Smoove may appreciate the highest quality silk shirts and Keith Sweat CDs, he must also appreciate the power of nature if he is to stoke the flame in a woman's heart so that it threatens to burn out of control. Only an experienced love man can helicopter in, keep that fire contained, and use it to clear away any unwanted underbrush so that the woman's heart can grow back stronger than ever before. It is then that she can be hit doggy style all night."
- Smoove B
(via The Onion)

Smoove B's open letter to the Onion entitled "The Four Seasons Of Smoove" may be my favorite non Joe Biden thing the Onion has published in forever. And is it me or does Smoove look like an "All Grown Up" version of Stefan Urquelle?
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