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GSP and Koshcheck, Who's Gonna Run This Town

OAB hardly ever talks MMA but I've been waiting since May for GSP versus Josh Koscheck for the UFC Welterweight title. December 11th, it's going down.

JAMS: Reading Rainbow - Always on My Mind

READING RAINBOW always on my mind from amanda finn on Vimeo.

(via Gorilla v. Bear)

Really digging the video for Reading Rainbow's "Always On My Mind."

James Franco, Oscar Host?


Google Image Search - Neon Deion

Watching way too much NFL Network right now on "doing nothing vacation," it's all about Prime Time on NFL Gameday Final. Seriously though, how crazy was it that Deion Sanders (and Bo Jackson to the same degree) were two sport stars.

Saturday Sharing (11/27/10)

(via TIWYF)

The Free Agency of Derek Sanderson Jeter: Will Derek Jeter be nickeled and dimed by the Steinberner brothers? Bill Simmons and his friend, Jack O talk about the possibility of Derek Jeter not being resigned by the New York Yankees. Plus NBA talk with Marc Stein! (via Sports Guy World)

Must buy Doggie Christmas Presents - Shih Tzu Shoes
: Kitten Mittens for Dogs? BOUGHT! (via TDW)

What you're throwing up this Thanksgiving weekend
: Leftovers, Adderal, Pie, The Usual, or Orange Juice due to coughing too much, everyone including myself have been throwing up something this weekend.(via The Awl)

Give the President a busted lip, that's a technical
: Dennis wants Gus Johnson to call out pick up basketball games, I'd rather use of fantasy invite on President Obama to be our 6th or 8th man for our games just to see Dave Aboudi d up on the President. (via Deadspin)

Remember Wacky Races, It's like that but with Video Game Characters
: Sonic, Mario, Marty and Doc, Samis, Donkey and Diddy, and a bunch of other old video game characters that I forgot have a race, who you got? (via TDW)

Pie Shakes and the best non Chik-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich around?
: Hill Country Chicken apparently makes the best chicken sandwich in New York, you know what we must do now. (via Midtown Lunch)

New Get Up Kids record? Whatttttttttt?
: 2001 Ryan is stoked that the Get Up Kids are putting out a new record in 2011. (via Stereogum)

Should have gotten a patent
: A couple months ago, I was talking up the idea of a ice cream sandwich with pop tarts as the bread. And now it's on This Is Why You're Fat. (via TIWYF)

Screw Shopping, It's Seinfeld Friday

New Black Friday Tradition, doing nothing and watching Seinfeld re-runs.

Never Trust An Aryan or a Jock

(via SplitSider)


Happy T-Gives Everyone!

Aren't we all a little bit like the Peanuts gang? We all have our own personal Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, and Pig Pen, Sally, what have you. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving y'all, go eat all the ice cream, pop corn, and turkey you can eat today!

Kanye West and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, Best Buds

(via Brookyln Vegan)

Okay guys, Kanye West played Bowery Ballroom last night and apparently Bon Iver's Justin Vernon was on stage with him for most of the show doing whatever he does on Kanye's new record. Vulture has this really interesting interview with Vernon where he talks about going to Hawaii to work on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - in particular, there's an anticdote about Kanye picking up Vernon after the 12 hour flight from MSP to Honolulu, and them playing some pick up basketball. Kanye and Bon Iver shooting hoops in Hawaii, most definitely the highlight of pop culture related sporting events in 2010. Oh apparently, Justin Vernon will be on Kanye's Thanksgiving Day Parade float where they'll preform "The Woods" sampled, "Lost in the World."

Important Convos About Pugs in Tuxedos

Me: "He should have been in the wedding party instead of Ricardo."
Brian: "Imagine if we had taken a pug in a tux and tophat to Montreal with us."
Me: "Best idea ever."

The NBA At It's Finest

(via Fat Shawn Kemp)

Love Mike D'Antoni and his mustache but I can't see him going Van Gundy and grabbing Chris Bosh's leg in the Heat/Knicks brawl of 2012.


(via Serious Eats)

I know it didn't get a great review from Serious Eats but the Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger from Whitman's seems to be the greatest idea in the history of the culinary arts.

Charles Bronson is The Hipster Killer

(via Vulture)

I do in fact want to hear that gentleman's playlist.

It's an Emotional Time on Monday Night Raw

One young fan was not happy about the events that transpired on Monday Night Raw last night. Not happy at all.

Jordan Palmer, His Brother's Back Up

How have I not known that Carson Palmer's back up on the Bengals is his brother, Jordan Palmer? I really should be keeping more up to date with the roster of the Cincinnati Bengals.

It's All About Big Ernie McCraken

(via TDW)

Pitchfork's 10 out of 10 rating for Kanye West's MBDTF

(via Jack Nagel)
I saw a couple of tumblr posts this morning on the train abouth Pitchfork's score of the new Kanye record but I didn't believe it. I still don't quite believe it but as I said on my Tumblr, we can already give My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy the award for the best rap record of the entire 2010's decade in 2010.

Saturday Sharing (11/20/10)

(via Laughing Squid)

Get rid of that Keurig, Get a Clever Dripper: The Coffee situation at your office got you down? Serious Eats has some serious fixes for you coffee nerds. Coffee Nerds, is that a thing now? (via Serious Eats)

Fine Art - Laser Cat Murals in San Francisco
: See the above photo, it needs to go above my imaginary fire place. (via Laughing Squid)

: Whether these mock up designs for the Nike Pro Combats are fake or not, they all look like XFL uniforms from 2075. (via Business Insider)

We Have to Go Back (to Gettysburg): One half of famed Lost masterminds, Darlton, Carlton Cuse is working on a Civil War themed "event television" show for ABC. Color me exited. (via Vulture)

Wavves busted for Insider trading
: Psych, Nathan Williams of Wavves was arrested for possession of pot in Germany. Shocker of the year. (via P4K)

Your Thanksgiving Night - Leftover Turkey Sandwiches and Rex Ryan: Jets Tight End, Dustin Keller (of The David Bowies: Fantasy Teams Need Lawyers edition) writes an essay about preparing to play on Thanksgiving for the first time as a pro. It's a shame that the Bengals and the Cowboys turned out to be kind of shitty this year, as when the schedules came out earlier in the year, we were all pumped for Saints/Cowboys and Jets/Bengals but now the most exciting Thanksgiving game this year looks to be the Patriots at the Detroit Lions. I repeat the Detroit Lions. (via 5th Down Blog)

Community's Christmas Claymation Spectacular looks Spectacular
: With Delocated off the air and Parks and Recreation coming back in January, the title of best sitcom on TV currently goes to Community. As I think we all can agree it's been killing it on Thursday night week in and week out this season. On tap for Christmas, everyone's favorite study group goes all stop motion and Abed learns the true meaning of Christmas. CAN'T WAIT. (via SplitSider)

Illinois versus Northwestern or El Fuego: Back in my illustrious flag football career, sometimes when it rained prior to the game, we only played with one end zone since the other other end zone was deemed unplayable. That's the case with the Illinois/Northwestern game today at 3:30 on ESPNU, except for the fact it's being played at Chicago's Wrigley Field. (via With Leather)

Jams: Robyn - When Doves Cry

(via Stereogum)

So I finally bought into Robyn after all the hype. Body Talk 3 is what's up. What's also what's up? Her cover of the Purple Rain classic, When Doves Cry.

Me, Snoopy, and that 9 to 5 Grind

(via Amborg)

I feel like Snoopy - all day, every day.

Must Be The Shoes

(via Animal New York)

Not gonna lie, really want those red, white, and blue Adidas even if they've been splattered on and worn in from 12 years worth of graffiti.

Master of Puppies Are Playing with Strings


17 year old Ryan loved Master of Puppets, 27 year old Ryan loves Master of Puppies. I think we can all agree that my tastes have evolved for the better.

* I still love Master of Puppets though, Battery will always be a jam.

Greg Oden's Knees Get Him Again

Greg Oden out for the year? Needs microfracture surgery? No way. Yes way.

OAB Bookclub - Jared Allen's the Quarterback Killer's Cookbook

(via The Awl)
You mean to tell me there's no recipe with a killed quarterback?Oh wait I see it on page 28, Vinny Testaverde Tenderloin Steak.

The Four Seasons of Smoot.. Err Smoove

"While a man of refined tastes such as Smoove may appreciate the highest quality silk shirts and Keith Sweat CDs, he must also appreciate the power of nature if he is to stoke the flame in a woman's heart so that it threatens to burn out of control. Only an experienced love man can helicopter in, keep that fire contained, and use it to clear away any unwanted underbrush so that the woman's heart can grow back stronger than ever before. It is then that she can be hit doggy style all night."
- Smoove B
(via The Onion)

Smoove B's open letter to the Onion entitled "The Four Seasons Of Smoove" may be my favorite non Joe Biden thing the Onion has published in forever. And is it me or does Smoove look like an "All Grown Up" version of Stefan Urquelle?

Liz Lemon Flavored Nerds

(via Vulture)

"You crazy, Liz Lemon and Jacky D portrait made out of Nerds candy." - Tracy Jordan

1000 Posts for a Good Cause - MOVEMBER

So Orange Apple Banana hits 1000 posts, pretty rad, right? You know what else is pretty rad - MOVEMBER! For the month of November, I shaved off that beard pictured in that Polaroid taped to the side of the blog and started growing a mustache, here's how it looks on day 16. But I'm sure you're asking - Ryan, why are you doing this? Well, ’m doing this because 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in his lifetime, further more 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime and that includes my dad. This fight is a one that I feel passionately about and I’m asking you to support my efforts by making a donation to support the great work of the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG. So click the link to my MoSpace page (kind of like MySpace but with Mustaches and in 2010) and donate as it'd mean the world to me, y'all.

The Beatles Discography in GIF Form

(via Amayzing)

So The Beatles are on iTunes now, you don't say.

SUFJAMS: Sufjan Stevens - Impossible Soul

From the first night of two at New York's Beacon Theatre, night two which I attended saw what seemed to be an endless supply of balloons bouncing during the Sufjan Dance Party/the closer to The Age of Adz.

Letters from Ryan: Dr. Mario Edition

(via I'm Remembering)

Dear Dr. Mario,

Please take care of this cold I'm fighting so I can see Sufjan bust out some SUFJAMS tonight without sniffling every 40 seconds.

Your patient,

SNL Jams: Arcade Fire - Sprawl 2: Mountains Beyond Mountains

A few things about Arcade Fire's performance of Sprawl 2: Mountains Beyond Mountains off of The Suburbs - 1) This song will never get old. 2) I think I watched like 5 times in a row after getting home from Brian's Birthday dinner/Board Game night. 3) I need to get one of those neon blinking blazers that they were wearing. 4) The SNL performance reaffirms Afif's claim that Jimmy from Boardwalk Empire stole Win Butler's look. 5)) Win and Regine at the end, awwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeee.

Cookie Monster in a Bed Full of Cookies

(via Amborg)

That Cookie Monster always breaking rules.

Saturday Sharing (11/13/10)

(via De(B)lo(G)cated)

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Lego Christmas tree: Okay, I know it's November 13th and it's not officially Christmas season but if a house two blocks from my apartment can have those giant inflatable X-Mas decorations set up, I can post about making a Lego Christmas tree in Saturday Sharing. (via Gizmodo)

If you're ever in Mount Vernon, New York - Lincoln Lounge gets the highest of the high recommendations from OAB
: I probably have the square pie from Lincoln Lounge twice a year and each time, I'm like I should have this more often. Anyway, if you never had it - it's pizza in the shape of a square with sauce but with sliced tomatoes, along with cheese, a boatload of garlic. Imagine amazing because this pizza pretty much is. (via Slice)

Speaking of the highest of high recommendations, Delocated Season 2
: If you read the Orange Apple Banana tumblr (you should read the tumblr), you know I loved the second season of Adult Swim's Delocated. The "David's Girlfriend" episode was especially great so check out some behind the scene pics of the amazing Good Guys and their amazinger satin jackets. (via De(B)lo(G)cated)

The most depressing Greg Oden article you'll read this week (and it's not the Onion piece on Greg)
: We here at OAB (me) really like Greg Oden even if he's oft injured, has to wear orthotics, and people in the Blazers locker room mute TNT whenever Kevin Durant is mentioned during the halftime show. And we (me) really hope that he comes back healthier and better than ever this season because well I don't want the dude to be remember as Sam Bowie 2.0. (via SI)

Dunking Oreos will never be the same again: Patent pending, The Dipr may or may not revolutionize how we eat cookies and milk. (via TDW)

The New York Times profiles Joe Biden
: The Onion's version of Vice President has so much swagger that there's an article about him in the New York Times. Take that parody of former Vice President, William A Wheeler. (via New York Times)

How you going to do that, Union Square's TGI Fridays
: If I owned a restaurant, I'd give Veterans a free beer on Veteran's Day and Veteran's Day Weekend because well, Veterans are pretty good guys/gals. Also that restaurant won't be the Union Square location of TGI Fridays as they aren't following the TGI Friday protocal of hooking up Vets on Veterans Day. (via The Awl)

Update on the new Muppet Movie mentioned in last week's Saturday Sharing
: In addition to Jason Segal, Flight of the Conchords' Bret Mackenzie is also pictured with all your favorite Muppets in anticipation for next year's latest Muppet movie. (via SplitSider)

Did Jerry Jones forget to put on his Ed Hardy shirt
: So in a week where he fired Wade Phillips as head coach and promoted former Giant back up Quarterback, Jason Garrett to interim head coach, Jerry Jones also found to hang at a Las Vegas night club with some "hotties." Good for Jerry Jones! Not so good for Jerry Jones, his Cowboys getting destroyed by the New York Football Giants this weekend. (via With Leather)

Community and it's next level Gifs Part 2

(via Julvett)

Annie's Boobs taking the pen is on some "Annyong is hiding on in the walls of Lucile's Penthouse and is contact with the SEC" from Season 3 of Arrested Development level shit. Also from last night's Must See TV Thursdays - PUPPY PARADE!!!! John Slattery as Congressional Candidate STEVE AUSTIN!!!! LETHAL WEAPON 5!!!! RON SWANSON*!!!

* I know Ron Swanson and Parks & Rec isn't back yet but we can pretend, right?

Dreaming Up New Seasonal Lattes

(via Pearls and Grace)

So follow me here - whenever I'm trying to lose weight my sub conscience always seems to have junk food on it's mind and last night/early this morning was no different. I was dreaming that i was in a Starbucks and they had a bunch of the Holiday season themed lattes available like Gingerbread latte, the White Pepperment latte, and Eggnog latte but then there was a S'MORES LATTE which I totally got and it was incredible (in my dream). So get to it Starbucks, make the S'Mores latte real so like that Neutella ice cream sandwich I dreamed about in the spring.

Pre-Order Jams: Panda Bear - Last Night At The Jetty

(via FatCat Records)

I remember vividly thinking "this song is a jam" when I saw Panda Bear preform "Ponytail" into "Last Night At The Jetty" on 9/11 and now you can pre-order the 7 inch from Fat Cat Records in anticipation to Panda Bear's release of Tomboy sometime in the hopefully near future.

Rex Ryan is His Brother's Twin's Twin

(via KSK)

My friend, Justin thinks I hate Rex Ryan with a passion because I was bitching about how much coverage the Jets were getting over the summer when I thought that the Giants would be "sneaky good*" coming into the season. And even though he won't be reading this since I don't particularly think he understands how to work a computer nor does he have knowledge that OAB exists - I want to say Justin, I don't hate Rex Ryan, I like him a lot for reasons such as dressing up as his brother, Rob "Moses Rex Ryan" Ryan and inspiring the KSK Rex Ryan character.

* Yeah, the 6-2 Giants are no longer "sneaky good" but rather, just really good.

Not Teenage or Ninja, Just a Mutant Turtle

(via The Awl)

Two headed turtles like whoa.

Expensive Sneakers and the NBA Players Who Wear Them

(via Business Insider/Hoops Hype)

Where is FILA and why isn't Danillo Galinari endorsing them?

Ciroc, The Rob Thomas of Vodka

Aziz. Diddy. And that first shot of Ciroc on a party van shuttling one from Central Park to Kenny's Wedding Reception in Astoria. All smooth.

OAB Book Club - Boomer Esiason's Toss

(via The Awl)

The Jeff Johnson/David Roth weekly convo, Yakkin About Football at the Awl is probably my favorite football related read week in and week out this season. Uncovered this week is Boomer Esiason's Toss, "an exciting, entertaining thriller filled to the brim with succulent slices of football high and low life."

And So That's What Happened to Special Agent Dale Cooper

(via Vulture)

So he finally got out of the Black Lodge eventually, ditched Heather Graham for a trophy wife, and got really into boats.

Dunkin Donuts Latest and Greatest - Sausage Pancake Bites

The Young and Hungry try Dunkin Donuts Sausage Pancake Balls from Jena Steinbach on Vimeo.

(via The Young and the Hungry)

Are you curious about the Sausage Pancake Bites from Dunkin Donuts but you're involved in an overly competitive weight loss challenge with your friends like me? Good thing a blog like the Young and the Hungry exists and that they give us the not so skinny on the cold sausage fried in pancake batter and probably put in a Dunkin Donuts Microwave for 30 seconds bites.

Fired Joe Morgan

It's always a good day when a blog's purpose is fullfilled.

Saturday Sharing (11/6/10)

(via Splitsider)

From this position, I can watch this music video: The story behind LCD Soundsystem's video, Pow Pow starring Up In The Air's Anna Kendrick is way more interesting (MTV paying for videos hoping to bring back that larger than the life video like November Rain or what have you than the actual video itself but was that a Twin Peaks' Black Lodge reference? (via Stereogum)

Hey, who wants turdeck... OH NO, THE GARAGE IS ON FIRE: A turdecken is a great idea until your deep fryer (or possibly your garage) goes up in flames. (via The Awl)

Possible Lunch Location - La Biblioteca’s Tequila Bar: You know me, I love me some tacos, and I love me some walking across the street and from my office for lunch and going into the basement bar of some fancy restuarant. So this is probably going to happen. (via Midtown Lunch)

Those Wilde men look a hell of a lot like the Bluth Boys
: Jeffery Tambor is playing Will Arnett's dad again, this time on Running Wilde which is kind of kind of great even though it's kind of hard watching a show that may or may not be on life support. Now let's just get Bateman, Cera, Jessica Walter, Tony Hale, Portia Di Rossi, and Alia Shakwart on board and change the last name from Wilde to Bluth. (via Splitsider)

People to trade live with - Jason Segal: First look at Jason Segal and his co-stars, the Muppets in the upcoming Muppets movie due out Christmas Day, 2011. (via TDW)

Deerhunter brings the jams to America Online's Spinner
: Deerhunter stops by Spinner's The Interface to play a couple of songs off Halcyon Digest, and as you might expect Helicopter into He Would Have Laughed is quite good. (via P4K)

Louie CK played Carnegie Hall
: Seriously, who doesn't love Louie CK right now? Jerks, that's who. (via Videogum)

The New York Giants seemingly always 5-2: In the 7 years of the Tom Coughlin era (seriously, TC has been the coach of the G-Men for 7 years), the Giants have been 5-2 six times. With Eli leading the NFL in TD passes with Drew Brees, Ahmad Bradshaw leading the league in rushing, Hakeem The Dream tied for the lead in TD catches, and the Defense taking out Quarterbacks at a ridiculous rate, the future is looking good for the Giants (as long as they stop turning the ball over). (via NY Times)

I WANT THIS: Charles Barkley Print from Free Darko

(via Free Darko)

Currently reading Free Darko's The Undistributed Guide to Pro Basketball History, and I really want that Barkley print.

Really Considering Buying My Dog a Peacoat

(via RoverDog on Etsy)

Please talk me out of this, I don't want to become one of those people. I beg you.

Do You Like Dogs? Do You Like Turntables? Then You'll Like This.

(via Obsolete)
I think you now what im doing tonight - putting my dog on my turn table and recreating this gif.

Kanye's Return to Greatness Tour's Next Stop - The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

(via Gothamist)

All I want for Thanksgiving is a a giant Kanye West ballon floating down 6th avenue and/or some candied yams.

You Better Work, Cause I Did

You Better Work from Jake Myers on Vimeo.

Suck it weight loss challengers, this is the work out I did last night. Fueled by The Hood Internet, dudes with facial hair, and a couple of cute girls because you best know Ryan worked (as in "You Better Work").

I WANT THIS: Cookies and Cream Icebox Pie

(via Taste Spotting)
This will so be made/eaten when the weight loss challenge I'm doing with my friends is over on Decemeber 23rd.

OAB Most Anticipated: Tennis - Cape Dory

(via Gorilla vs. Bear)

The houseboat living, Tennis drop Cape Dory on January 18, 2011 on Fat Possum.

What's More Important? Being a Rich Teenager or the Life of Becky the Duck?

(via LOLSlater)

Having Belding as your butler or not having the spirit of a dead duck haunt you at night? Zach Morris had the toughest decisions.

JUNK FOOD MATH: Pizza + Cheesesteak = Pizza Cheesesteak Taco

(via NPR)

I think I blogged about this before BUT CHEESESTEAK PIZZA TACO, you guys. :Shakes fist about agreeing to that weight loss challenge:

Good Night Sweet Prince Governor Paterson

New York elects a new Governor today but truth be told, David Paterson or rather, Fred Armisen's David Paterson will always be the Governor of the State of New York according to this blog. I really wish someone would set a youtube clip of all of Paterson's SNL apperances to Boys II Men's "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday," make it happen Internet.

Fantastic (Costumes)!

(via Brooklyn Vegan)

Kudos to whoever are behind those Mr. and Mrs. Fox costumes, those are what's up.

JAMS: Jens Lekman and David Byrne Cover "You Can Call Me Al" (Seperately)

Double dose of JAM today with two covers of the Graceland classic.

GIF Monday - Barf, Just Barf

RYAN: Dee came out of the bathroom in her new outfit feeling quite saucy.
SWEET DEE: Call me a bird all night. Makin’ fun, sayin’ names. Let’s see who’s sexy now, dickwads, ‘cause I look good.
LIAM: Dee was clearly on a warpath to prove to one of you that she was indeed sexy.
RYAN: And the best way to do that was to trick one of you two into making love to her.
LIAM: Knowing that Charlie was the weakest, and by far the most vulnerable, she assumed he would be the easiest to take advantage of.
RYAN: And so, she took Charlie into the back office and had her way with him. You should see the look on your face
LIAM: It’s good enough to eeeeeat.
CHARLIE: No. Hold on a second. That wasn’t me.
RYAN: What?
CHARLIE: That wasn’t me! I switched costumes with Dennis. That was Dennis.
FRANK: So Dennis thought Deandra was the peacock chick?
MAC: And Dee thought that Dennis was Charlie?
CHARLIE: So Dee thinks that I’m the dad, but Dennis, you’re the dad!
RYAN & LIAM: Delightful.
DENNIS: Oh, shit. I’m gonna be sick.
LIAM: Go. Do it. Feel it. Let it out.
CHARLIE: Let’s just get— Let’s just get outta here.
LIAM: Don’t flush.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 6.07: “Who Got Dee Pregnant?”

Really wish they didn't cop out with Dennis being the father of Dee's baby, would have been the all time greatest thing ever on It's Always Sunny.

Your Halftime Show - Patrick Ewing's Secret Popcorn Trick

(via Got 'Em Coach)

Patrick Ewing was eating popcorn without hands during halftime of the Heat/Magic game, that man will be a head coach in the NBA in no time.