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Saturday Sharing (09/25/10)

(via The Daily What)

Joel Godard, give me a beat: Kind of expected but still unfortunate, Max Weinberg won't be back as Conan O'Brien's band leader on Conan come November. His replacement, Kevin Eubanks. (Or former Late Night announcer, Joel Godard). (via Vulture)

Video Hits One - Sleigh Bell's Infinity Guitars
: Would it be too foward of me to ask Sleigh Bell's Alexis Krauss for her hand in marriage on this blog? Yeah, probably. But the video for Infinity Guitars is definitely what's up. (via Stereogum)

Favorite memory from the Pavement show, the lightning bolt right before Stereo
: Pavement played Central Park's Summer Stage all week long, I was there on Wednesday, so were some people at The Awl. It was really really really good (and really wet and lightiningy). (via The Awl)

What does Cafe Amore mean? Oh, mediocre pizza:
Don't get me wrong as I think both Bravo and Cafe Amore are the epitome of shitty pizza. But the only reason I tend to think Bravo Pizza is kind of better is that the temp agency I used to work for always catered luncheons at my job with Bravo pizza, and free pizza is always delicious. (via Slice)

Stuffy needs to be signed for the Giants' Offensive Line
: I really hope that under that villainous hood, Eli's nemesis is Phillip Rivers. (via Oreo's youtube)

Regine... : Every time I see Arcade Fire, I'm always like "Regine is looking kind of cute," so yes Hipster Runoff, Regine Chassagne could be "the next female indie sex icon." (via Hipster Runoff)

Obligatory SplitSider Link - SNL Season 36 Fall Preview
: SNL's upcoming host schedule is nuts - Poehler, Cranston, Lynch, Emma Stone, and Hamm. Also, the real David Patterson is going to be on the show tommorrow, CAN'T WAIT! (via Splitsider)
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