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Saturday Sharing (09/18/10)

(via With Leather)

I'm a bootlegger, Jerry - Panda Bear Edition: You mean you weren't at the Panda Bear show with me on 9/11? Grab the bootleg from 9/11 from NYC Taper. (via NYC Taper)

And another reason to be a self loathing Yankee fan
: Good news, Arod's top of the 9th home run to beat Buck Showalter's Orioles! Bad news, a lot of criminals have something in common, the interlocking NY. Seriously, couldn't these criminals be wearing Dallas Cowboy or Tampa Bay Rays fitted hats? (via NY Times)

It's Always Sunny - The Best of the Worst
: Yay! It's Always Sunny came back on Thursday and Dennis Reynolds is MARRIED, MARRIED, MARRIED. Vulture runs down the worst thing each member of the Gang has done over the course of the last 5 seasons. (via Vulture)

Obligatory SplitSider link of the week: Seriously, Splitsider should be your new favorite blog. This week, Jefferson D'Arcy from Married with Children saves Christmas from Alec Baldwin's athiest brother in Christmas with a Capital C. (via SplitSider/The Awl)

You know I could use somebody... somebody to remind me of great links like this
: On the way back or way to Panda Bear, Afif asked me if I checked out the Alt Report robot audio on the Alt Report. So I checked it out one day at work this week, and wow, it was epic. (via the Alt Report)

First, Win Bulter sleeps with the Alt Report Robot's Girl, now he's a "fucking hoopster"
: We know Win Bulter can throw down the rock dating back to that whole "Win Bulter stole my basketball" debacle and now he's on probably hitting threes over dudes on the Spurs who aren't Tim Duncan while wearing Pistol Pete jerseys. (via Deadspin)

Boo-urns, that Joaquin Phoenix documentary is a fake
: Now where will we go for our all "is this dude for real" celebrity news? Oh, hello James Franco. (via Animal NY)

Manning. Bowl. 2
: Giants roll into Indy after a sloppy win over the Carolina Panthers. Peyton and the Colts open up at home after getting Arian Foster'd and being upset by the Texans. Who you got? All I know is that the G-Men will at least cover. (via NY Mag Sports)
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