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Saturday Sharing (09/11/10)

(via Deadspin)

It's a video about It's A Book: Some of you might disagree with me but when the day this video and book by Lane Smith that teaches kids about that bound paper form of communication otherwise known as a book becomes a reality, it's gonna be all types of horrible. (via Obsolete)

Rudy, Rudy, oh
: According to Sega Genesis' Joe Montana Football's Joe Montana, that famous scene in 1994's Rudy where people are all like "Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!" and dudes are throwing down their jerseys didn't exactly happen like it did in 1975's real life. (via Animal New York)

Answer - Burt Cooper, kind of f-ed
: Question - What if fictional Burt Cooper really had one testicle in the 1930s - 1940s? Also, Mad Men was on some next next level shit last week, but you already knew that. (via Basket of Kisses)

He's still on fire: The rosters for the NBA's Eastern Conference teams in NBA Jamincluding current stars as A'mare Stoudimire, Leborn, D-Wade, John Wall, and Jarrett Jack. But the bigger and better news is Jam is now all about legends and mascots such as Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Dennis Rodman, Manute Bol, AI, and THE RAPTOR in the upcoming must buy for the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and the PS3. (via ESPN)

Date with Ikea if done by cats and not Pavement
: Okay, imagine a 100 cats let loose at an Ikea. Alright, got an idea in your head? It's no where near as awesome as it really came out. (via Gizmodo)

We (me) really like SplitSider (and Louis CK too)
: 2010 is really Louis CK's year and truth be todld, I don't think I could like FX's Louie as much as I already do. Another thing I really liking is The Awl's new comedy blog, SplitSider which is where said Louis CK article from and "holy cow," it's great. (via SplitSider)

: I don't think I've been looking forward to a day like I am looking forward to this Sunday in forever, with football really starting with the Giants opening up the new Giants Stadium against the Carolina Panthers. My thoughts on the upcoming season? What Will Leitch said. (via NY Mag)
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