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Saturday Sharing (09/04/10)

(via De(B)lo(G)ated)

He slipped on nuts: I only watched the online clip of Jon Glaser on Fallon but Aziz Ansari mentioned that the Roots played Glaser out the the Slipnuts theme song from that Conan skit from what seems like 8 million years ago. Like seriously, Conan hosting Late Night seems like 15 million years ago. But anyway, watch the clip as Glaser, Osama Bin Diesel and some other guy slip on some nuts at a Slipknot concert at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford and black shirts look on in disgust. (via Aziz Ansari)

Oh yeah, Glaser was on Late Night: As mentioned above, Glaser was on Fallon and he was played out to the Slipnuts theme but did I mention that he was wearing a motorcycle jump suit with Jon's Delocated mask with the stars and stripes and sang Philadelphia Freedom? Okay, I did right now. Anyway, Glaser is THE BEST. Seriously, he's all caps the best and you should all be watching Delocated. (via Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

The Breeders if the Breeders' guitars sounded like Lasers: Check out the Sweet Bulbs song, Kissing Clouds, it's really good. If the laser Breeders description didn't win you over, maybe the Sweet Bulbs song, Springstung will. (via Gorilla vs. Bear)

How much Bradford Cox is too much Bradford Cox?
: Check out the video for Helicopter off of Deerhunter's forthcoming, OAB most anticipated, Halcyon Digest. (via Deerhunter's Halcyon Digest site)

The R(oom)PG: Saturday Sharing would have been done like two hours earlier if I didn't spending a good portion of my morning playing Newgrounds' The Room game. Oh hi, RPG Denny. (via TDW)

Judge Freedom? You cannot judge Freedom: Truth be told, I'm reading Jonathan Frazen's Freedom and it's the first book that I had a guy who I'd describe as "future Ryan" come up to me and ask me how it is. And since I'm only 40 or so pages in, I felt I couldn't give an adequate response to "future Ryan" or side with either Sam Maclaughan or Dustin Kurtz on whether it's the book of our generation or just a 700 page waste of time. (via The Awl)

Bought - It's Always Sunny coloring book: OAB Confession, while I am reading a 700 page novel but I am also buying coloring books based on FX sitcoms and plan on coloring the shit out of Dennis Reynolds. (via It's Always Sunny Tumblr)
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