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New TV! New TV! Old Friends in New Places.

Two of everyone's favorite dudes, Will Arnett and Michael K Williams aka GOB from Arrested Development and Omar from the Wire returned to boob tube this week, albeit in different shows and possibly different roles (well, Steven Wilde might a well be GOB). in HBO's Boardwalk Empire and Fox's Running Wilde. Boardwalk (can I can it Boardwalk?) was as expected incredible with Buschemi being the best and all. The only small complaint I had was that I wanted more than like 5 seconds of Michael K Williams, I know The Wire wasn't all Omar-y from the start but come on, it's Omar in a suit, he needs screen time. And Running Wilde, oh Running Wilde. Some good GOB being a rich asshole jokes that got me laughing but definitely needs to find it's footing because I dunno if the "girl from Felicity and her daughter teach GOB how to love" show is going to work.
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