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Bacon Brunch Bacon Brunch BACON BRUNCH

(via Blondie and Brownie)

Maybe it's because I had a small quesadilla a banana, and some water for lunch and still am Somalian hungry but whatever this "Bacon Brunch" is, I must go to there.

Season 2 of Delocated should be DVRed the shit out of

(via De(B)lo(G)ated)

Okay, you mean to tell me you're still not watching Delocated? Come on "my dude (or dudettes)," get with it.

What a drawing, Mark.

(via Videogum)

It seems to me that you're the expert (on dinosaurs), Mark!

The Beach Boys - Getcha Back

Okay, ao I couldn't get this song out of my head while I was in Florida and I figured I'd watch the video for it when I came back. So the video is super cheesey but oh man, Brian Wilson, surf bubble salesman!

I GOT THIS: Lost, The Complete Collection

I seriously should go on vacation more often because I go to Florida for a week and come back to wonderful gifts from Amazon.com like Lost, The Complete Collection.

Saturday Sharing (08/21/10)

(via TDW)

Cruzin USA: Save Eli's blood flavored gusher, the story of last Monday's pre-season opener between the G-Men and the Jets was Victor Cruz and his three touchdown performance. What will this pre-season hold for Cruz? A place on the depth chart between Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham? A reference to a song from the early 2000s? Either way, a Hard Knocks esque storyline from a team without corner with 83 kids. (via NY Mag)

Download this now - Sufjan Stevens' All Delighted People EP
: An ep from Sufjan Stevens that seemed to drop from the heavens? Yes sir. (via Sufjan's Band Camp)

He can't work a 9 to 5 but he wants to be Haiti's President: Wyclef won't admit defeat or that he's been left off the ballot to become Haiti's next president. Can't wait to see where this goes... (via Vulture)

And I thought my other striped tube sock got lost in the wash
: Introducing Mr. Weekend, a 15 foot tall sock puppet by Mike Simi. (via TDW)

Download mostly for the Jay Z on the Sleigh Bells Cheerleaders artwork:
Sleigh Bells plus Jay Z equals downloaded. (via Stereogum)

OAB Follow Up - Blue Album/Pinkerton Tour for Weezer (maybe)
: So when I said I would see Weezer again if they played Pinkerton in full, what I meant to say I'd see them if they play 1994's Weezer (The Blue Album) the first night and 1996's Pinkerton on the second. (via Brooklyn Vegan)

Really Should Re-Name the Blog, Lebron Apple Banana:
No blog next week as I'm taking my talents to Palm Coast, Florida for the week of "boards, babes, and bros." Well,I think, I not really sure what I'm doing in Florida other than eating some fish tacos, drinking a yuengling, and reading GQ's Lebron article on the plane. (via GQ)

It Really Wouldn't

(via some commentor on Brookyln Vegan)

The whole "dude jumps from the mezzanine at a the Phish show at Jones Beach" story is nuts but a random Further Seems Forever reference, almost as nuts.

Apparently, a Maltese Fortune is worth $14.05

Last night I won $14.05 on a slot machine called "Maltese Fortune" which featured a Pug instead of cherries or a lucky 7 or whatever. So on both accounts - the 14.05 and the pug, I would sayeverything is coming up Ryan.

The PBJ-Cream Cone is So Happening

(via Grathio Labs)

Pinkerton tour? Only in... Oh wait, wrong Weezer record

"We... have a reissue of Pinkerton coming out with new packaging, and—I'm praying—a Pinkerton tour, where we'll play all the songs off Pinkerton, soon,"

- Brian Bell (via Alt Press)

If and it's a CAPS LOCK IF, this happens, my self imposed seeing Weezer ban may end after that atrocious Roseland show in May of 2005.

Winston Zeddemore: Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say...

(via Superpunch)

Belle & Sebastain Write About Album Covers

(via P4K)

Remember last week when I was all like "new Belle & Sebastian, y'all! Check the new album cover." Well, that wasn't exactly the truth. New B&S is coming, Write About Love drops 10/12 and the above is the actual art for the new record, not whatever I posted last week.

Unlikely Friends - A Zebra and a Dolphin

(via Afif)

I usually don't like re-blogging stuff my friends have already blogged but there's usually an exception to every rule, especially if that rule involves a zebra being "friends" with a dolphin.

How to top Curb Season 7? That's how!

(via Aziz is Bored)

YEAHHHHHHHHHHH! LD and Ricky Gervais? So this is the first and only image that this been released in anticipation for Season 8 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I reckon it's time to bust out the "CAN'T WAIT" tag.

Saturday Sharing (08/14/10)

(via TDW)

No Ewoks? No Ryan: Star Wars producer, Gary Kurtz outlined a far less "happy" ending to the original trilogy which would have had a dead Han Solo, a sad and confused Queen Leia, Luke Skywalker as a lone wolf, andddddd no ewok dance party. (via The AV Club)

Really. Need. Coffee: You know that McDonald's commercial where the dude is like "I haven't had my coffee yet," a lot of the time, I'm that dude. Needless to say, I really like Susan Jane Belton's oil painted commercial coffee cup project. (via TDW)

Michael Cera, The Definitive Interview by Jason Schwartzman: It's not really the "definitive interview" but it's an interview of Scott Pilgrim, Michael Cera by co-star, Jason Schwartzman. (via Interview Magazine)

The best things in life are free (well, kind of free): How much do the Jelly "Pool Parties" at the Williamsburg Waterfront really cost? NPR investigates... (via NPR)

And the complete opposite of the Pool Parties, Kanye West's Rosewood Movement: Kanye West preformed a secret set with John Legend at some dress code enforced private party on the LES on Thursday night/Friday morning, and I was sleeping, drat (kind of). (via The Awl)

And my on going saying "I'm going to get a bike" continues: I really really show just cough up the cash and buy a bike, especially one with the Copenhagen wheel which converts your bike into a hybrid-electric. The Copenhagen wheel contains a motor, batteries and an internal gear system which attaches to the rear wheel and stores energy for later use. (via Animal NY)

More Giants/Jets stuff to sort of get psyched for Monday's pre-season game: At the end of the day, no one really cares about pre-season football, even if it's the first game in the "new" Giants/Jets/Meadowlands stadiums but "yay! Football!" (via With Leather)

Kermit, Jim Henson, and Kermit

(NerdBoyfriend, Amber)

Probably the most incredibly touching/heartwarming/smile inducing photo ever.

The Beatles - It's All Too Much

Off of the official soundtrack of 1969's Yellow Submarine.

Charles Barkley versus Godzilla

(via Fat Shawn Kemp)

Barkley day over at HBA, Fat Shawn Kemp. If that isn't a day worth celebrating, I'm not sure what is.

Joe Namath, Fashion Plate

(via KSK)

Haven't gotten around to watching Hard Knocks yet but just look at Joe Namath, look at him.

Belle & Sebastian to Write About Love

(via P4K)

New B&S Album Name/Cover for their forthcoming follow up to 2006's The Life Pursuit. As TTPBD would say, "TWEE AS FUCK."

Charles Oakley, Chicago Bull

(via SI Vault)

I know the Oak-Man played was drafted by the Bulls (and played for the Raptors, Wiz, and Rockets in his post Knick Days) but this picture of Charles Oakley sitting side by side with Scottie Pippen is straight up sacrilege.

Video Hits One: Summer Camp - Round the Moon

SUMMER CAMP - Round the Moon from Paddy Power on Vimeo.

(via GorillavsBear)

Really digging this video for Summer Camp's Round the Moon off of the forth coming EP, Young.

Madden! 2011! Gus Johnson!

Happy Madden Day, the day that really starts the "football is almost here" period of the summer which is also known as the day in which Dennis starts to destroy my virtual hopes and dreams for months on end.

A Bunch of Crooked Cops

(via It's Always Sunny Tumblr)

Charlie "Serpico" Kelly, Dennis Reynolds, and Lieutenant Jack Bauer.

Live Jams: Pavement - Here

Off of 1992's Slanted and Enchanted. September 22nd, get here now.

You Should Look Into This - Enhanced Album Art for The Suburbs

We here at OAB (me) love vinyl, we here at OAB love that record labels provide high quality mp3s with the purchase of vinyl records, and now we love when bands have super enhanced digital copies of their records that can be download with lyrics as they happened and links pertaining to whatever song you're listening to. Good job, Arcade Fire.

Saturday Sharing (08/07/10)

(via TDW)

Diane... What is a mp3 and why am I on it?: Remember the Dale Cooper audio book that came out on cassette around the time that the second season of Twin Peaks started? No? Okay, here it is. Now, someone tell Lucy to get us all coffee and donuts, we got to figure out who killed Laura Palmer one more time. (via Whatevs)

F Space Camp, it's all Law and Order - Camp Firewood Edition: Lets dust the bedpost for prints, guys so we can find out how can own up to this treasure trove of candy and deli meats at CSI Camp! (via Animal New York)

Walllllttttttttttttttttt I mean Keithhhhhhhh Johnsonnnnnnn
: You wanted answers from Lost's DVD exclusive, epilogue? Well, you got them. Kind of. (via Videogum)

No Mom, I said my piece was in MOBA NOT MOMA: A collection of well, bad art in the accurately named, Musuem of Bad Art in Boston-ish, Massachusetts. (via NPR)

New York is a Jets town? Get out of the city - Balki Bartokomous/Justin Tuck: I like All Pro Defensive End, Justin Tuck got a little tiffed when people are like "New York is Jets Town" this summer because the Jets squeaked into the playoffs after their own coach declared them out of it and lost to Big Brother in the AFC title game while the Giants missed the playoffs for the first time in years. (via NY Mag)

Zombie Babies are real, very real: Let me get this straight, a baby is born prematurely, is diagnosed dead, and then starts crying in it's casket? Yeah, definitely zombies.(via KTLA)

Kind of related, I got my X-Box 360 in a similar manner: Girl goes to Arcade Fire/Spoon show, girl has great time, girl's bike gets stolen, girl goes all Detective Elliot Stabler on the crooks (minus the Sexy Victims part of it). (via Whatever Whenever)

I got that "hardwood classic" in 5th grade
: Remember when Shaq was on the Magic? It felt like a century ago, oh wait it was. (via Deadspin)

Which one doesn't belong - John Starks, Hakeem Olajuwan, Win Butler

"My favorite spot in the Garden is right over here, because that's where Hakeem Olajuwan blocked John Starks in 1994 at the end of game 6".

- Win Butler right before going into Neighborhood #3(Power Out)

Didn't think I'd hear a '94 Finals reference last night when I walked into MSG for Arcade Fire/Spoon/Owen Pallet but it happened.

Michael Cera, a Diverse Actor

(via TDW)

Screw all those other hoes, Maeby and George Michael for life.

Jams: Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

Arcade Fire. MSG. Tonight. Psyched.

So yeah, Regine KILLS IT on Sprawl II, the second to last (or third to last on the vinyl) song on The Suburbs., Not going to lie but it's on some Haiti level shit.

Kanye's Tweets meet New Yorker's Comics

The Photos dead, so check the link, Ye's tweets plus those head scratching New Yorker cartoons.

(via Dawn of Super Heroes via the Awl)

You're Nobody till Somebody Elects You

(via TDW)


No Separation of Church and Statebook?

K F'n Powers for K F'n Swiss

All Pro Linebacker Patrick Willis? MMA Featherweight Bro, Urijah Faber? 2 Time Super Bowl Champion, Jeremy Shockey? Yeah, none of those dudes have anything on Kenny Powers.

And I have a new desktop background

(via I slept in your heart)