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Saturday Sharing (07/31/10)

(Pre Scumbag Pat Riley and the mid 90s Knicks via Fat Shawn Kemp)

Few things are worth fighting for, a Puggle is one of them: A couple breaks up, caught in the middle in an adorable custody battle - Benjamin the Puggle. (via Gothamist)

I know I promised BUT...: A couple SatShares ago, I promised no more Lebron coverage on OAB for a while but then Arash Markazi writes column about a night out in Vegas with Lebron and his Lebrontourage's for ESPN, featuring girls with tattoos, dance offs with Lamar Odom, pantomiming dribbling, and some sort of Peter Pan like waiter that subsequently gets pulled for "ethical reasons." (via Deadspin)

And they're back: Okay, so the first episode of Jersey Shore Season 2 didn't "light my world on fire," but it definitely had it's moments... Is there a .gif of the Situation's face when Angelina decides she's rooming with him and Paulie? Because if there is, it needs to be on the blog like now. (via Videogum)

No lie, this song made my Friday afternoon
: Phil Collins makes that Katy Perry song from kind of a jam, to a definite, honest god, summer jam. (via Vulture)

OAB most anticipated, Avey Tare - Down There
: Combine the upcoming record from one Animal Collective dude with other Animal Collective dude, Panda Bear's Tomboy, and you have the records that I'm most looking forward to for the rest of the year now that The Suburbs leaked. (via Stereogum)

Timothy Treadwell should have been taking notes
: In an amazingly horrifying yet uplifting story on the human condition, a woman gets attacked by a bear and lives to tell about it. Deb Freele, you go girl. (via The Awl)

Okay, this takes "pirating" to a whole new level
: The people behind the "Rocks Off" Cruises are giving you another option for Pavement's September 19th show at the Williamsburg Waterfront, instead of standing in the crowd nodding along to Shady Lane, you could be hanging on a boat facing the stage and nodding your head to Carrot Rope. (via Brooklyn Vegan)
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