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Saturday Sharing (07/24/10)

(via Animal New York)

Tennis, anyone: The back story of Tennis is the best - a husband and wife duo who spent the last year sailing the seas on a houseboat like a real life Penny and Desmond while making music on said house boat, Baltimore 7' to be specific. Check out Baltimore and the most excellent, Marathon (which is up there for jam of the summer). (via Stereogum)

Challenge No. 11 of the Jordan Challenge, Grow Hitler mustache: MJ returns to the virtual hardwood in NBA 2K11, thus guaranteeing a three peat of Ryan purchasing the NBA 2K series. (via Kotaku)

OK Computer, OK Suburbs: The BBC is touting the new Arcade Fire record, The Suburbs as their OK Computer which may or may not also mean that it's also their Revolver or Life After Death or Nebraska any other really ground breaking awesome record. Any who, the record has leaked itself, so me, my gold head phones, and the orangeappletumblr will get to the bottom of this "this record is the new" old record that is really good. (via BrooklynVegan)

"Man, I can't believe these dummies are passing up on Air McNair": Priest Holmes, Tory Holt, Marvin Harrison, and the late Steve McNair are drafted as a bamboozled non football fan is given a 2005 player list to draft in 2010. He would have drafted Brett Favre but he thought that the old guy retired in the off season.(via Couch Groove Football)

Happily Ever... Oh: According to an Australian study, Romantic Comedies are ruining what couples think constitutes the "perfect relationship." You mean Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl don't stay together for the kid in Knocked Up?(via The Av Club)

A Serious Look at the Best Cupcakes in New York: From 47 or so cupcake place in New York City, Serious Eats takes a serious look at some the best cupcakes in New York. (via Serious Eats)

Tomorrow's D Day and by D, I mean Draper
: Don't have time to watch 3 seasons of Mad Men in two days to catch up for Sunday's Season 4 premiere? No problem, catch up in 4 minutes and forty seconds? (via TDW)
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