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Saturday Sharing (07/10/10)

(via Midtown Lunch)

Last mention of this whole Lebron nonsense, I promise: Unless the rest of his house is full of Vitamin Water or there's more letters written in comic sans, I don't have much interest in Lebron James and his brand for the time being. But you should still read Will Leitch's reaction to "The Decision" and how being a sports fan has never felt so stupid. Later this week, he looks at the 72 guys who played from the Knicks since Lebron was drafted in the league which will be a barrel of laughs (and/or sobs). (via NY Mag)

And with that, the majority of my sports attention goes back (as it should be) to the New York Football Giants: Come on ESPN, Dallas is going to win the NFC East, and the G-Men are going to be the middle of the pack, way to be predictable. My pre-pre season prediction for the Giants, 9-7 and a wild card birth. My prediction for the Cowboys, Tony Romo goes down and Troy Bark-min takes over. (via Giants Football Blog)

Pre-order the leak, Best Coast edition: So yeah, Crazy for You leaked yesterday. I like it a lot, so might you might like it. So find the leak or pre-order but either way, listen. (via Mexican Summer)

SUV meet Vespa, Vespa meet pieces: My friend, Brian is convinced I should get a vespa. While I think that'd be a lot of fun, this Vespa/SUV collision proves otherwise. (via Gothamist)

Oh hi, bloody Tommy Wiseau: The Room mastermind, Tommy Wiseau is back in The House That Drips Blood on Alex this fall. No idea if there will be any candles, music, or sexy dresses but there will be Tommy's blood. (via Videogum)

Chick-Fil-A was at Bryant Park yesterday, I was there: Unfortunately, I missed out on free Chick-Fil-A by like 10 people and while I guess it wasn't "worth it" to walk 10 minutes from my office to Bryant Park for the opportunity to wait on a line to nothing. But at the same time, if the words "Chick-Fil-A" and "Free" happen to come together 10 minutes away from my office, I'm there. (via Midtown Lunch)
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