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Saturday Sharing (07/31/10)

(Pre Scumbag Pat Riley and the mid 90s Knicks via Fat Shawn Kemp)

Few things are worth fighting for, a Puggle is one of them: A couple breaks up, caught in the middle in an adorable custody battle - Benjamin the Puggle. (via Gothamist)

I know I promised BUT...: A couple SatShares ago, I promised no more Lebron coverage on OAB for a while but then Arash Markazi writes column about a night out in Vegas with Lebron and his Lebrontourage's for ESPN, featuring girls with tattoos, dance offs with Lamar Odom, pantomiming dribbling, and some sort of Peter Pan like waiter that subsequently gets pulled for "ethical reasons." (via Deadspin)

And they're back: Okay, so the first episode of Jersey Shore Season 2 didn't "light my world on fire," but it definitely had it's moments... Is there a .gif of the Situation's face when Angelina decides she's rooming with him and Paulie? Because if there is, it needs to be on the blog like now. (via Videogum)

No lie, this song made my Friday afternoon
: Phil Collins makes that Katy Perry song from kind of a jam, to a definite, honest god, summer jam. (via Vulture)

OAB most anticipated, Avey Tare - Down There
: Combine the upcoming record from one Animal Collective dude with other Animal Collective dude, Panda Bear's Tomboy, and you have the records that I'm most looking forward to for the rest of the year now that The Suburbs leaked. (via Stereogum)

Timothy Treadwell should have been taking notes
: In an amazingly horrifying yet uplifting story on the human condition, a woman gets attacked by a bear and lives to tell about it. Deb Freele, you go girl. (via The Awl)

Okay, this takes "pirating" to a whole new level
: The people behind the "Rocks Off" Cruises are giving you another option for Pavement's September 19th show at the Williamsburg Waterfront, instead of standing in the crowd nodding along to Shady Lane, you could be hanging on a boat facing the stage and nodding your head to Carrot Rope. (via Brooklyn Vegan)

Get Out of My Dreams, and Get into 2010

Always kind of a jolt when listening to a Billy Ocean song on Last.fm, and he goes from this to the above.

Special Team and Super Bowl Great, David Tyree retires as a Giant

David Tyree, resigns and retires as a New York Giant. Which is just another excuse to link and re-watch Eli Manning to David Tyree, the greatest play in sports history for the thousandth time.

Video Hits One: Pavement - Painted Soilders

Stephen Malkmus was such a baller, he had a fax machine and a Zach Morris like cell phone in his fancy sports car.

The Onion's version of Joe Biden, Still the Best

(via The Onion)

Who has a 6 pack of Bud, Jorts, and a wicked Farmer's Tan? The best Vice President ever, that's who.

Cue Dancing Krang...

(via Aziz Ansari)

How did this exist and why wasn't 11 year old Ryan in attendance?

So that's how World War 2 Ended...

(via TDW)

Chewbacca riding a giant squirel chasing down the Nazis? Yeah, that's going over my imaginary fireplace.

Lawn Mowing Dog!

(via Videogum)

I had a dream last night that my dog was somehow possesed by the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, it was really weird. Anyway, here's a dog driving and riding on a lawn mower, happy morning!

Google Image Search - Urkelbot

Video Hits One: Tennis - Cape Dory

Tennis - Cape Dory from richslaw on Vimeo.

(via Gorilla vs. Bear)

One of the reoccuring fantasies I had as a child was hooking a rope to the back of my school bus, hoping on a skateboard, and going for a ride. Said fantasy comes to life in the video for Tennis's Cape Dory, so needless to say I was thrilled with the video.

You Shut Your Mouth, Bird

Macho King Randy Savage threatens Frankie, Koko B Ware's parrot sometime during Savage's reign of king of the World Wrestling Federation between 1989 and 1991.

Festival Jams: Titus Andronicus - A More Perfect Union

(via P4K TV)

Off of 2010's The Monitor.

Mad Men Season 4 premieres Tonight, you guys!

Who's following me on Twitter? Don Draper is following me on Twitter! So should you, so follow @RyInFullEffect, and watch the season 4 premiere of Mad Men tonight on AMC.

Saturday Sharing (07/24/10)

(via Animal New York)

Tennis, anyone: The back story of Tennis is the best - a husband and wife duo who spent the last year sailing the seas on a houseboat like a real life Penny and Desmond while making music on said house boat, Baltimore 7' to be specific. Check out Baltimore and the most excellent, Marathon (which is up there for jam of the summer). (via Stereogum)

Challenge No. 11 of the Jordan Challenge, Grow Hitler mustache: MJ returns to the virtual hardwood in NBA 2K11, thus guaranteeing a three peat of Ryan purchasing the NBA 2K series. (via Kotaku)

OK Computer, OK Suburbs: The BBC is touting the new Arcade Fire record, The Suburbs as their OK Computer which may or may not also mean that it's also their Revolver or Life After Death or Nebraska any other really ground breaking awesome record. Any who, the record has leaked itself, so me, my gold head phones, and the orangeappletumblr will get to the bottom of this "this record is the new" old record that is really good. (via BrooklynVegan)

"Man, I can't believe these dummies are passing up on Air McNair": Priest Holmes, Tory Holt, Marvin Harrison, and the late Steve McNair are drafted as a bamboozled non football fan is given a 2005 player list to draft in 2010. He would have drafted Brett Favre but he thought that the old guy retired in the off season.(via Couch Groove Football)

Happily Ever... Oh: According to an Australian study, Romantic Comedies are ruining what couples think constitutes the "perfect relationship." You mean Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl don't stay together for the kid in Knocked Up?(via The Av Club)

A Serious Look at the Best Cupcakes in New York: From 47 or so cupcake place in New York City, Serious Eats takes a serious look at some the best cupcakes in New York. (via Serious Eats)

Tomorrow's D Day and by D, I mean Draper
: Don't have time to watch 3 seasons of Mad Men in two days to catch up for Sunday's Season 4 premiere? No problem, catch up in 4 minutes and forty seconds? (via TDW)

Harmony, Yeah That's It

Okay, I saw the "Beach Boys" also known as Mike Love, some other old bros, and JOHN STAMOS. So yeah, it was as rad as the Beach Boys could be without Brian Wilson. But here's Mike Love being bat shit crazy and calling Mick Jagger a "chicken shit" among other gems at the 1988 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

You Mean This Isn't the Star Wars Convention...

(via TDW)

I kind of hope this leads to a rash of Star Wars related bank robberies, culminating in robber dressed like Obi Wan going into a bank and using the jedi mind trick to convince the teller to give him all the bank's money. But that leads the question why would Obi Won use the force for evil deeds, oh well... Yay, creative nerdy bank robbers!

KickPuncher, needs more KevPuncher

(via The AV Club)

I don't know if I missed this or forgot it happened whenever it came around but KICKPUNCHER (and the soon to be follow up comic book which will included in the Season 1 DVD)! But yeah, more metaness from Community, yet another reason to buy the Community DVD other than "Spot Spodnik, The Drinking Game."

Zap Pow Pug

(via The Daily What)

Batman theme by that Pug that has a bark that kinda sounds like Batman? Awesome.

I WANT THIS: Cupcake Edition

(via Edatrix)

A Neutella Cupcake with Ferrero Rocher on top? WANT times 1000.

Hot (Video) Blog Alert - Dave's Video Blog

(via Dave)

My friend, Dave just started a video blog about his day to day life. With that being said, I think you should watch said video blog now.


(via KSK)

I haven't seen Inception yet but KSK's "BRRRAAAAAAHHHMMM Interception BBBRRRRRAAAAHHHHMMMM" with everyone's favorite rapey QB was pretty terrific.

GIF Monday Continues...

(via Animated Albums)

Broken Social Scene's 2005 record, Broken Social Scene in animated form.

Sean Moore - I've Begun to Fall in Love

(via Gorilla v. Bear)

Sean Moore's cover of R Stevie Moore's "I've Begin to Fall in Love" is pretty "banging" and so is the album art which I can't seem to look away from.

Saturday Sharing (07/17/10)

This is Why You're Back: My favorite fatso blog, This is Why You're Fat disappeared for a minute but it's re-emerged a couple weeks ago. You say you're eating Nike Air Max shaped Hamburgers? Yeah, that's why you're fat. (TIWYF)

The On Again/Off Again rumored Arrested Development movie is on again (till it's off again): According to Will Arnett and AD Creator, Mitch Hurwitz - all principal characters are apparently on board and there's something sort of resembling a script. With that being said, my bi-annual Arrested marathon starts... now.(via GQ)

Question - Besides your pants catching on fire, what else can make you, home alone in front of the TV, jump involuntarily out of your seat and roar?: Answer - What is Sports. Several of our generation's finest sports bloggers look at the games we love and why we love them. (via the Morning News)

"Everything was fine, and then Lance took a swing at Benny the Bull": The latest in thuggery coming out of the suburbs of Chicago is the costing of mascots such as Benny the Bull and Pork Pig. Word out of the Chi, is that White Sox mascot, SouthPaw best watch his back, he may be next. (via Deadspin)

The stuff someone's nightmares are made of: One of my friends (hint) has a fear that he wake up one night and see nothing but cows outside his window... And this is what it would look like. (via TDW)

The Pitchfork Festival LIVE (from your computer): Not in Chicago for this weekend's Pitchfork festival? Don't worry, the internet has you covered - sets from like everyone - Raekown, Titus Andronicus, LCD Soundsystem, Girls, Panda Bear, St Vincent, and Pavement will all be streamed from Grant Park to your air conditioned apartment. (via P4K)

Instead of streaming a music festival, you could actually go to one: The tenth annual Siren Festival is today on Coney Island and it's free. Sets from Ted Leo, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Lightining Bolt, Wye Oak, Surfer Blood, and a couple of others bands, it could be rad... Anyway, Ted Leo talks about eating bagels and burritos over at Grub Street. (via Grub Street)

Some Tween's Dad is Mad about the Interwebs

(via Videogum)

Don't know how he found out about the secret back tracing software but the Police (Cyber and State, mind you) have been alerted and consequences will never be the same.

I WANT THIS: New Concretes from Shake Shack

(via Serious Eats)

Three new Concretes are available at the new Midtown West/Theater District Shake Shack - The Great White Way, Jelly's Last Donut, and as pictured above, Pretzel! The Concrete. All three of these and me are going to happen!

New Belle & Sebastian - I Didn't See It Coming

(via Stereogum)

New Belle & Sebastian, you guys. B&S play the Williamsburg Waterfront on September 30th, new record to follow, can't wait!

Things Real Ryan has in common with Cartoon Morrissey - Dish Washing

(via Amber)

If only I could create some sort of time machine and have past Ryan (circa 1999-2002) re-create this Smiths related cartoon during my dish washing heyday.

Uncle Robert on the Ones and Twos

(via The Onion)

"Doug's dad - Doug, do you even know who Bob Dylan is?
Doug - No. But I know he died of drugs.
Doug's dad - Doug, Bob Dylan is alive and well. I produced his last 3 albums.
Doug - Oh, you mean Uncle Robert. He didn't die of drugs."
Was this one of the last 3 albums that Doug's dad produced?

Jams: Pavement - Cut Your Hair

Can't get out of my head. Off of 1994's Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain.

Saturday Sharing (07/10/10)

(via Midtown Lunch)

Last mention of this whole Lebron nonsense, I promise: Unless the rest of his house is full of Vitamin Water or there's more letters written in comic sans, I don't have much interest in Lebron James and his brand for the time being. But you should still read Will Leitch's reaction to "The Decision" and how being a sports fan has never felt so stupid. Later this week, he looks at the 72 guys who played from the Knicks since Lebron was drafted in the league which will be a barrel of laughs (and/or sobs). (via NY Mag)

And with that, the majority of my sports attention goes back (as it should be) to the New York Football Giants: Come on ESPN, Dallas is going to win the NFC East, and the G-Men are going to be the middle of the pack, way to be predictable. My pre-pre season prediction for the Giants, 9-7 and a wild card birth. My prediction for the Cowboys, Tony Romo goes down and Troy Bark-min takes over. (via Giants Football Blog)

Pre-order the leak, Best Coast edition: So yeah, Crazy for You leaked yesterday. I like it a lot, so might you might like it. So find the leak or pre-order but either way, listen. (via Mexican Summer)

SUV meet Vespa, Vespa meet pieces: My friend, Brian is convinced I should get a vespa. While I think that'd be a lot of fun, this Vespa/SUV collision proves otherwise. (via Gothamist)

Oh hi, bloody Tommy Wiseau: The Room mastermind, Tommy Wiseau is back in The House That Drips Blood on Alex this fall. No idea if there will be any candles, music, or sexy dresses but there will be Tommy's blood. (via Videogum)

Chick-Fil-A was at Bryant Park yesterday, I was there: Unfortunately, I missed out on free Chick-Fil-A by like 10 people and while I guess it wasn't "worth it" to walk 10 minutes from my office to Bryant Park for the opportunity to wait on a line to nothing. But at the same time, if the words "Chick-Fil-A" and "Free" happen to come together 10 minutes away from my office, I'm there. (via Midtown Lunch)

No Need for Books on LBJ's Vitamin Water Shelf

(via Aziz Ansari)

If I had a mansion and/or bookshelf of a 3 to 1 ratio of sports related beverages to actual books, it'd be filled up Gatorade Fierce and Gatorade Fierce only.

(1/2 of) The Beatles - Birthday

(via TDW)

Macca joins Ringo for Birthday off 1968's The Beatles (The White Album) in honor of Ringo's 70th at Radio City Music Hall.

Brett Gelman's Mr. Celebrity with Elizabeth Banks!

(via Gelmania)

One part, Elizabeth Banks, one part, Brett Gelman. All parts, amazing.

July 5th Jams: Neil Young - Keep on Rockin' in the Free World

The 4th is over but patriotism and/or "rockin'" never stop. NEVER.

Happy 4th of July from OAB and the Ghostbusters

Okay, it's the 4th and it's the Ghostbusters bringing the Statue of Liberty to life with some slime and Jackie Wilson's "Higher and Higher." And I know that the scene from Ghostbusters 2 really occurs on New Year's Eve when Venkman and Co are off to save Sigourney Weaver's kid from Vigo the Carpathian at the Manhattan Museum of Art but it's the Statue of Liberty and the Ghostbusters, so Happy 4th.

Saturday Sharing (07/03/10)

(via Hipster Runoff)

Lesnar/Carwin need not worry about Chestnut/Kobayshi 4 in the fight for the biggest fight of the weekend: An in depth look at the weigh in for the second biggest sporting event of the weekend, the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, the first in years without Takeru "The Tsunami" Kobayashi. The big question is who step up to the plate (literally) replace Kobayshi in his Magic/Bird like rivalry with defending champ, Joey Chestnut at the Super Bowl of Major League Eating. (via Gothamist)

F, F, F, you're getting an F: Check the AV Club's to what was TTPBD's most anticipated film of the summer, The Last Airbender. Also check, The Total Package's review from a fbook comment of his - "Ugh. That was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Not exaggerating." (via The AV Club)

Maybe I'm getting old, or maybe I'm getting old: Hipster Runoff looks at a bunch of crunkwavey suburban tweens at something called a Brokencyde concert. I'm scared guys, I'm scared. (via Hipster Runoff)

After all of this, we might be getting Amar'e Stoudemire: Readers know that I've been invested in this whole Lebron deal and since it looks like Allan Houston and company didn't win King James over with a powerpoint presentation, I'll be moving on and getting invested in luring 'Melo to the Knicks next year. But hey at least we can look forward to the back pages of the New York papers and the phrase "That's Amar'e." (via NY Post)

P4K's Summer Release Guide: Need jams for the summer? I'm sure you'll find something on Pitchfork's guide to the upcoming record releases for the summer and beyond. OAB most anticipated? Best Coast's Crazy for You among like 100 other things. (via Pitchfork)

But if you need summer jams like right now: Peep Stereogum's Cruel Summer right now. It's free, it has Toro y Moi, it's bound to be good. (via Stereogum)

Mel Gibson, the Michael Jordan/Lennon & McCartney/Biggie Smalls/Babe Ruth/Joe Montana/Al Pacino of Racists/Misogynists/Dickheads: Okay, racism/sexism/any bad -ism is not cool at all but you got to hand it to Mel Gibson, he's really good at it. That whole "pig in heat and rapped by a pack of n words" stuff was some next level shit. Need a flow chart of all Mel's quotes? You got it, sugar tits. (via Village Voice)

Just add "Shack" to the end of your restaurant, and I'm sold: Astoria's Crave Shack and it's cheeseburger made with doughnuts and halal bacon. Teamed with appetizers renamed "happytizers," consider me intrigued, Crave Shack. (via Grub Street)

And it's Summer of 2010

(via New York Mag)

LEBRON! JULY 1! OH MY GOD! Nothing's happened yet but read Will Leitch's great coverage so far over at New York Mag.