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Saturday Sharing (06/26/10)

I'm "this" close to watching the entire fourth season of 'Till Death: Incredibly interesting article on the forth wall breaking, animated sequence featuring, Blossom cast cameo-ing, son-in-law thinking he's on a sitcom, and not sure if the writers or actors care 4th season of the Brad Garrett sitcom, 'Till Death. (via The AV Club)

July 1st is next Thursday: Okay, Lebron James is almost ours, Knick fans. And by "our's" I mean, he's a Bull or a Cav or a Heat (? (not quite sure the singular of Heat is)) but let us pretend he's signs with the Knicks and does a bunch of New York things (like hanging with Woody Allen!!!) in a Knick uniform (or a bunch of Jersey things, with a Nets jersey). (via Get Lebron)

The National, High Violet on the Homeland Security Advisory Chart: National frontman, Matt Berringer caused a bomb scare in the Honolulu airport due to a novelty alarm clock he picked up while on an international press tour for High Violet. The National, not as boring as some think. (via Spinner)

Next up on my "world wide" Pizza Tour, Frankie & Fanucci's
: "One of the top pizzerias in Westchester and better than the vast majority of pizzerias in New York City," I must go. (via Slice)

Video Hits One, Animal Collective - Guys Eyes: And like that, there's a video for Guy Eyes off of 2009's incredible, Merriweather Post Pavilion. (via My Animal Home)

Boo Jason Bateman? Whatever nerds: Okay nerds, follow me here... Say you were the star of the best sitcom in the history of television? Say you went to your local Apple store to pick up the new iPhone? Say you waited on line like everyone else? Say because of your fame, one of the dudes at the Apple Store ask if you want to skip the line and get the new iPhone in 5 minutes instead of 5 hours? You wouldn't do it? You're full of a bologna. (via Videogum)

The Billionaire Bro Bail Out: The financially floundering American Apparel was "saved" by the recent investment by "Billionaire bro," Ron Burkle. So V-Neck shirts, shinny leggings, and striped socks for everyone, on me or Ron Burkle, preferably Ron Burkle. (via Hipster Runoff)
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