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Saturday Sharing (06/19/10)

(My Doppleganger, via This is Photobomb)

Taking away the b and the f and the other f: So there's a movement to break up best friends in school before they even get started, expect a lot of middle school yearbooks to be signed by a girl named Beth with the following "Wow, this year is crazy. I can't believe we're going to high school next year, I can't wait. It was great being friends with you, KIT. Beth" But I don't think Beth will be keeping in touch. (via NY Times)

ESPN Zone closes, Mike Lupica to report to an empty restaurant on Sunday: I'll admit it, I enjoy seeing shots of a relatively empty Times Square on Sunday mornings during the Sports Reporters when they came back from break, as not only does it remind me of that Tom Cruise movie but I;d like to think it'd be an awesome place to live in post apocalyptic New York. But regardless, I must know where will Lupica, Bob Ryan, Mitch Album, and the other Sports Reporters go on Sunday mornings to talk about sports now? (via Eater NY)

You had me at peanut butter and jelly ice cream sandwich: Yeah, this is happening. (via Grub Street)

Let us settle this MMA in New York problem in the Octagon, oh wait... it's still not legal: You would think legalizing that the cash cow that is Mixed Martial Arts would be a no brainer for broke ass New York state, right? Not exactly... (via Deadspin)

There's nothing more erotic than a bro massaging his bro: Let's take that bro's icing bro's deal to the next level, BROS MASSAGING BROS! (via TopherChris)

Gary Brooks Faukner, Patriot
: Pakistani authorities want to give OAB's Patriot of the year a pysch exam because he sought out to kill Bin Laden with a kick ass sword? Pakistan, you and me, we're not on speak terms anymore. (via Gothamist)

I would have loved you forever too, Natalie Portman and her shaved head: The band, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head kind of breaks up with Natalie Portman (in video form) as they are changing it's name to Brite Future. I'm kind bummed out for the both of them (via Spin)
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