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Saturday Sharing (06/12/10)

(via Deadspin)

Facebook like - Get Zach Gilford an Emmy nomination: Zach Gilford of Friday Night Lights gave the performance of this or any other television season in the season 4 episode in Matt Saracen's swan song in Dillon, "The Son." So do me a favor, go on the fbook page and press like because if you saw it, you'd like it. So not so clear eyes (they got kind of misty watching "The Son"), full hearts, can't lose! (via the AV Club)

Saturday's plan, being knee deep in barbecue: Serious Eats interviews Chris Lilly, the pitmaster of Big Bob Gibson's BBQ which will be one of the many stops I plan on making today at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party in Madison Square Park. (via Serious Eats)

Do they make Old Spice Bubble Bath: Look at this clip, now back at me, look at the clip featuring the little kid I want to adopt to be my sidekick. (via Videogum)

Move over Belle & Sebastian/Teen Fanclub, Arcade Fire/Spoon, MIA/Sleigh Bells, we have a new concert of the summer: Drake (of Degrassi and Rap fame), Hanson (of Mmmbop fame) and Ninja Sonik are playing the South Street Seaport next Friday. Be there, or just be there. (via BrooklynVegan)

China, Where Dogs can be whatever they want to be when they grow up: The latest in dog couture in China, dying your pup to look like a wild animal whether it be a panda, a tiger, or a smoke monster. (via Best Week Ever)

Real life Shrek and Donkey lead the green team to big victory: The sparks in the Celtics win on Thursday, Nate Robinson and Glen Davis were all drool and piggy back rides in their celebration. (via Deadspin)

Jams - All Saints Day's "You Can't Be Alone:" Check the latest song from Katy of Vivian Girls and Gregg of Cat Power's side project, All Saints Day. Needless to say, it's a jam. (via Gorilla vs Bear)
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