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Two Years of Orange Apple Banana.

Since it's last birthday, Orange Apple Banana has gotten a new lay out, a .com, and a tumblr! So enjoy a blog birthday (and Memorial Day) with 9 minutes of Tony Perkis! So come on people, let's do it up.

Saturday Sharing (05/29/10)

(via Staches on Zooey)

In Brian's words, "Twee as fuck": I've avoided that "magnets how do they work" song by the Insane Clown Posse for so long but I can't avoid a song by Look at the Fields that caused one commentator to "barf up a flannel-clad beardy elf." But hand claps, ukueles, finger pianos, keyboards, and shout a long choruses make anything better, anything. (via Videogum)

For that price, I kind of expect a handy by Mr. Bo Vine, Joni himself: New trend in big concerts, VIP Pricing. New trend in Ryan concert going, not going to these VIP related shows (not that I did in the first place but still). (via NY Times)

Good Ass Job leaks start with a Good Ass Song
: Post 808's and Heartbreak Kanye West surfaces with Power a song where he seems quite mad at SNL , references Austin Powers in 2010, and 'Ye even rhymes Obama Nation with abomination (via Hype Machine)

Can't wait to camp out for Entourage The Movie 2: Out of all the HBO series to transition to the big screen, we get a sequel to Gals in the Metropolitan Area? And I don't really need an Oz, The Wire, Treme, Sopranos, Curb, Flight of the Conchords, Mr. Show, Eastbound and Down, or whatever HBO show that you or I love that I'm forgetting movie but I think HBO kind of owes me once if they decide to port Entourage to the big screen like I just predicted. (via Best Week Ever)

People with good taste talk about things that people with bad taste like: High five to the writers at the AV Club for pointing horrible things in pop culture and the mostly horrible people that like them. (via the AV Club)

MMA dude high on 'shrooms confuses eat your heart out with rip your heart out: Get this gang, two mix martial artists were drinking some mushroom tea and one of them thinks the other is possessed by the devil so he rips out his sparring partner's eyes, tongue, and heart out. Yes, I said "possessed by the devil" and "eyes, tongue, and heart." (via Deadspin)

I guess Jimmy from Degrassi can really rap (and he just out rapped Jay Z)
: I'll be the first to admit that I was a bit hesitant to believe the hype about Drake because he played a wheel chaired bound teen on a Canadian melodrama for tweens/teens and all of the sudden he's rapping on Sprite commercials circa NBA All Star Weekend . But now that all those May records (National, BSS, LCD, etc) have come out put Thank Me Later up there with the Arcade Fire's The Suburbs as OAB Most Anticipated. (via Vulture)

I'll be there for you, Parks and Rec

(via Ken Tremendous)

A sitcom-y intro for the best sitcom on TV? :Friends clap:.

Kitty is Murder? The Kitty is Dead? Hatful of Kitties?

(via Afif)

Anyone else got a Smiths (or Morrisey, I just want to see the kitten happy)/kitties pun?

Beck's Record Club - INXS's "Never Tear Us Apart)

Record Club: INXS "Never Tear Us Apart" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Beck et al. (St Vincent, Liars, Os Mutantes) cover INXS's "Never Tear Us Apart," off of 1987's Kick.

Nuetella Pizza? NUETELLA PIZZA!

(via Serious Eats - New York)

I don't care if it didn't get the greatest of reviews or if it costs 16 dollars, I really want Nuetella pizza this morning.

Jams: Conor Oberst - Souled Out!!

Off of 2008's Conor Oberst.

Thursday's this Fall - Darryl and Dennis


Now hiring a General Manager for a Darryl Strawberry’s new restaurant in Douglaston, Queens. The general manager will works hands on with the staff and have constant interaction with guests. The manager’s responsibilities will include floor management, hiring and firing, training, scheduling, ordering, and inventory. The manager will work closely with the Director of Operations to ensure that all company policies and controls are followed on a daily basis... "
(Craigslist via Grubstreet)

Along with my friend, Dennis, I have been playing around with a concept for a sitcom about former NFL headcoach, Mike Ditka co-owning a bar with a lazy twenty something who inherited his half of the bar from his grandfather. But with this craigslist ad for the manager position at Strawberry's Sports Grill, I'm thinking "Darryl and Dennis" could also work as a sitcom/reality show starring Strawberry and my friend, Dennis who would manage the restaurant and at the same time keep the Straw-Man out of trouble.

Live Jams: LCD Soundsystem - New York, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down

(via Vulture)

Ask for "Empire State of Mind" tacked on "New York, I love you..." on a Saturday, get it on a Monday.

Consider this Preordered: Lost The Complete Collection


DVD cover, you are liar but I thoroughly enjoyed the series finale of Lost so much in fact, I pre-ordered the complete series on DVD to join Arrested Development, Seinfeld, The Wire, and The State in "my complete series collection" collection.

Super Saturday Sharing (05/22/10)

(via Parks and Rec Gifs)

Bachelor party? Check. Kenny/Riha wedding? Saturday Sharing? BACK.

Aziz asks, Aziz receives
: Parks and Rec's Aziz Ansari asked the internet for a tumblr with .gifs created from his show, and the internet gave him a tumblr based on Parks and Recreation. (via Parks and Rec Gifs)

Video Hits One presents Beach House - "Zebra": Watch the video for the opening track off of one of the albums on the upcoming OAB's my half year in lists, Beach House's Teen Dream. (via Gorilla vs. Bear)

Is it irrational to go to Red Hook for Cinnamon Rolls?
: It is probably irrational for me to travel to the Fairway in Red Hook (or UWS) for cinnamon rolls but when has being irrational stopped me from doing things? (via Serious Eats)

Dear internet, upload LCD Soundsystem's cover of "Empire State of Mind." Thanks, Ryan: So I should have gotten tickets to at least one of LCD's shows at Terminal 5 this weekend but I didn't. Instead check out BrooklynVegan's coverage of Thursday's show which apparently had James Murphy and company covering Hova. (via Brooklyn Vegan)

I WANT THIS - R2D2 desktop can: How does looking at an Ewok shirt based on that three wolf night shirt lead to wanting to buy a 45 dollar R2D2 Multi-Purpose Desktop Can is beyond me but so are a lot of things that lead me to buy the things that I buy. (via Star Wars Shop)

Diet tip for "Chubsters," COCAINE: So someone put out a diet book for chubby hipsters which will help these so called chubsters by giving them a "snarky weight-loss and lifestyle guide for hipsters looking to shed pounds and stay cool." (via Grub Street)

Timeline of Lebron's Mom less than three-ing Delonte West: Before he left to swim with dolphins on his honey-bunny moon, Kenny told me about the Delonte West/Lebron's mom rumor, and by todya the rumor has spread not just over the web but to my office where I had a debate at the "water cooler" on whether or not Lebron's mom was "doing" Delonte. (via Deadspin)

More hipster nonsense, a hipster friendly subway map: A hipster friendly subway map of hipster relevant locales in Manhattan and Brookyln. (via Gothamist)

More Lost content, The Most Memorable Lost Scenes: You thought I'd go through the last "SATSHARE" of the Lost era with a Lost link, no way Jose. (via Gawker TV)

Even more Lost - Loved, Lost, Dead: Odds are if you are a character on Lost, you're probably dead now. Check out this awesome illustrated guide of who's alive, who's dead, and what everyone's deal is (or was). (via The National Post)

I'm on the bandwagon, Bill Simmons is on the bandwagon, so when are you getting on the Mikhail Prokhorov bandwagon?: Mikhail Prokhorov will either break you (like Ivan Drago) or buy you (like some mega rich guy), or he'll probably just do both. (via ESPN)

Lost related Jams - I'll Never Be Lost Again

(via NJusticeLeague)

So the idea of some dudes rapping over of one the sad sounding scores of Lostkind of okay, but the idea in practice - incredible. Time to drink myself to death like Christian Shepard.

Kitties! Lost! Sad Music!

(via Vulture)

Okay, the 6 seasons of Lost wrapped up in a minute and change by cats protraying Jack, Hurley, Claire, Charlie, Jin and Sun, Sayid, Sawyer, Kate, and Locke while the sad Lost music plays. Adorable!

Frank Lapidus vs. Metal Door, Door always win

(via F Yeah Lost)

You say Ominious, I say creepy

(via Vulture)

One of the things I'm going to miss about Lost the most is Ben Linus, Super Creep. Luckily, MTV had Michael Emerson say a bunch of run of the mill every day sayings but in his own unique way kind of like when he was "I baked you a ham" to Juliet.

Great Idea for a Lost Character themed Website with Fruits and Dairy Products? Or Greatest Idea.

(via Ben Linus, Mangoes, Whipped Cream, Island)

Okay, Lost ends Sunday night. What is a guy to do? Blog about Lost all day, you say? I like the way you think. Up first Ben Linus, Mangoes, Whipped Cream, and Island!

A snipet of a snipet of new Arcade Fire

A. The Suburbs

AA. Month of May

Not much of a preview for the follow up of Neon Bible, but it's fun to play the digital 12 inch.

Get Psyched, It's the "GOB on a Horse" Show

(via GoldenFiddlr)

Let's pretend that Sit Down, Shut Up didn't happen and get excited for Mitch Hurwitz's follow up to Arrested Development which has something to do with Will Arnett on a horse.

Jams: The Gaslight Anthem - Boxer

Off the very very good American Slang out June 15th on Sideone Dummy.

More reasons to love http the Nets' Russian Billionaire Owner

Just listened to the interview between Mike Fransesca and the evil Russian billionaire owner of the Nets, Mikhail Prokhorov. And get this, in his spare time, Prokhorov heli skies. I'm still not exactly sure what heli-skiing entails but I imagine it has something to do with helicopters, mountains, and skiing. And yet, the Knicks are owned by this d-bag? NOT FAIR.

Craiglist -> The Island -> Gigs

(via The Ack Attack)

Nets Russian Billioniare Owner promises The World (title in less than 5 years)

(Via New York Mag)

On Mikhail Prokhorov's world domination agenda - first is this youtube clip, tonight - the draft lottery, tomorrow - Francesca, thursday - the world.

Cover Jams - Neutral Uke Hotel - King of Carrot Flowers

"King of Carrot Flowers" by Neutral Uke Hotel from FamJam Productions on Vimeo.

Neutral Milk Hotel Covers + Ukulele = Neutral Uke Hotel

I WANT THIS: Philly Prizzasteak

(via Midtown Lunch, Philly Edition)

The Philly Prizzasteak? A combination of a street pretzel, a cheese steak, and pizza? WANT.

Parks and Rec bumped to Mid Season 2011, Whatttttttt?

You bring in "Det, The Threat." A new storyline is introduced with Adam Scott AND Rob Lowe as regulars at the end of second season. Andy and April are the "new Jim and Pam," you have he best since the Bluth family, and you decide to hold off on bringing the show back till mid season? Unless Parks and Recreation gets a Lost like run of new episodes, for shame NBC, for shame.

No "We are the World" Parody is good enough to keep LBJ in Cleveland

EMBED-We Are Lebron Video - Watch more free videos
(via GQ)

As a counter argument to the people of Cleveland, Ohio - Lebron, I think you should come to New York - as A) you'll play along side Danilo Galinari and learn about Italian Culture, B) Shake Shack, C) We're not unpleasant, and D) Walt "Clyde" Fraizer will call all of your games, and E) we would actually have real celebs sing a parody of "We are the World."

Cracking the LT Case

me: Remember the arrested development episode with justine bateman as the prostitute?
Brian: yep
me: and how most of her clients just cried to her
Brian: haha yeah
me: that's my new theory with the LT case.
me: well allegedly he just jerked off but I'm adding the crying.
So he had one of those crying jerk off sessions.
Brian: haha oh man that is just sad

I also feel that the crying may have stemmed from unresolved issues with his Wrestlemania 11 opponent, Bam Bam Bigelow.

I WANT THIS: Tank Robot Clock

(via Perpetual Kid)

Whoever he is, I want him on my team

(via Forbes)

I don't know who this former coach of the Washington Bullets is but if the Knicks don't get Lebron, I think they should sign the guy with the unbuttoned shirt and the way too tight blazer.

Hurley says Dude, a lot.

(via Jezebel)

6 seasons of Hugo Reyes saying "dude." Kind of like 5 seasons of nicknames (which should have been made after the Burt Reynolds reference to Lapidus) and a whole lot of brothers.

Video Hits One: The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio

The National - "Bloodbuzz Ohio" (official video) from The National on Vimeo.

Dance moves? Check. Rain coat? Check. Matt Berninger being smooth as hell? Check. High Violet is out today on 4AD, so if you haven't gotten it, get it.

Will They Build It? Yeah, They Built It.

(via Top Cultured)

LEAN MEAN 2010 is ending this weekend, and the first thing I'm doing is going to Coldstone and killing any good will this diet has done to my body. Sunday, that sundae is happening.

Hot Blog Alert - Animated Albums

(Animated Albums via Vulture)

.Gifs of popular album covers? Yes, please.

Jams - Jay Z on SNL

(via P4K)

You don't really see the musical guest "kill it" on SNL that often but Jay Z KILLED IT with his melody of P.S.A, On to the Next One, 99 Problems, and Empire State of Mind with like a half of second of 03 Bonnie and Clyde thrown in too.

Tom Lawlor's Living In America (and other highlights from UFC 113, LIVE)

(via HammerFisted)

Aside from Shogun Rua taking the Light Heavyweight title from Machida (and giving him this), the highlight of seeing UFC 113 was Tom Lawlor's tribute to Apollo Creed. Living in America, indeed. The lowlight of the weekend, seeing Kimbo Slice cut from UFC, "how is he going to feed his kids" - Brian DeOliveira.

What's tonight?

Jeff Mangum! Tonight! At LPR! Chris Knox Benefit! So psyched!

Worlds Colliding - Lost & The Muppets

(via Vulture)

What's going to happen after Lost ends? A Saturday morning cartoon spinoff called Lost Babies with Jacob as Nanny.

One thing missing from today's NBA - Not enough guys named "Pooh"

Was watching the Suns/Spurs game last night and when I saw Jason Richardson, I secretly hoped it was Pooh but it wasn't. Oh bother.

Consider Henry and Glenn Forever bought

(via TDW, buy it at Microcosm Publishing)

Danzig? Henry Rollins? Roommates? Lovers? Hall? And Oates? As Satanist neighbors to the titular characters? Bought.

More Bejar Bangers on Together

On my third listen of the new New Pornographers' record, Together and as usual the Dan Bejar songs are "bangers". Good work, Dan Bejar. The rest of the record is really good too, stream it at Spinner.

Rapper Chains: Garfield and Friends

"bestycoastyy: dude tyga has a garfield chain made of diamonds with light up eyes. he is my boyfriend"
Seriously, in my next life I'm coming back as a rapper on Young Money with Odie chain.*

* After further review, Gucci Main has an Odie chain, so I'm going to have a chain of Garfield's teddy bear, Pooky.

Saturday Sharing (05/01/10)

What's beef? Beef is when Canadian Indie-Rock Super Groups put out records on the same day: Broken Social Scene and the New Pornographers are both putting out records on Tuesday and since there's not enough imaginary beef in the world of indie rock, Vulture stirs up some shit. (via Vulture)

WANT - Chocolate Filled St. Joseph's Day Pastries: Going to Greenpoint tonight for Kenny's wedding rehearsal and part of me really wants to stop in Peter Pan Bakery for this one thousand of these bad boys. (via Blondie and Brownie)

2010's must have drink, The Jamarcus Hustle: We at OAB (me) love the NFL, We at OAB (me) loved themed drinks, so I think we're (I'm) gonna love some of these NFL mixed drinks. (via KSK)

You mean to tell me Lots-o-Huggin is not Teddy Ruxbin: Animal looks at the fake vintage ads Disney has been running for Lot's-o-Hugging Bear, one of the new characters from Toy Story 3. (via Animal)

The Top 13 HBO Dramas: We can debate all day on the best HBO dramas but we all know at the end of the day, the number one show was really Arliss.(via Top 13)

Bill Murray's at the head of the table at my imaginary dinner party
: Ever ask yourself what's it like to dine with Bill Murray? You now know. (via Vulture)

Nick Madson is many things a thieve, hack, but NOT a comedian: Ugh, just ugh. Some "comedian" rips off some of Patton Oswalt's bits (the KFC Famous Bowls, a man shaves his balls, etc) word for word for like 10 people in a Holiday Inn or something in Iowa. Again, ugh just ugh. (via Patton Oswalt)

Saturday Sharing is going on hiatus for a couple weeks due to road trips and weddings but will be back on May 22.